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High Above the Southern Forest


By Ocusan MPublished 4 months ago 5 min read

It was a thriving forest with a variety of Southern trees of Sweet Magnolia, Flowering Dogwoods Myrtle, Gumbo Limbo, Cypress & Silk Cottonwood. The fragrant petals of nature’s perfume made the Southern Forest a special place, secluded among the floating Cotton fluff that blew in the soft Spring wind. Birds chirped within their nests while doves cooed high upon the branches as if they lived in heaven. This is where Astral liked to walk spending her time daydreaming as if the forest was a home to itself. She didn’t expect to see something out of the ordinary resting under the trees. The silver metal shining from the sun’s reflection caused her to squint her eyes. It truly was a disc, where she felt something extraterrestrial could be hidden inside. Creeping closer she saw no windows while she felt a vibration humming beneath her feet. Suddenly it took off at a tremendous speed soaring high within the clouds in seconds. It frightened her enough to run to a tree, hugging it to gather her breath. The tree shook its branches & moaned sounding like a voice. Oh I hate when that happens! What was that? The dogwood tree had spoken! Looking up Astral saw the bark had the outlines of a face. It’s tree bark mouth yawned with knots above looking like eyes. Go ahead, ask me how I can talk. Tree said to the startled maiden of the forest. She felt a bit silly talking to a tree, searching for the right words. Before she could ask, a giant hand swept down, grabbing her in a fist as if she was just a doll. The giant hand set her down upon a new terrain that seemed to float as a separate island above the trees. She was resting in a sea of moss while a Giant stood before her that resembled a kid. His bright eyes were surprised to find a tiny fairy that he thought she was. Swooping her up for the second time, he ran towards a house shouting, Pa Pa! Look what I found! Bursting into the house he held his find as if the girl was a fish. Inside the home a pair of parent Giants stood standing twice as tall as the young boy. Calm down Sylvester! His mother cried out while the father calmly said, I thought I told you not to bring squirrels into the cabin! His big red beard was twirled in the shape of a letter S. It’s not a squirrel Pa! The Mother knelt closer to have a look. Why it’s a fairy! Her Giant eyes were as big as golf balls. A fairy! Let’s have a look son! Slowly the boy released his palm, revealing a tiny girl that had fainted from the ordeal. Set her down on the table son, we have to see her better. Boy put her upon a napkin that blanketed her frail body. Three faces of Giants watched her slowly awaken. What shall we do with her Pa? Can she grant a wish? Astral sat up, startled at her surroundings. The big eyes of Giants made her cover herself, hiding in fear. Go get me the growth potion, Sylvester! The boy knew where the magic potions were, finding the right bottle in the kitchen. I’m going to name her Thumbelina! The Pa took a beaker dropper of liquid that was as red as hummingbird nectar, splashing it upon the girl. Immediately she began to grow big enough to be the same size as the family. Why she’s beautiful! Astral had been through enough in one day. Her white dress resembling a Princesses attire, making the boy wonder where she came from. They motioned her to sit on the sofa while Ma served her bread, tea & fruit. Too frightened to eat, Astral cried out she only wanted to be returned home. This is your new home! Boy said as if she were a new pet. Astral got up, running for the door, making her way onto the moss. Boy went to his chest, finding the magic wand he needed for control. Running after her with the wand, the sky began to turn dark with clouds of rain bursting into a storm. Drenched from the downpour, boy motioned her with the wand back into the cabin. She shook in her soaking clothes, while Ma wrapped her in her shawl, setting her down in front of the fire. The weather high up was colder than down below. It was as if winter existed above summer. Pa took his flute to play music, hoping to soothe the fairy’s spirits. He danced while leprechauns gathered, appearing from she didn’t know where. Her clothes dried quickly as Pa Red beard invited fairy to dance. She twirled around giving it her best, while she plotted to take the magic wand. Taking it from where it was floating, she made a wish for the storm to stop. As if the elements had heard her, the rain went away, where stars become visible. Running with the lighted wand she almost flew, with Boy & Pa chasing after her. Take me down to the forest! She commanded as she flew to the edge. Down she went through the trees, leaving the Giants looking down from the floating island. She wasn’t entirely safe, Astral thought as she remembered the boys fist reaching down. She must return home, using the night to cover her. Make me small again! Her wish was fulfilled while Suddenly there was a whizz in the air as another silver craft flew by. It landed near her, this time a hatch opened. A tiny face walked down a ramp & over to where she stood. The moonlight shon upon his being, making him glow in a iridescent illuminance. He was the size of a child yet she felt he was an adult. He disappeared in a flash, then reappeared in front of her. Taking his hand to her forehead, he instructed her to go with him. His eyes reassured her through telepathic communication. Taking his hand, they both disappeared, reappearing inside the craft. She could see a panel of blinking lights as the metallic door closed. With no windows, she watched as a holographic scanner was the source of navigation. Sitting in a metal chair, the lifting of the mechanism felt like a futuristic carnival ride. She experienced a exhilaration that caused her to sit back while she could see her home town below her feet. It was similar to the ride at the fair where the bottom opens up, leaving your feet hanging. Memories of holding onto the bars with cotton candy lights making it so pretty. Then suddenly the bottom did open up where she felt herself falling in slow motion. Then she was upon the roof of her condo, as if the experience had been just a dream. The speck of the Omni zoomed out into the cloud vapors, where night had transformed into day. She was still holding the sparkling wand that she encased in a crystal china hutch that she would use in case any Giants returned.

Stream of Consciousness

About the Creator

Ocusan M

I write in a surrealistic style learning new realities as i researched Quantum physics in Quantum Dreaming where the man had a Quantum computer in his home that could see into the future.

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