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by NatalieMarmol 4 months ago in Short Story
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Once upon a time, there was a girl.

Photo by Callum Skelton on Unsplash

Once upon a time, there was a girl.

The girl and ordinary people, with two eyes and a mouth, the usual can not be normal. But she had a strange fetish, as soon as she had time to run to the garden. She just squatted, looking at flowers, grass, and trees. At first, the girl's parents did not think, only that she loves life, but when one day found her whispering and smiling at the flowers and plants, they became anxious and called a psychiatrist for her.

"What are you looking at, little girl?" The doctor walked up to the girl who was giggling at a daisy and asked kindly.

", you don't get it, do you? Shh ...... keep your voice down! Have you ever thought that we humans are not the only intelligent beings in the world? For example, these flowers and plants, also have their thoughts and talk to each other, we just can't find out. We are too arrogant to think that humans are the masters of everything, but we may be just a grain of rice in nature. There are new beings everywhere around us, and if you just look at them all day long, you will find a very different world. Because the perspective is different, you can't understand what these flowers and plants are doing and thinking. I, on the other hand, want to try to communicate with them and integrate into their lives ......

The doctor's knife-sharp face swept a touch of dissimilarity, frowning and writing down a few words on the small book he had with him: severe hypochondria .

Wait, this girl, is a mental patient?

Her parents and psychiatrist defined her as mentally unstable only because she sees the world in a different light. So what if most people think and try to understand the same way as the little girl? In this perplexing world, is it a group of normal people facing a mentally ill person, or is it a group of mentally ill people wondering about a normal person's thinking?

What is the true definition of this world? Who gives the distinction between right and wrong, good and evil, beauty and ugliness? And who can prove that what we hear and see is always true? Just as more people say horses, deer are naturally not deer; when people are used to the fire silhouette on the rock wall, the person who is lucky enough to have a glimpse of the whole world becomes crazy; "white horses are not horses", and so on also came into being.

Daisy in the end there is no thinking, can not speak, only the daisy themselves know, but the external eyes from a different perspective to see, simple things will also "cross-eyed into a mountain".

This is just like two people look at a person, disgust him, see him will have vulgar words from the heart, no matter what good he did, in his eyes are pretentious ulterior motives; and love him, may even he stole a chicken and dog dirty deeds can be said to rob the rich to help the poor selfless. As for how this person is.

Not all medical trouble is the fault of the doctor, not teachers are punished to punish students is corporal punishment plus teacher moral corruption, just with colored glasses to see them more people, even if the misunderstanding also three people into a tiger. Should we take off the tinted glasses, and tear off the subconscious labeling of others, so that those subjective evaluations are dust and smoke? Everyone is mentally ill, everyone is normal, and everyone is clear and colorless.

Take off the colored glasses, a colorless view of the world, with a new perspective on people and everything, you will find a small daisy, but also a different landscape.

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