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Scientists Might Have Discovered Traces of a Type II Civilization

Unveiling Cosmic Clues: Scientists Detect Potential Traces of a Type II Civilization

By HalintonePublished 9 months ago 6 min read

Scientists Might Have Discovered Traces of a Type II Civilization

Scientists have made an intriguing discovery of peculiar radio signals emanating from the depths of space. These enigmatic radio waves could potentially be cosmic energy bursts originating from a remote neutron star. Alternatively, it raises the possibility that researchers have stumbled upon an exceptionally advanced civilization situated 90 light years away from our home planet.

So what kind of civilization would have

the ability to send strong signals like

this, well scientists classify civilizations

on something called the kardashev scale

it's a scale that measures a

civilization's technological ability to

harness energy

while it's a hypothetical scale that

could eventually have five or more

levels most scientists only refer to the

first few

but don't be underwhelmed we're the only

civilization we know of and technically

we're still stuck on type zero

at this stage we've managed to harness

some but not all of our planet's

potential energy

we consume about 18 trillion watts of

power every year and if we wanted to

bump ourselves up to a type 1

civilization we'd need to consume over

500 times that every second

to do this we'd need to harness store

and utilize all of the energy available

to us

that includes all raw materials and

every bit of sunlight that reaches Earth

we'd also have to tame volcanoes

earthquakes and other Natural Forces

at the rate at which we're developing

now it's possible that we could be a

type 1 civilization within the next 200


but whatever civilization scientists may

have discovered in the far reaches of

space could already be a type 2


or higher

okay before we can even think about

pushing our civilization to type one

we've got to take care of the planet we

already have for instance the Colorado

River is seriously running low it's

drying up because we've been using too

much water and because climate change

has brought on a major drought in 1999

Two Lakes along the river were nearly

full but today well today they're barely

a quarter full the Biden Administration

has been working hard to reduce water

usage and most States involved have

supported the plan but California which

uses the most water hasn't jumped on

board and it's concerning listen

balancing water needs isn't easy

especially in fast-growing cities and in

farming regions but climate change

affects us all and it's time to step up

our water saving game and support

leaders who are ready to tackle this

crisis only then can we start planning

how to harvest all the energy our planet

has to offer

once our civilization has all of the

energy available on our home planet

under control and we graduate to it type

one on the kardashev scale

then we need to take the next step

time to crank up our energy consumption

to 10 billion times what it was before

do this we'd need to harness not just

all the solar energy that reaches Earth

we'd need all of the energy our star

generates period

if there is a type 2 civilization out

there they're probably using an

incredible system to do this a Dyson


they build this megastructure around

their star to collect all the energy it

radiates out in every direction

they could even assemble other Dyson

spheres around the first Dyson Sphere to

guarantee that little to no energy


there's nothing simple about this

technology and that's why only Advanced

civilizations could construct something

like it for one a Dyson Sphere must be

larger than the star itself

and if these megastructures are bigger

than Stars well they should be easy to

spot right

well this could be tricky

once a civilization is finished building

the Dyson Sphere the megastructure

blocks nearly all of the visible light

from its star

a civilization this Advanced could make

its own solar system invisible

lucky for us visible light isn't the

only way to detect a star even with a

Dyson Sphere blocking its light a star

would still radiate heat and we could

detect the Star by the infrared light it

gives off

but that wouldn't be the only way we

might discover a civilization this

Advanced remember that strange radio


it originated about 90 light years away

from Earth coming from the star hd164595

was this powerful radio signal created

by an alien race and intentionally

pointed toward Earth

a civilization able to pull this off

would need to be far more advanced than

our own

this type 2 civilization would be able

to utilize the raw materials on every

planet in its star system and maybe even


they may have built Fusion reactors that

orbit their Planet fueled with gas from

other worlds with hydrogen-rich


and they might be mining precious metals

from rocky planets just like Earth

they could terraform other planets into

livable worlds for their populations and

they wouldn't live in fear of

civilization ending natural disasters

like asteroid impacts ice ages or global

warming because they'd have Technical

Solutions for these too

this alien civilization would be at the

stage on the kardashev scale where

they'd be able to master Interstellar

travel but if that's true there should

be no reason for them not to pop by for

a visit right

well not so fast with all the advanced

technology they might have at their

disposal these aliens could be waiting

for us to catch up

that way when our civilizations meet we

would do so as equal partners

who knows they could be so Advanced that

they're no longer a fully biological


they could be more like cyborgs with a

mix of robotic and organic material

this would make them capable of

incredible things that humans could only

dream of

but they wouldn't stop there

an advanced world like this would want

to go farther up the kardashev scale and

as they became a Type 3 civilization

they'd rely on something other than the

power of their own star system

they would harness the power of several

stars in their Galaxy

with this much power a civilization

would have no problem meeting its

ever-growing energy needs they'd just

hook up another star when they needed

more power

if we ever advance to this level we'd

have 100 billion stars available to

harness in the Milky Way galaxy alone

civilization like this would no doubt be

the rulers of their Galaxy and they'd

have the power to move entire star

systems merging them to harvest the

energy they need more efficiently so if

one of these civilizations existed well

you could detect them by observing the

sudden disappearance of many stars in a

Faraway Galaxy

this could be a sign that Dyson spheres

have been constructed around not just

one but several Stars

a Type 3 civilization could already be

out there after all scientists have

announced that they've found two

galaxies with a highly unusual amount of

infrared light this is something we

usually observe in galaxies where new

stars are being born but some unusual

and sudden spikes in infrared light

could in that we've

we first signs that civilizations many

times more advanced than us exist

maybe they're about to make contact

or maybe they already have

but that's a story

for another

what if


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