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Unraveling the Enigma: Top 5 Unresolved Mysteries of 2022 | The UnXplained

By HalintonePublished 11 months ago 22 min read


Nestled at the southernmost tip of our planet lies the frozen realm of Antarctica. This frigid and unwelcoming continent spans an expansive 5 million square miles, characterized by vast ice sheets plunging over a mile deep. With average daily temperatures plummeting to a bone-chilling negative 49 degrees Fahrenheit and fierce winds surpassing speeds of 100 miles per hour, it stands as one of the harshest environments on Earth. Presently, the sole denizens of this desolate landscape are the dedicated scientists residing in research stations dotted throughout the continent.

Mainstream geologists have long believed

that ancient humans never settled on

Antarctica because of its hostile

climate but incredibly in 2016 satellite images revealed a

curious formation emerging from the ice

that some researchers believe could be

a man-made pyramid recently there have been a number of reports of pyramids huge Great Pyramids

in Antarctica they jut out of the ice

and snow and they look perfect just like

those in Egypt, but they dwarf those in Egypt like the

Great Pyramid one has a perfectly square

base that is two kilometers Square in

each Direction is it possible therefore that our

ancestors did actually reach the

Antarctic continent and perhaps even

settle there

a man-made pyramid beneath the Antarctic


if such an incredible notion is true

then it naturally begs some questions

how was such a massive structure built

on Antarctica when was it done and by


Antarctica we have been told from the

geologists has been under ice for many

millions of years

however there is evidence that it could

have been free advice

certainly in certain areas

until perhaps 4000 BC

there are a large number of stories from

Polynesia of so-called culture Heroes

who reached the Antarctic continent

a French academic by the name of Argo

put together all of these different

stories in the book titled out of


the Polynesian people's stories describe

This Strange Land where these white

rocks that come out of the water with

your icebergs and other creatures such

as seals and Penguins

and seem to describe an area that we now

know as Antarctica

the Polynesian people's believed this

was the place of the ancestors and they

said this is where we came from

originally why did they believe this if

this was untrue

is it really possible that the coldest

place on Earth

was once warm enough to be inhabited by


well in 2017 German geologists collected

core samples from deep within the frozen

Antarctic seafloor in order to analyze

what the continent's climate might have

been like thousands of years ago

what they discovered was astonishing

in the case of that expedition in early

2017 we used a very special seafloor

drill rig that hasn't been used before

in Antarctica so when we used this

special drill rig and the sediments came

up we saw immediately more than 60

different taxa of plants

similar to something that you would find

in a rainforest in a temperature regime

that was similar to what we today know

from Northern Italy

and finding that on the Antarctic


that was the most exciting thing because

the climatic conditions doesn't today

allow any vegetation to survive under

those conditions

So based on that location and the

environment we found I think that the

Antarctic continent and the secrets

that still need to be recovered will

tell us a lot about planet Earth

Cairo Egypt

a plateau just a few miles west of the

Nile River is the Giza necropolis

perhaps the most famous collection of

ruins in the entire world

believed to be constructed during

ancient Egypt's fourth Dynasty around

2550 BC these Limestone monuments

attract thousands of tourists every day

who come to Marvel at the immense


forbidding tombs

and a mysterious Stone Sentinel known as

the Sphinx

I think you can argue that the Sphinx is

the most recognizable statue anywhere in

the world

its scale is immense

it's one single piece of stone

it is cut from the natural rock of the

Giza plateau

the Sphinx stands 240 feet long

66 feet tall and 62 feet wide

for thousands of years this massive

statue has been an object of both

Fascination and wonder

but even after centuries of study

the Sphinx holds many secrets that

archaeologists are still trying to


the Sphinx that we know today there's

things from the Great Pyramids of Giza

is the most famous of all sphinxism but

there are sphinxes all over ancient

Egypt there are smaller sphinxes there's

an Avenue full of sphinxes between the



but the Great Sphinx at Giza is

something very different

it's a single sculpture it sits in a

very particular place it doesn't seem to

have performed the same function at all

what was it for this is what we really

want to know

no one has understood exactly what it


because for literally thousands of years

the Sphinx was buried up to its neck and

sand so it's only a head sticking out of

the sand for much of its history

there is a very famous painting of

Emperor Napoleon standing in front of

the Sphinx buried still at this point up

to its shoulders

you might think what does Napoleon got

to do with Egypt and sphinx well in fact

Napoleon LED an invasion of Egypt in

1798 which had a big impact back in

Europe in raising awareness and

interests in ancient Egypt sites it

wasn't until the 1920s that a team of

archaeologists led by engineer emir


succeeded in unearthing the Sphinx from

the Desert Sands they were able to

expose it and to sow to reveal for the

first time in centuries

that this was not just a head of a

disembodied head but a full Sphinx


and this is a watershed moment for us

understanding the Sphinx

archaeologists and the gypologists like

myself believe that their Sphinx was

sculpted around 2500 BC by King

Catherine as a part of his funerary


but a lot of Scholars disagree about

these things and there's a lot of

mysteries surrounding when was the

Sphinx actually sculpted

one of the most important documents we

have to do with the dieting of the

Sphinx is the inventory stealer

this is a commemorative stone that

actually records details of how the

Pharaoh Khufu repaired the Sphinx after

it was struck by lightning

the significance of this is that kufu

came before Cafe the pharaoh who is

conventionally said to have constructed

the swings

the inventory Stella has an inscription

that goes back to about 4 600 years ago

and that inscription says that the

Sphinx is a much older structure that

the Egyptians adopted and repaired and


based on the inscriptions on the

inventory Stila there are some

archaeologists who believe that the

Sphinx is so ancient that it could

predate any records in human history

that are known to exist

and some researchers are convinced that

physical evidence of the Sphinx's true


can be found on the structure itself


first time I visited the Sphinx was in

the summer of 1990 my early studies of

the Sphinx looked at the erosional

features on the body of the Sphinx and

comparing that to other erosional

features right on the Giza plateau and

what I found was the body of the Sphinx

and the walls of the Sphinx enclosure

are weathered differently than

everything else on the Giza plateau

the rest of the plateau shows classic

wind erosion

but what is on the Sphinx is water

weathering it's rainfall precipitation

and this makes no sense when the Sphinx

is sitting on the edge of the Sahara

Desert that has been a bone dry desert

for literally thousands of years

so what I concluded is that the body of

the Sphinx and therefore the original

Statue had to go back to pre-saharan

times when there was a much more

temperate climate much more moisture

much more rainfall and it has to go back

not just a little bit into that period

but quite far back given that we have

incredible amount of weathering and

erosion on the Sphinx

I now think that it goes back to the end

of the last ice age Circa 10 000 BC I am

convinced that it is a ruin from

pre-dynastic agent

Cincinnati Ohio

just outside the city are the normal

Suburban Street in an ordinary


is the home of Greg and Dana Newkirk

from the outside their home is not much

different from any other house on the


but inside it contains something quite

extraordinary because there is a room in

the basement that is filled with a

collection of strange objects sent by

people from all over the world that are

believed to be


Greg and I lead normal lives and we we

go about our life the same way that

everyone else does

we just happen to be caretakers for very

strange objects

the way that we got started collecting

cursed objects was complete accident

it wasn't something that we had set out

to do

never would have imagined myself doing


we were just interested in in general


my wife and I investigate all manner of

high strangeness and we were both very

interested in the idea of cursed objects

we slowly gained a reputation as being

particularly good people for this

and so anytime anyone had a problem with

an artifact they would come to us and

say I don't know what to do with this

this thing is affecting my life will you

just take it off my hands it'd be easier

to just give it to you and let you deal

with it so we built up this collection

of very bizarre things

visitors to the newkirk's home are given

an ample warning that the basement is

filled with objects that are cursed

we have a lot of haunted robes but

curiously every day the new Kirks

receive requests from people who are

eager to view their cursed collection

you would think with cursed objects you

want to avoid them but there is a draw

to them

when an object is said to be cursed

another word you could use is special

it's special if this chair is cursed

it's different from every other chair in

the world

and that makes it unique that makes it

interesting and that draws our attention

every single time and the fact that that

specialness is that it hurts people

that appeals to a certain Macabre streak

that we all have as human beings

people think of cursed objects as being

kind of fun and spooky but working with

them it feels a lot less about that and

a lot more about that kind of heavy

responsibility to keep some of these

objects with us under lock and key and

maybe out of the wrong hands

and maybe in a place that's safer not

only for for everyone else but for them

Kirk's collection includes several

objects that are considered to have the

power to inflict harm

on anyone who comes near them

this is the cursed deer skull we drove

down to Nashville to pick up from a

woman who saw this in an antique store

and took it back to her office and

almost immediately her employees started

getting sick one of her employees was

hit by a car and then the wall that this

was hanging on actually fell down and

took half of the building with it

there are certain objects specifically

in our Museum that without people

knowing why they feel this the way that

they feel

they will definitely have heart

palpitations anxiety

we've had people almost faint we've had

people throw up we've had people dry


people have very visceral physical

reactions to being around some of the


among the accursed objects in the new

Kirk's collection

is a deadly ring that it's claimed to

kill anyone who wears it

a Bible used during a failed exorcism

and a doll that is believed to spread

illness wherever it goes

but of all the cursed objects and

eucharists have come across there is one

that is so harrowing they refuse to keep

it in their collection it is an

unsettling wooden Effigy known as the


the Chrome really is the definition of

kind of a cursed object it is a carved

statue of a woman

someone at some point in time took this

object and attached The Noose and the


it was given to us by some hikers who

found it in the Catskills off the beaten

path and a cave

they took it home and initially started

to experience really frightening things

their animals were behaving strangely

they were finding wet footprints on the

ground and they didn't know what to do

someone who we had worked with

previously put them in contact with us

and after you know having some

communication with them they they sent

the Crone to us

people who would get near the crone

they would be just overwhelmed with


this guy

came all the way from Canada to come and

see the crone

he begged us

to take it out of the box

almost immediately

his eyes roll up in the back of his head

and he starts to bleed from his mouth

and he has a violent seizure and he has

to be taken out by the paramedics

and that's when Dan and I looked at each

other and we said we have to do

something about this

it got to a point where the Crone was

just too dangerous for even us to take

care of

bring her back to the Catskills which is

where she's from


to remove the Crohn's curse the new

coach plan was to return to the area

where it was originally found by two

hikers many years before

at which point they would remove the

nails embedded in the Chrome in a

cleansing ritual

we wanted to bring her back

and every time a nail was pulled out the

intention was that we were pulling that

curse out of the object

he hiked into the woods for miles

I set up a circle

the idea of setting up a circle was

basically just to create an energetic

space for containing this ritual

the whole time we were doing this we

were hearing footsteps

strange sounds that weren't animals

around our Circle

we couldn't see anything

we were absolutely terrified but we

started performing the ritual I pulled

the nails out

soon as that happens

we feel this almost electric pop in the



when we were done every coyote on the

mountain just started howling and the

ritual was finished and what we were

looking at was just a block of wood

and we just kind of knew that we had

done what we went there to do

in the lower Jordan River Valley


rises from the landscape but this is no

ordinary Ridge

because buried under layers of dirt and

rock are the ruins of an ancient city

that dates back almost 4 000 years

modern archaeologists have named the



from satellite imagery it's long and

it's narrow it's about a mile from end

to end we believe that as many as 50 000

people occupied the city according to


is shrouded in mystery we don't know

what it was named in ancient times or

who lived there but in recent years some

archaeologists have theorized that tal

elham is actually the ruins of the

biblical city of Sodom

in Genesis you have these cities Sodom

and Gomorrah and there's wickedness

there's inequity in the city but then

God decides no this city is doing a

horrible kinds of things so I'm

literally going to rain fire

sulfur down I'm gonna Destroy This City

God said enough is enough fire and

burning Stone came forth out of the

heavens from Yahweh and consumed the


in fact the Bible says that every person

crop plant tree twig anything that was

living was destroyed

the Sodom and Gomorrah story is

fascinating and it's meant to be a

metaphor an understanding of oh when

human beings don't do what they should

do here's what God does to destroy us

it's God's power being manifested it's

an act of God

the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah

has long been associated with the wrath

of God until recently many scholars

thought that the story was only a myth

so why do some experts not believe that

could be the remains of the city of


there is more geographical data in the

biblical text for the location of Sodom

than there is for any other biblical


the Bible was very very clear that it

was north and east of the Dead Sea and

it was very clear that it was east of

Jerusalem and tell him on matches

geographics of the text

it matches the time frame of the text

it matches all the possible descriptions

of the text describes it

the idea that Tyler Lamar matches the

location of Sodom in the Bible is


and researchers also claim that there is

physical evidence on site

that confirms the biblical description

sodom's destruction

the actual destruction event is recorded

in just two verses in Genesis chapter 19

verses 24 and 25.

where it talks about the fact that rock

and fire came down from the heavens and

destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah one theory

is that an incoming meteor or meteor


exploded over the North End of the Dead


and destroyed tala hamam

there are numerous proxies that give

strong indication that an air burst or

impact event have occurred

first is the evidence of thermal damage

that's represented through melted

building materials and partially melted

Pottery fragments

the second is the appearance and

occurrence of micro spherols very very

tiny spherical shaped melted pieces of

mineral grains and Sands and the third

is a high concentration of rare Earth

elements Rare Earth elements are very

common in asteroids not so common on the


what's interesting is that the middle

layer of tall hamam has a really high

salt concentration

it's so salty that a lot of times we

excavate Pottery that's just coated with

thick salt crystals that's pretty

unusual why is that layer so salty

well it's the same salt as found in the

Dead Sea

probably because this airburst event

will pushed a massive amount of dirt

water and salt over the landscape

a meteor explosion in the sky

if tal and her mom really was Sodom

could such an explosion be the reason

why the city is now buried in dirt that

has a high concentration of salt

some experts believe the answer is yes

and they point to the biblical story for

further evidence of the connection

between the destruction of Sodom and


the story of Sodom essentially picks up

in Genesis 19 where you have these two

angels that look like men who travel

down to visit lot who's living down in

Sodom and lot shows them tremendous


supposed to be kind to immigrants you're

supposed to be kind to foreigners as lot

has done

God has decided to destroy the city

because of its wickedness

so the Angels grab lot and his family

and as they're leaving Sodom the Angels

give them the command don't even look

back and then you have this fascinating

detail where it says that Lot's wife

turned and looked back and she turned

into a pillar of salt

what could be the significance of Lot's

wife turning into a pillar of salt

does this detail from the story support

the theory that a meteor explosion in

the sky buried Sodom and dirt and salt


but is a meteor explosion a natural

event or is it an act of God

there's been a lot of question about

fire in Brimstone

coming down from the heavens right this

is one of these Unexplained Mysteries

and there have been a lot of theories

and this probably has something to do

with wanting evidence that proves faith

a lot of people believe in these stories

and Archeology can confirm them

I think from a point of view of science

as we look at the biblical text and we

look at the statement of this was fire

and burning Stone from God out of the

heavens if such an event actually

occurred would it have left some

evidences around well of course yes

that's all confirmed by the science

and how science can't tell me one way or

the other whether it's an act of God but

the event is confirmed

Pompeii Italy 79 A.D

at approximately 1 pm on a peaceful late

summer day

this ancient Roman city in the shadow of

Mount Vesuvius is shaken by a massive

volcanic eruption

within minutes superheated gas and lava

engulfed the city and its surroundings

in an inch to thousands of people are

buried alive as a city that was once

their home

suddenly becomes their tomb

nearly 2 000 years after the eruption

Pompeii is a city that remains Frozen in


this eruption was what we call a

pyroclastic eruption where clouds of of

Ash and debris hundreds of degrees hot

came flowing down the mountain

flash flying everything in its path

and miraculously the heat of this Cloud

was enough to carbonize and Preserve

rather than destroy all kinds of


we have well-preserved architecture wood

and organic materials foodstuffs

human remains

animal remains that have been preserved

for two thousand years beneath this

volcanic debris


today the excavated ruins of Pompeii

offer archaeologists and tourists a

breathtaking look at the doomed ancient


perhaps the most intriguing Discovery

found beneath the ash from Mount

vesuvius's eruption

was an ancient Roman structure located

not far from Pompeii known as The Villa

De papyrus

the villa de papiri was a Roman luxury

Villa that was full of sculpture and

marble and bronze The Villa was

discovered by chance in 1750 by

welldiggers who tunneling about 75 feet

through volcanic debris first hit a

colored marble floor with an amazing

pattern made up of bright red and yellow


and we think this was once a vacation

home of a Roman senator of the highest

rank of an old Noble family named Lucius

calpurnia's Pizzo

the volcanic ash that buried Villa De

papyri did not only preserve the

physical structure

it also entombed a library that

contained more than 1800 Papyrus


these scrolls are an extraordinary

record of the thoughts and writings of

people who lived nearly 2 000 years ago

those texts were discovered when the

city was excavated and some of the

artifacts were first found

they people who discovered them didn't

know what they were they thought that

maybe they were pieces of branches or

logs because they were rolled up and

carbonized until someone finally

realized these are texts I'm papyrus

the villa de papiri Library very

significant because it's the only

surviving library from Antiquity with

its contents there were Scrolls found

that date to the third second and first

century BC in the First Century A.D

about 300 of them or so have been

unscrolled and they contain mostly

philosophic texts

some poetry some literary criticism a

little bit of history but many of the

scrolls are so tightly bound together

and carbonized that there's been a

moratorium on attempts to open them

fear of damaging the Scrolls left many

of them virtually untouched for over a

hundred years

but new technology has presented a

potential opportunity to read these

mysterious ancient texts

scientists in the computer science

department at the University of Kentucky

have developed a new method known as

virtual unwrapping

which uses a sophisticated x-ray machine

to scan the Scrolls without damaging


the virtual unwrapping that we innovated

basically allows 360 degree set of views

to be collected from an object that

rotates in front of an x-ray beam

is a real scroll

that's 2000 years old and

in cross-section

see there's there's damage there are

parts that are missing sections that are

broken now we're using our software for

the Second Step which is to trace these

wraps all the way through so that we can

build a 3D model that lets us flatten

that out and then read the text that's

on it

once we're done we've achieved

this image that's on the left which is

the final completely unwrapped version

this is a quote from Democritus

who was an early Greek philosopher and

is very well known for having postulated

with others that materials are made of


it's remarkable that 2 000 years ago

Greek philosophers were postulating what

we now know is true from science


thus far the team has been able to

digitally scan two complete Scrolls and

a number of fragments

they hope that in the future technology

will advance and allow them to reveal

even more

What secrets might be contained in those

two thousand year old Scrolls one

exciting possibility that has been

suggested is that the original letters

written by Jesus's Apostle Paul could

have been kept within the library of

villa de papyrus

The Villa of the papyri wasn't tomb

about 40 to 50 years after the death of


at this time the original Apostles are

now out doing their mission work in

various parts of the Mediterranean

so it's entirely likely that Villa of

the papyri could have a collection of

copies of Paul's letters

if the letters from the Apostle Paul

circulated and found its way into the

collection such a discovery would

represent the earliest Christian

material that we have almost dating back

to the time of Christ and the disciples

being able to use these techniques to

understand history in a way that's

almost forensic is going to bring

surprising things forward and we're

going to be revealing more secrets than

we'd ever imagined before


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