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Romeo and his Juliet

At that time, I had just come to the Bohai Sea edge as a worker in the oil fields.

By pomfret wisePublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Dachao is our monitor. He is an educated youth recruited from Qingdao. It is said that his parents are both "reactionary authorities" in a Qingdao university. Maybe it's his family. This guy's read a lot of classics. Usually when the brigade has a performance, can also come on stage to a violin solo "Morning in Miaoling". I was so impressed with him. I think he represents the people of Qingdao and the image of a city that I have never been to.That Spring Festival, Dachao did not return to Qingdao to visit his family. The two of us stayed up and looked at the well.

On the afternoon of New Year's Day, Dachao brought back a girl from a nearby village.

Something needs to be said here. In those days, the oil fields were very much about the union of workers and peasants. Our team once had an art party with a nearby village. The girl brought back by Dachao was, frankly speaking, the most beautiful one in the village. I guess Da Chao met this girl at the party.

It was, like, 2:00 p.m. when Dave brought that girl in. It was neither before nor after the time, but we still took out the can that we could not bear to eat, and also burned a large meat stew vermicello to serve his guests.

Wine, of course, is indispensable. While drinking, I asked Da Chao about literature. Da Chao did not talk about his Anna Karenina, nor read his poem "If winter comes, can spring be far behind", but told us about Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. At that time, the girl and I were strangers to Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet. But we understand from Dachao what is love at first sight, what is tragic love. I should say we were all moved.

To tell the truth, the main reason I asked Da Chao for literature advice was to let him play to his strengths, to appease the girl and give him face. But did not expect, in this process, we actually entered the plot to go. I don't know if it's the liquor or the power of literature.

Dachao stood up, as if he were standing in a golden theater. He is Romeo and Juliet. He had only to turn a little, and we could see the part he was playing.

Tell me, how did you come here? The garden wall was so high that it was not easy to climb up.

I flew over the courtyard wall on the wings of love, for masonry walls cannot keep love out.

- If they see you, they'll kill you.

As long as you look at me with gentle eyes, they can't hurt my body.

I'd hate for them to see you here.

If thou love me, let them see. Better die by the sword of an enemy than die without your love.

Then I saw the girl crying.

Early spring afternoon, time is always so hurried. It's getting dark. The girl should go home. Dachao was the one who sent her back.

In the middle of the night, I was awakened by a cautious noise in my sleep.

Why are you going? I asked Dachao, who was wearing clothes.

He hesitated, and said, I have arranged with her, and she wants me to come to her at midnight this evening.

I said, you said, so I can find another room to sleep in.

Da Chao gave me a disapproving look and said, "You don't understand.

Then I thought of Romeo and his Juliet.

That night, BIG super after all still be "Juliet" that village person discovered.

Dachao's leg was broken.

After the Spring Festival, Dachao was expelled and returned to Qingdao, wearing a hat for "cheating on men and women."

And then we lost touch.

A few years ago, I took my daughter, who was in junior high school, on a trip to Qingdao. Walking on the spacious streets of Qingdao, looking at the aristocratic European buildings on both sides, I think of Shakespeare, Romeo and his Juliet. Guarding a street like brocade prosperity, I was like nobody to cry.

The child asked me, Daddy, why are you crying?

I said, dad like Qingdao, this is a sentimental city ah!


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