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Queen Golden

Goddess Of Gold

By Hope NedPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Out of know where I'm up in the air flying around in circles like a soaring eagle viewing the phenomenal scenery before my eyes. I am stunned and the sight is something majestic. Golden arrays beams down on me causing my entire body to feel eerie and tingly leaving me shaking continuously. I am terribly frightened and I notice I am turning the color of gold. Panicking and screaming while clawing at my skin but it did not stop until my entire body was completely gold. Shining and glimmering golden tint in my eyes as it gets brighter and brighter my eyes start tingling and burning uncontrolably until they pours out mounds and mounds of liquid gold. Creating it's own foundations, communities, landscaping and architecture.

Once it stops I am relieved yet still afraid because of this golden tint still in my eyes. Beautiful mountains and waterfalls of gold are surrounding me with dazzling trees made of gold. The ground is made up of pure sparkling, shimmering, dazzling satin gold with enormous golden castles throughout. Laughing, giggling and talking hysterically the ground shaking underneath my feet and hearing the loud rumble as it gets closer. Racing like the speed of light pulsating and overwhelming beating and throbbing gasping for air. I feel nauseous and faint until I approached by a humungous golden giant with a gorgeous silky satin gold coating on her skin.

The giant stands there silent looking at me with sparkling gold eyes while I am stuck standing there with amazement and fear. She sniffs me and can smell and feel that I am terrified to the bone. Soft, sincere, warm comforting words speak " Don't be frightened my Queen, For I will bring no harm to you as I am here to comfort, support, honor and serve you my Queen. In a flash right before my eyes there is a throne of gold incrusted in dazzling diamonds. Only fit for one and only one can wield it and endure the great power it possess. Great wisdom, knowledge, and strength it has that is for the one and only.

The ruler our leader this is our well respected Queen Golden and her love, 'The Crown". Queen laid her eyes on her crown knowing and feeling deeply in the depths of her stomach that it was hers on only hers. Without knowing anything, completely confused and puzzled she is greatly honored to be Queen and to be loved and respected by so many. She is ready to take her place and be the Queen that she is. The Queen's crown illuminates bright shining rays of golden light and shimmering sparkling diamonds. Beauty the Queen calls her gentle giant she's the Queen's comfort, support, and best friend. She proudly and respectfully placed the Queen's crown on her soft silky golden curls that drags the ground like a wedding veil.

Queen Golden is honored and pleased to be Queen she feels loved and takes her place at the throne. The entire golden community is there to honor and pay respect to their Queen. Each foundation has it's own landscape that suites it's type of species. Every golden castle and it's land is different according to it's species. The golden castles has five different types of species in each castle. There is the golden humans, gentle golden giants, golden elves, golden knomes and golden fairies. They are the cutest little tiniest species in the community.

Feasting and festivities for the Queen's arrival and every species bonding and having a immaculate time. At the top of the world stars shining bright and it's s beautiful night as golden doves fly in the sky with the most amazing shining coat of gold. An ocean of gold tidal waves of of pure satin silky gold grows higher and higher forming a tsunami of gold coming towards them. The Queen is in distress until Beauty reminds her who she is and the power her crown possesses. As the enormous wave of gold moves closer and faster towards them Queen Golden uses her crown power following a ultraviolent flash of light then I wake up startled, in disbelief and out of breath. It was so vivid it was so real. I felt like I was really there. I know I was really there. I am Queen Golden.


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    Hope NedWritten by Hope Ned

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