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A Story Every Day in 2024 April 8th 99/366

By Rachel DeemingPublished 2 months ago 2 min read
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"I can't go. I've got a headache," Clara stated, hoping that this would be enough of an excuse to get her out of going for lunch at her in-laws'.

"Well, what a surprise," Chris said sarcastically, as he put on his shirt.

Clara did actually have a headache, a result of too much wine the night before but she doubted that this explanation would help.

"I think I'm coming down with something. There's a lot going around at work," and Clara's mind immediately skipped to the clandestine kiss and fumble that she had had with Darren in the stationery cupboard.

Chris mumbled a "Mmm" and smoothed his hair down in the mirror. He knew lunches at his parents' were tricky because they hadn't liked Clara from the moment he had first brought her home. He sensed their distaste and how she was tolerated. In fact, it was exactly how he felt about her at this moment - that she was someone that he had to put up with before he could think of a way to get away from her. He was sort of hoping that she'd been unfaithful because it would just be so much easier. A clean cut. He wasn't really that sad about her not coming because her not being there would make for a much more pleasant social and dining experience.

"Do you mind if I don't come?"

Chris thought carefully before responding. He didn't want her to come. But she was contrary. If he showed that he was happy for her to stay home, she would rally. He didn't want a fight; he wanted to slink off and spend quality time with his folks without drama, nor drama to return to.

"Do you think that it would improve with painkillers?" he asked, adding the right amount of hope to his tone.

Clara saw an out.

"I feel light-headed too," she ventured.

Chris turned from the mirror, all concern.


Clara was horrified but disguised it quickly.

"No, just rest, I think," she said, with projected stoicism.

"They'll be disappointed."

"I know," Clara replied, sadly.

Chris sighed. "You'll be missed."

None of which was true.

Platitudes were merely shrouds for the lies.


366 words

Again, another one of my examination pieces where I look into relationships and what lies under the surface. I don't think Clara and Chris will last much longer though.

Thanks for stopping by! If you do read it, please do leave a comment as I love to interact with my readers.


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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran2 months ago

    Ugh, I hate Clara! Chris, please divorce her ass!

  • Andrea Corwin 2 months ago

    Great job on this short story. You fit a lot in; the worry of her rallying was a great point.

  • Caroline Craven2 months ago

    Your writing is so strong. I feel like I’m sitting in the room with them. So good. (They are not so good though. Chris and Clara are doomed).

  • John Cox2 months ago

    Again, a very convincing slice of life, Rachel! Happily, they won’t need to gaslight much longer.

  • C. Rommial Butler2 months ago

    Ah, two gaslighters gaslighting. One of the many situations I had in mind when I thought: "When mirror regards mirror which is the reflection?" Well-wrought!

  • I agree with your observations, and an excellent microfiction

  • D. J. Reddall2 months ago

    A very plausible scenario, carefully constructed from two perspectives. Impressive!

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