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Phases of falling in love

In the form of a fictional story

By Jessen ArdiansahPublished 30 days ago 1 min read
Phases of falling in love
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One day, Dani met Sita at an art event. At first glance, Dani felt attracted to Sita because of her charming smile and cheerful personality. He felt a strong attraction and started looking for ways to get to know her better.

Dani began approaching Sita, talking to her about the artworks on display. They discovered they had many things in common, such as an interest in art and music. With each meeting, they grew closer and often spent time together.

During this courtship phase, Dani showed his interest through small gestures, like bringing Sita her favorite coffee or listening attentively to her stories. Sita also began to feel the same way and felt comfortable with Dani's presence.

Then, they entered the self-disclosure phase, where they started sharing personal stories, hopes, and dreams. Dani talked about his childhood and future ambitions, while Sita shared her dream of becoming a famous artist. Their trust in each other grew stronger.

After several months, Dani and Sita decided to pursue a more serious and exclusive relationship. They started planning activities together and often discussed their future together. Their emotional and physical closeness deepened, and they supported each other in various situations.

Finally, Dani felt that Sita was the right person for him. He proposed to Sita with a simple yet meaningful ring. Sita happily accepted the proposal, and they both committed to spending their lives together, supporting and loving each other through thick and thin.

This is the story of Dani and Sita, who went through various phases of falling in love until they finally committed to being together forever.

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