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Persephone and the Magic Track Jumping Train

Chapter Three

By Anna BoisvertPublished 2 months ago 5 min read
Persephone and the Magic Track Jumping Train
Photo by Michal Matlon on Unsplash

Persephone's eyes slowly opened. She heard the train speeding along the tracks. She felt the soft sheets and pillows. So it wasn't a dream after all.

She stretched her legs and arms while letting out the biggest yawn, waking Percy. He looked around as well. "It was real" he said.

Persephone jumped out of bed, startled. Percy hid under the covers.

"Did you just...speak?"

Percy poked his head out, "yes?"

Persephone spun around, scooped Percy up full of delight.

"This place is truly magical!"

Then, while walking around the space, she saw an envelope had been slid under the door. It read:

"You are cordially invited to a sumptuous breakfast feast in the dining car"

It was signed by Alphonso. Persephone squealed in delight and rushed to get herself refreshed and dressed.

She paused for a moment after brushing her teeth to look in the mirror. It was the first time really that she had ever done so. She knew what she looked like, somewhat, but had not taken the time to really look.

Her eyes were bright, a sort of caramel brown, and as she looked deeper, it seemed as if she could see the whole of the universe inside them. She shook her head, smiled, and continued getting ready, slower now, taking in the moments. She looked through the clothes in what was now her bag, and took each thing out, felt the fabric, let the color in, then finally chose things to wear, things that made her smile.

A sound came over the speakers: GONNNNNG. Then a voice.

"Breakfast is now being served in the Dining Car."

"C'mon. Percy! Let's go!" Persepone scooped him up and they went to find Alphonso.

She knew right where the dining car was as they walked through it the evening before. When she arrived at the door, she paused, looked for Alphonso, and found him standing next to a table laden with covered dishes, just like the ones from dinner.

She walked over to him. "Good morning, Persephone! How did you sleep?"

"Good morning, Alphonso! I slept so very soundly, the best sleep I've had so far!"

" I am pleased to hear it, " he replied, and smiled at her. He had a wide, generous smile that reached up to his eyes and lit up his whole face. He pulled our a chair and invited Persephone to be seated.

One by one he lifted the tops from the trays of food. The scents that wafted up were so intense and telling that it was almost enough to simply take them in. Persephone's stomach growled. Maybe eating then, she thought, and smiled.

Alphonso had even set out a little plate for Percy, and when he lifted the lid off the smallest tray, Percy was delighted to see cheeses and peanut butter, and even a mini muffin. This was almost too much.

Persephone stopped, looked Alphonso right in the eye, and said, "How is this possible?"

Alphonso replied, " Maybe a better question is 'What ELSE is possible?'." He winked at her then started to choose food to fill his plate.

She had a million questions. Mostly about where they were going and what would happen then. She thought about asking them, one right after the other, and chose not to. She ate instead. She somehow knew it would be way more fun to discover things as they went along, that she did NOT actually HAVE to have the answers.

Instead, she asked Alphonso about the train, how it worked, and when had he come to be there conducting.

" I was once like you, Persephone. I rode trains, explored cities, ran from the authorities. And like you, I always imagined something different for myself. My path, however, was different from yours. I was caught and locked up overnight in a tiny room at the station meant for holding people while the guards figured out where to send them."

" I thought it was the end for me. Instead of worrying about what the future held, I breathed deep and fell asleep. I too was awoken by a soft glow. In one corner of the cell I was in, a light shone on a button very similar to the one you pressed. This button was attached to a door. Now, I KNEW that it was not there before and I also knew it was my way out. I pressed the button without hesitation."

" The person who met me introduced himself as the Conductor-in-Chief. His name was Sylvio. The world he introduced me to included a role. THIS role. I am one of the lucky people who get to search for people like you, invite them, and if they choose it, show them things they have only imagined. I get to see a light come on in their eyes when they discover ALLLL the possibilites available. And if they so choose, I get to leave them in their new opened world, to live a life greater than they could have imagined."

"That is amazing. Can I do it too?" She asked, already leaping over what lay ahead.

"Perhaps in time", he chuckled. " First things, first. Let's get you fed, then I will show you the engine of this Magic Train."

"Excuse me",Percy squeaked. "Would you please pass the juice?"

Alphonso laughed a deep belly laugh, then poured a bit of juice in the tiny bowl near Percy's plate.


About the Creator

Anna Boisvert

Musings and imaginings from the brain of a fifty something year old Gemini who sold everything and moved to Los Angeles in 2018.

I am no professional, I write because it brings me joy, release, and peace.

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  • Vaughan Hudson Gill2 months ago

    I wonder could this story be written and published for children ? I think it would make a wonderful "way out" for children who need to be inspired to "hold on" for a better future. You have written this story about your own life, your own desires, so why would it not appeal to children in a similar train of thought (excuse the pun) and I think kids would be very fascinated with the story line. .

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