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Peppermint Christmas Kiss

Christmas - 2023

By Isabella RosePublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Approaching the Christmas tree, enchanted with sparkles and kaleidoscopic illuminations, he paused, inhaling the warm cinnamon and ginger-scented embraces. Winter Wonderland had arrived early, casting its magical essence within the confines of the medieval castle walls, transporting the busy festive shoppers to a fairy tale existence. For a fleeting and cheerful moment, they shifted from the mundane modern world into an era wrapped in joyous tradition.

A deep yearning echoed through his body, one that he considered quenching with hot cider. Temptation pulled him to the edge of his mind and often seemed to leave his sanity on a thin layer of quickly melting ice. A curious mix of terror and grief sent spasmodic chills to his heart. Staring at the barrel meant to produce marshmallow treats, he pondered why she was not here with him, her hand safely tucked into his, and her bright smile burning away the pain in his tormented mind.

“Season’s Greetings, My Raven” whispered the soft and hypnotic female voice beside him, causing his eyes to glisten and a loving expression to appear on his face.

“I’ve missed you,” he replied with the same excitement of a child on Christmas Eve as he wrapped his arms around her in delight.

Taking her hand into his, he gazed forlornly into her eyes as “Rocking-around-the-Christmas-tree,” thrilled their ears. Spontaneously, he spun her around, causing her ornate red velvet dress to twirl to the rhythmic beats. Her widened eyes lit up like the winter star poised atop a Norwegian pine.

They both stopped as the melodies quietened from the festival’s speakers, once again caught within the enveloping love that surrounded them both. Placing her head on his chest, she listened to the comforting sound of his heartbeat.

“Just for you,” he mouthed, laying her hand on his torso, before adding, “It always will.”

Hypnotized by the midnight hue of his eyes, she delved deep into the flames that lay just behind them as the excitement of the moment induced melodic laughter. It was that spark, that undying ember of heightened emotion that made her attraction to him so undeniable. Her pulse quickened as a smile showed through his expression. Her entire being belonged to him and always would.

The world seemed to pause, both encapsulated in each other as he skipped her hair back from her ear. “Is this love or is it the Christmas spirit, I wonder?” he mused to her.

She shoved him playfully before kissing him quickly on the lips, “It’s a mystery that has plagued humanity and philosophers, but only you can truly answer that question, My Raven.”

“Love, I have felt this feeling ever since we met. Through all our toils and troubles, it has never changed, not one iota. My heart was always yours, from day one, I was always looking for you.” he conversed, taking her hand in his once again.

Distant sounds of people held a melodic background accompaniment as they walked hand in hand toward the mesmerizing lights of the Christmas display. Soft white petals like snowflakes drifted from the sky above. He felt his chest might burst as it tried to contain his joy, something he had not felt for quite a while. “You brought back my light, Li’l One,” he spoke as he gave her the broadest of smiles.


This story was written by me and my constant companion, love, and teddy bear, Raven Black on December 1, 2023. It's rare that life affords us the opportunity to meet someone so special, talented, and wonderful, but I am proud to say that he is the one my heart has chosen.


About the Creator

Isabella Rose

I am a dedicated author with a passion for fiction. I own a joint business with my amazingly talented co-writer and poet, Raven Black.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran3 months ago

    Awww, this was an absolutely sweet and adorable story! Just like you and Raven!

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