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Orange moon

by Flender 2 months ago in Short Story
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The Fruit Festival is here, and the deer brings a basket of big oranges to the stupid bear.

The Fruit Festival is here, and the deer brings a basket of big oranges to the stupid bear.

The stupid bear ate one after another, and after a while, there was only one orange left in the basket. The stupid bear was reluctant to eat it. I thought, if only there was a big orange tree.

Stupid Bear suddenly jumped up happily: "Yes! Plant oranges!"

The stupid bear carried a small shovel and a small basket and ran into the yard. "Hehehe!" The stupid bear dug a pit: "Plant big oranges in the pit, pour a bucket of milk every day, and a big orange tree will grow in a few days. 1" The stupid bear was so happy.

A week has passed. The stupid bear is anxious: Why haven't the orange trees grown yet? At night, the stupid benzene bear carried a small shovel and dug and dug in the yard, and the oranges planted in the ground were gone.

The little monkey brought peaches to the stupid bear.

Stupid Bear said, "Little Monkey, did you steal the oranges I planted?"

The little monkey said: "Yes! That's not it!" The little monkey pointed to the sky: "Look, I planted your orange in the sky. I'm afraid others will take it away! It was planted with peach pits!"

Stupid Bear took a look: there is really a big orange in the sky, round and yellow, with many shiny orange cores around. "Thank you, little monkey."

The little monkey said, "Just wait! When the big orange is ripe, it will fall from the sky." Hee hee hee, the little monkey smiled and ran away.

"Dong dong dong 1" The stupid bear ran to the little white rabbit's house: "Xiaobai, look, my big orange is planted in the sky!"

The little white rabbit ran out and took a look: "What, you are so stupid! Is that a big orange? That's the big flower basket I gave to the little jade rabbit. Look, the little jade rabbit scattered the flowers in the flower basket all over the sky, how beautiful!"

Stupid Bear said, "You are too stinky, I won't tell you!"

The stupid bear went home. Sit under the big round orange and wait for the big orange to grow into a big orange tree.

Waiting, waiting, waiting for a week. Stupid Bear found: No good! Half of the big round orange was broken off by someone.

"Dong dong dong!" The stupid bear ran to the naughty dog's house: "Naughty dog, did you see who stole my oranges? Half of the oranges I planted in the sky were lost."

The naughty dog ran out of the house and took a look: "What, you're so stupid! Is that half an orange? It's a big buckled gold pot full of delicious food. You see: The North Face has a silver spoon, and there is a tengu in the sky, which feeds those thieves and thieves every night. Those little devils are getting fat!",

Stupid Bear said, "You are too naughty to tell you."

Stupid Bear went home. Sitting under half an orange, staring at the thief who ate the orange.

After staring for a week, Stupid Bear found: Even worse! Half an orange has only one petal left. There are more and more orange cores in the sky.

Stupid Bear brought the tables, chairs and benches high. Ah, I can't reach it. Stupid Bear took the doll and held it over his head: "Ragdoll, help me take off the orange petals in the sky! Otherwise, I won't be able to eat a single orange."

The doll laughed, "What, you're so stupid 1 Is that an orange petal? That's the hairpin I lost. My necklace was also found, but unfortunately, the doll in the sky was scattered."

Stupid Bear said, "You are too stupid to tell you."

Stupid bear is so sad. Stupid bear loves chocolate when he is sad. A box of wine heart chocolates was eaten. Stupid bear snorted and fell asleep for a week.

Stupid Bear woke up, grabbed the window and looked up at the sky: Yo, that petal of orange has grown into most of an orange.

"Dong dong dong!" Stupid Bear ran to the little cat's house: "Little cat, isn't it weird that oranges are planted in the sky? When there is one petal of orange left, it starts to grow, grow, grow, and it has grown into more than half an orange!"

The little cat ran out of the house and took a look: "What, you are so stupid! Is that more than half an orange? It's a big fish tank. A gluttonous cat in the sky stole fish and accidentally overturned the glass fish tank. You see, there are small fish swimming around, there are also small tadpoles, small fish and bugs, ah, the little devil and crab have climbed out too!"

Stupid Bear said: "You are too greedy, I won't tell you!"

Stupid Bear went home. Sit under most of the oranges and wait for most of the oranges to grow into round oranges.

Wait, wait, another week has passed. Stupid Bear took a look: the big oranges in the sky are round and fresh, and many bottles of orange water can be squeezed out when you squeeze them. Stupid Bear is so greedy that his mouth is watering. Just wait: maybe the big oranges will fall from the sky tonight.

At night, there was a thunderclap, and the stupid bear ran out and took a look: It's broken, the oranges in the sky are gone!

"Dong dong dong:" The stupid bear ran to the little monkey's house: "Little monkey, did you steal the orange when you saw it was ripe in the afternoon!"

The little monkey ran out of the house and took a look: "What, you are so stupid! The big orange just rolled down from the sky with Ray, why don't you go look for it soon?"

"Dong dong dong!" Stupid Bear ran out. Looking and looking, it was getting darker and darker, and the big orange hadn't been found yet. The big orange that had been ripe for a month was lost, and Stupid Bear sat under a big tree, "Woohoo -" cried sadly.

"Boom!" Who hit me on the head? Stupid Bear felt that something round rolled into his arms. Stupid Bear looked at it and was so happy: "The big orange in the sky has fallen!"

Stupid Bear ran home with the big orange in his arms, peeled off the orange peel, and just wanted to eat it, "No, I want everyone to taste it, this is an orange from the sky!"

The next morning, the stupid bear gave the big orange, one by one, to his friends.

Yo, there is only one petal left, "Give it to myself!" Stupid Bear just put it in his mouth and took it out again: doesn't the orange in the sky grow again when there is only one petal left? What a pity to eat it...

Stupid Bear swallowed a few times and planted the last petal of orange in his small courtyard.

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