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Orange Juice and Vodka

In Hollywood's dressing rooms

By KodahPublished 3 months ago Updated 3 months ago 4 min read
BoJack Horse Man On Netflix

TW: Sensitive topic


Ryan unsteadily walks to his room. He wobbles with every move he conducts while his vision is blurry and has a bottle of water in his left hand. He can't even hold the bottle properly. He reaches for the doorknob to his room and twists it without any direction. "Control it, control it, control it."

He opens the door.

"Uh. Gina? Lola? What are you doing in my room?!"

Gina is a well-known professional hair and makeup artist in Hollywood. She's been in the business for 15+ years and only had the opportunity to work here if she signed her name and blood. That's what the devil desires for in Hollywood.

Every tattoo on her is a symbol of her natural beauty, she always yapped to performers about how her wish is to escape to a world where the is n0 judgment. She seeked validation through her natural beauty, this is mainly because she didn't enjoy her job after a while...

Lola is a performer, like Ryan. She's only 8 years old, yet Gina stills puts a full face of makeup and lashes on her as if she needs it. Lola always gets her hair done specifically by Gina; she states that that's who she feels most comfortable being with.

"What are you two doing in here anyways!?"

"My manager is in my room and he's being really weird..."- Lola responds.

"Why is that my problem? Could've asked me before rudely helping yourselves."- He fixes his hair in the mirror.

"Your just as selfish as me, Ryan."- Says Gina.

Ryan places the bottle down.

Gina looks at the bottle. "Aren't you performing for the other second half of the show?"

"And aren't you cutting 3 other performer's hair?"- He looks at Gina.

"Not right now Ryan. Just give me the bottle."

"No. Your job is just to boost my ego so I can get validation from the fans."

"And I won't be doing that if you don't give me the bottle."- She multitasks arguing and cutting Lola's hair.

"I don't want you cutting my hair anyways. Look at you shaking, Look at you!!"

"Oh please, your just as bad as me." - She claps back.

"I could get you fired. Then who's going to hire a drunk hairdresser?"

"I can control myself at least."

The frightening conflict stare of the 2 grown-ups has Lola question, "What's drunk?"

"Uhh, nothing. It doesn't mean anything." - Gina holds Lola's hair to cut the secret away.

"Now look what you've done."- Ryan smacks his head.

"Oh yeah, just blame the hopeless hairdresser whose living on 40 an hour."

"I am. I blame you for introducing THIS to me."- He raises his voice.

She stares at him with pure frustration and evilness.

"Can we talk about this outside."- She remains cool.

"I think that's a better idea..."

They both walk out of the room together, with a long hold of disturbing eye contact.

Wait... Lola is still in the room though...

Lola looks at the bottle. She grasps the bottle with her small hands, intrigued by the clear liquid inside. She tilted it this way and that, watching the fluid swirl and splash against the plastic walls.

Unscrewing the cap, she brought it to her nose and sniffed. The pungent, acidic odor made her nose wrinkle in distaste. Still, curiosity compelled her to bring the bottle to her lips for the tiniest of sips...


2 Years ago:

"Ready for your hair and makeup, Ryan!"

"Yes, you're my favorite hairdresser Gina!"

She passes him orange juice. "Here!"

"Oo orange juice!" - He jugs it.

"Mm, what's in this orange juice?"- He licks his lips.

"Just a little extra punch."- She shows him the vodka bottle.

"Oh! No, no no, I don't-"

She cuts him off. "Trust me. It'll loosen you up!"

He drinks more... gulping it all.


The door creaked open.

Ryan stepped into the room first, his face falling as he took in the scene. Gina followed close behind, letting out a horrified gasp when she saw Lola on the floor with the bottle of vodka tipped over on her hands.

Gina rushes over to Lola.

Ryan stood frozen in the doorway, shock and dismay washing over his features. "How could this have happened?"

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN? You left the bottle in the room!"- She screams at Ryan.


Its reminding him....

Of the time.

When his mom used to drink,

When his mom used to encourage,

Him to drink....

He was only 8, just like Lola.

Now the harsh nostalgic of forgotten memories hit Ryan.

He is in the perspective of Lola.

He knows how it feels.... to start a new beginning,

A new beginning of struggling to live~


(Can someone please explain how to attach stories😅)

I recommend reading my other story "Shattered Glass Holds Valuble Memories", to see a connection to this piece!


Authors Notes:

Thank you so much for reading my story!

The story is about the truth of behind the scenes of Hollywood.

The ending symbolizes trauma, throughout the story you see how it gets developed and how trauma plays a massive role in addiction.

FantasyStream of ConsciousnessPsychologicalMysteryFan FictionfamilyCONTENT WARNING

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- Storyteller, Love/Romance, Poetry, Dark, Mental health, Psychological, Surreal, Nature, Mythical

~𝓢𝓽𝓸𝓻𝓲𝓮𝓼 𝓬𝓪𝓷 𝓫𝓮 𝓪 𝓵𝓲𝓽𝓽𝓵𝓮 𝓭𝓮𝓮𝓹~

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  • Carrie 3 months ago

    Incredible story Kodah! I just read your other story and that was outstanding😊😊

  • Priya P.3 months ago

    Great story Kodah❤️💕❤️

  • Billy lewis3 months ago

    Wonderful story Kodah! You explained the horrors of Hollywood very artistically ❤️

  • Oh boy, there's a lot going on in Hollywood. It's all always covered up. Loved your story! I felt sorry for all three of them, Ryan, Gina and Lola! As for attaching stories, when you hit Enter, you'll see a + sign on the left. Click that and choose Embed Link. Then put in the link and hit Enter again. I hope that helps 🥰🥰🥰

  • Jade Loson3 months ago

    Loved this story! Keep up the great work Kodah! ❤️💕

  • Lunaverse3 months ago

    Oh wow. This was a really emotional story. I love how you conveyed different perspectives of truth that lyes within performers in Hollywood. Great story Kodah❤️

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