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One Last Performance

Rock and Roll Short Story

By Mattie :)Published 3 months ago 2 min read
One Last Performance
Photo by Pao Edu on Unsplash

This was it.

After tonight Michael's career as a musician would be officially over. At fifteen years old, he taught himself how to play guitar. Most of his friends and family called him a musical prodigy. Growing up he enjoyed listening to music for hours. He'd go to the local festivals in his area to listen to local bands. His uncle Charlie was the drummer in one of those bands Michael enjoyed listening to and learning from. Uncle Charlie's weekend hobby was his nephew's greatest passionate.

Yet here Michael was, preparing to preform for the final time. Michael is now thirty eight years old. His passion for music didn't go far as he hoped. He joined several bands that went no where. Either the band members would leave for other gigs or end up behind bars, leaving Michael searching for hope. He even started his own band. They normally preformed at assistant living centers, church's, or other local gigs gaining little to no attention. Michael decided it was time to put down his guitar for good.

Although Michael was sad to let his career and passion for music go, he was kind of relieved. He know had a wife and two young children to raise. He didn't have time to hit he road and be gone for weeks or months. The life of a musician isn't for everyone and can't last forever.

Yet as the curtain on stage was being drawn open, a joy of rebirth appeared. Michael heard the crowd roaring for him and his band to preform. This crowd was massive! Michael hadn't preformed in front of a crowd of this size in years. The crowd was so hyped he couldn't stop himself from giving his all. All of his fear, anger, and sadness was washed away. Michael strummed his guitar and sang his heart out. His throat would be sore in the morning, yet he didn't care. Michael had one job tonight and that was to entertain the crowd, sitting and cheering him on in front of him. The sixty minutes ahead of him were never going to happen again, so why not go out in style. No one cared if he messed up on lyrics. This was his final time to be like his idols Steven Perry, Bon Jovi, or Paul McCartney and he was going to give his all. After singing their final song of the evening, the crowd screamed encore not once or twice, yet three times until they finally settled down and were ready to go home.

After the show came to a close Michael thanked everyone for coming out to see him and his band. He also thanked his band mates. Tears dripped down his eyes as she glanced at his wife and children in the crowd below. They were so proud of him. Michael would never forget this moment.

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Mattie :)

I'm a 29 year old curious and creative soul. Spread love like a wildfire.#NonBinary #Christian #WellsFiction

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