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Noble Wolf

If I knew then, what I know now.

By JBazPublished 3 months ago Updated 3 months ago 13 min read
Noble Wolf
Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

It's not so easy. We think it would be, but it is not. One spontaneous moment may alter everything you have come to know and love, or even hate. Oh, Noble Wolf, why is coyote called the trickster when it was you who deceived us?

So it was that night, when a bright glow disturbed my sleep, at an hour that I knew was not close for me to awaken. Peeking through blurry lids, I saw the vision, I say vision for there is no other word. A figure stood at the edge of my bed, encased in light, of an ethereal kind. Somehow my heart stopped beating and began pounding rapidly at the same time, not a normal thing to have occur. It was without question a hallucination, so I thought or hoped. I was wrong on both counts. I could neither tell if this human figure was male or female, such was the illumination that exuded from this specter.

Before I could verbally express any thought, a voice invaded my mind. "Thomas, awake. There is a journey we must make."

Now, I enjoy a trip as much as the next person, but really the only thing I had on was a pair of boxers and a confused look on my face. Boxers, because of the evening heat, and a confused look because I had no idea what was happening. Why I wasn't freaking out was a mystery to me, I was calm. This strange individual was soothing. I found my self asking. "Where are we going."

In reply the figure reached out. "Come take my hand."

"Can I get dressed first?" I asked.

In a firm voice that gave no room for misunderstanding. "Thomas just take the hand."

The moment our fingertips touched I felt drawn into a vortex, a tunnel of mild pressure and speed. Within what appeared to be seconds, I found myself on a cobble road overlooking a small village, quaint yet mature. The sun hung in mid sky, bright and clear. What struck me the most was the lack of noise. I mean there were sounds of nature but that was it. It felt strangely calm.

"Where are we?" I asked.

"Linz." Was the only reply.

"Yes, of course Linz, I see." Straining my neck, I looked around. The village below was surrounded by mountains, a wide river ran directly through town which was adorned with what I could only guess was a baroque type of architecture. The sound of church bells rang out twice, announcing the hour. Hundreds of birds rose in waves, disturbed by the chimes echoing throughout the countryside.

I appeared to be dressed in, I swear I am not making this up, knee high leather pants an itchy shirt and loose fitting suit jacket, more jacket than suit. "So, where is Linz?"

The specter, who still glowed, looked down upon me and answered. "It is where we need to be."

Nodding my head, I had to ask another question. " Ok, when is it? Because this doesn’t have a modern-day vibe at all."

"Turn of your century."

Gesturing towards the peaceful town I laughed. "Early 2000’s? I don’t think so."

Clearly frustrated my companion spoke. "The other century, before your 2000's."

"Oh, so nineteen hundred, got it."

"Nineteen hundred and three to be exact."

By Edward Manson on Unsplash

My friend who still radiated light, but now took on an appearance of a more solid form, gestured for me to sit on a rock by the road. In a serious tone she, and I am saying she because of the grace and gentle way in which this nonpareil held herself.

Staring into my soul, she explained. “We have traveled here to right a wrong, to change the course of your history.“

I realized the relaxed atmosphere had vanished, a serious under tone had quickly transpired. This was something we all fantasized about at one time or another but never dreamt that it would be a reality. This was not a trip I ever thought I would be part of.

"What are we here to do?"

The silence grew thick as my companion paused to answer, placing a hand gently upon my shoulder the words I heard sent my head spinning.

"You are here to take a life."

My body went weak, I literally was shaking, and so was my head as I firmly said. "No, not a chance, I am not killing anyone."

"You must."

"Standing up and pointing my finger I shouted. "Why don't you do it?"

"We are forbidden."

"Well, I have news for you, so am I."

"You do not understand Thomas, If I were to directly intervene the fabric of time will dissipate, we would all cease to exist, it must be you."

All I wished to do was vomit, expel everything in my stomach out onto this cobble stone road, high above a peaceful town.


Turning away from my soon to be ex-friend, I heard her speak. "We are guardians, my Sect has been waging a war for time beyond count. We watch and wait hoping for things to work out, sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fail. In this task we have failed several times. You call it the battle of good versus evil.”

Looking deep into this vision that stood before me I had to ask. "Are you telling me you're an Angel?"

With arms extended a simple. "Yes." Was all I was given as an answer.

"I'm not exactly religious." I thought this would be wise to point out.

We know Thomas, your guided by action not faith, sometimes this is better.”

“I’m sorry, that isn’t an answer, why not pick an assassin for this job?”

Thomas I do not have time to explain, I will say only this, you are the right person."

If this is time travel should I have not had more time to understand and study the course of action I was now asked to preform? Instead, I asked. "Who?"

The answer I received was the Angel pointing at the road behind us.

Within moments of asking we heard a sound unfamiliar yet recognizable to me. From behind us, in the distance I could see an early model vehicle bouncing down the road, smoke trailing behind.

"Who is it?"

"That is the person you must dispense with."

"Dispense with? That is a human not some piece of trash. I need to know more before I agree. Besides, how am I supposed to kill this person, I don't have a weapon."

"Step out onto the road they will stop. You will need no weapon because we travel in a time vortex, you need only reach out, your hand will phase through him and age his heart as you touch it. The death will appear natural."

"What of you?"

"He will only see you."

As my potential victim drew closer I asked again. "Who is this person, are they evil, bad, what?"

With a shake of her head, she replied. "Millions of lives will be affected if he lives past the hour."

"I do not understand."

With a heavy sigh, my Angel continued. "Think of this as a butterfly effect, a trickle in time that will result in your history changing, helping us correct a mistake, my mistake. You must do this, we have tried several other attempts in different ways with out the result we need, this is a last effort on our part."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, that to adjust history we can only attempt one moment in the fabric, if that fails we must move onto another thread. We feel that this moment is the defining thread, but it has a timeline, it has to be exact."

"Could you not have just gone back in time so he can never have been born?"

"Why is this everyone's first thought. No, because of his influence, up until now his life has touched to many threads, again the butterfly effect."

By now I wish I would never have woken up, I wish I denied the request. Then again maybe I had denied it in the past and they kept asking, because apparently with out me millions of peoples lives will be altered. My head was reeling, I was still in a fog when I felt a gentle push from behind and I stumbled onto the road in path of the oncoming vehicle. The blare of a horn and wind passing by woke me from my daze.

The brakes slammed and the motorized vehicle came to an abrupt halt.

"Achtung, achtung." The voice sounded more concerned than angry.

I wasn't sure what he said but got the idea. I stood there not knowing how to reply. When the young man behind the wheel spoke again. "Geht es dir Gut...?"

Still unsure how to respond he must have thought I was in shock, as he asked again. "Geht you alright?"

Before I knew what was happening words flowed out of my mouth. "Ja, Ich bin dir alright, I am alright." I spoke German?

"Good, good. You scared me. Do you need a ride into town?"

Do it, go to him and do it now.” The voice filled my head.

"Yes, I could use a ride, thank you." The next thing I knew I was sitting beside the man I was supposed to assassinate.

Reaching over he extended a hand. "My friends call me Addy."

Not wanting to touch him in case I killed him I smiled, tucked my hands in my jacket and responded. "Hi, I'm Thomas."

He didn't appear offended and started to drive down to the village. He may have been a nice fellow, but his driving left a lot to be desired.

I said little as we drove on, preferring the silence. But Addy would have none of it, words flowed freely. He discussed the weather, he blabbed on for a good two or three minutes. I phased him out until I heard the word, 'my daughter.' This added a new twist to what I was about to do. For the next ten minutes he talked about her. I could see the love of a father pouring out of him.

I started to sweat, my heart raced, the voice returned. “Do it, we are running out of time, you must do it before we reach the church.”

In my mind I answered back. 'I can't, he has a little girl.'

You must hurry, the child is insignificant, do it.”

Addy continued chatting. "She is nine, small like her mother, very artistic. Do you have children?"

"What? No, I don't."

"That is a shame, perhaps one day." He said.

The church is coming up, you must do it before we reach it.

'Leave me alone, I can't, I won't.' I pleaded.

You will be responsible for our failure, the world needs you to do this, We need you to do this.” She pressured.

“Shut up.” I cried out loud.

I startled poor Addy. "Oh, I'm sorry, my wife says I talk to much."

"No, not at all, please tell me more." I had to keep him talking now to distract me from the Angels voice.

"Listen to me Thomas, he will be our downfall, do it."

"My wife and I moved here from Vienna, we wanted a quiet life for our family, I teach art at the school." With a quick look towards me he smiled and whispered, my wife, she is expecting our second.”

The only thought I had was. Oh, for fuck sake, I’m out of here, I can't do this.

Yes you will.”

Before I could ask him to stop, my hand started moving towards him and I had no control. I wrestled it down with all my will power.

Addy Looked to me, I never seen anyone look so innocent. Like he had the whole world ahead of him. I couldn't kill him, I had no reason too. Did I?

"Thomas, reach out grab his heart.'

'No.' Again, my arm moved on its own accord, this time I could not stop it.

We entered the village, swaying and rocking from the uneven road. The bells begin to chime the hour.

Do it, kill him now.”

The church came into sight, we rolled down the road, picking up speed, Addy continued to talk and began looking around the vehicle searching for something.

I watched helplessly as my hand touched his side just under his arm, my fingers slowly started sinking in, disappearing into his flesh.

'We are running out of time, touch his heart, now.'

'No.' I couldn't pull my hand loose I was going to kill him against my will.

The church bells chimed a second time.

'We are loosing the moment, please....' There was begging to her tone, a desperation that tore at my soul.

The car hit a pothole throwing us both up in the air, Addy's hands flew off the wheel as he lurched back and away from my hand. My head smashed into the dash. I looked up in time to see someone running out from between the church and some bushes. Addy's foot hit the accelerator as he tried to adjust, shooting us forward, the boy was only a few feet away.

I heard the Angel scream. 'Noooo, not again.'

I reached over and grabbed the wheel, spinning it toward me. We slid as Addy slammed on the brakes. The car swerved inches from the youngster who froze in place, the fender grazed him, which was still enough to fling him into the air and further onto the road.

The bell chimed a third and final time.

Screeching to a halt, breathing heavy. Looking up we saw the lanky form sprawled out on the road, people running to his aid.

'Thomas, you failed, we will all suffer for this.' I never heard such torment before in my life. My heart was beating out of my chest.

Addy jumped out of the vehicle as it stalled to a full stop, I sat there with my head in my hands in silence, knowing I failed. I was supposed to prevent the death of this child, I realized this now.

Looking up I watched as the Angel approached the figure laying on the road. Her head lifted, eyes burning into my soul. Raising an arm, she pointed a finger at me. In my head I heard a dark voice. 'Thomas, he was to live and become....' Before he could say more, the child slowly rose up. Shaking his head. He was alive, the kid was alive, I must have turned just in time. He lived and I didn't have to kill Addy to succeed.

The Angel approached me, smiling, glowing once more, I don't know how everyone could not see her, she was so bright. "

"You did it Thomas, you did it. Now the world will see what we have done, of who he will become." She Praised me.

I was ecstatic, I wanted to share in the excitement.

Suddenly at that moment, history changed. I felt and saw the revision play out in my mind, like watching a movie. All I had known, all my memories were gone replaced by new events.

I fell to my knees and wept. Looking up to this Angel I asked. "What kind of Angel are you, what is the point ...the meaning of it all?"

Smiling she looked at me and whispered, "Thomas, life has little meaning for an Angel of death."

Before I could speak Addy walked over to me with the young man. "Thomas, the boy would like to thank you."

Now knowing the future. I stared at this awkward teen and said nothing.

Patting the teen on the back, Addy spoke up. "Come now Adolph, say thank you to the man who saved your life."

In German Adolph means Noble or Majestic Wolf

Thank you,

Jason Basaraba


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I have enjoyed writing for most of my life, never professionally.

I wish to now share my stories with others, lets see where it goes.

Born and raised on the Canadian Prairies, I currently reside on the West Coast. I call both places home.

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  • Hannah Moore3 months ago

    Nicely done.

  • Great job with This vivid storytelling ❤️💯💬😉

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  • Mark Gagnon3 months ago

    Well imagined and portrayed. Up to the end, I thought the driver was Hitler, not the boy.

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    Oh, this is great. Well done.

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