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No Trout About it

A Story of a Father Love and Knowledge

By Donna Fox (HKB)Published about a year ago 4 min read
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“Papa, papa.” Jo the Blue Acara, zoomed over to her father.

Weaving in and out of sea traffic, as other fish went about their day and stuck to their schools. To find him surrounded by 3 of her brothers and sisters.

Pausing mid sentence, “What is it, Jo?” He asked patiently, turning himself to observe her.

His shiny scales glimmering in the water as he gave her a quizzical look.

“There’s more of them.” She reported excitedly, flapping her silver fins wildly at her side.

Her eyes wide with excitement.

Sighing to himself, “I have explained this before, there will always be more of them. New ones come every day.” He reiterated, watching her as he chewed the side of his mouth in thought.

Jo floated in place, nodding her head eagerly. Her gold eyes a gleam with growing excitement.

Sighing to himself again, “One moment.” He told her, before turning back to her younger brothers and sisters.

“Go play, we can continue our lesson another time.” He bid them, with a stoic nod.

With a cheer they all scattered and schooled off towards their reef home.

Father then turned back to Jo, flashing her a fond smile. “Show me, dear.” He instructed, a glint of joy in his eyes.

“Okay.” She agreed, overly eager.

Immediately she swam ahead, leading Papa to the glass where the creatures often stood.

Inches away from the glass, she floated in place. Watching as the creatures walked passed their home, some stopping to glance back at them. Some smiling and pointing to various things all around their home.

Turning to Papa, “What do you call them again?” She inquired, her eyes a glow with curious excitement.

Floating along side her, he observed the creatures too.

“We call them land walkers.” He explained.

His own golden eyes tracking a young couple as they walked together. Fins entangled with each others, approaching the glass with excitement. Standing only feet away from Papa and Jo.

“And- and- and- and- and why do land walkers come here?” She excitedly stammered.

“Take a breath.” Papa instructed with patience. Giving her a half scolding look as he tried to hide a smirk that hid in the corner of his mouth.

“They come here to worship us.” He explained in a soothing voice.

Returning his gaze back to the young couple on the other side of the glass.

“Are we gods Papa?” She asked, furrowing her brow in thought.

“Something like that.” He answered, only half paying attention as he continued to observe the young couple.

They looked to each other, seemed to be having a secret conversation as they stood close to talk. Both smiling like the foolish beings they are.

“Why do some of them hold on to each like that?” She asked, tilting her head as she also observed them.

“One of them is having trouble staying on land so the other is helping them.” Papa explained, still not paying much attention as he continued to watch them with interest.

“What happens if they don’t stay on land?” She asked, looking to Papa with growing curiosity.

“They float away, I suppose.” He informed, given her a thoughtful look and then turning back to watch the young couple.

Then the couple leaned closer yet, to one and other. Bumping noses and their mouths met in some kind of embrace.

“Papa, what are they doing, now?” Jo asked, her eyes gazing in the direction his had been.

Looking between Jo and the land walkers, “They are sharing water so that they can breath.” He began to explain, “Just like we need air to breath, they need water. They hold their breath all day and occasionally borrow each others water. Sometimes they even carry water in a container to sustain themselves.” He finished, watching as the young couples lips broke apart and they carried on their way.

Jo nodded in understanding, watching the young couple depart too.

“Is one of them sick? Is that why they need help staying on land and why they need to borrow water?” She asked, looking to him in wonderment.

Sighing again, “One question at a time, please.” He began, “I think so, the one with the long tendrils on her head seems to be the one that needs help. She might be sick.” He explained, furrowing his brow as he analyzed the couple.

Watching them walk away, fins still locked in support.

Next came along a small land walker, followed by its presumed parent. It toddled around on unbalanced feet, pausing in front of their home as it placed its hands on the glass. Looking in at Papa and Jo.

The creatures eyes zoomed around their home with out control. Trying to take in every detail possible.

“Why is it so small?” She inquired.

Tilting her head as she floated in place, watching it with a furrowed brow.

“It’s not fully grown yet, it’s like you. A fry but for land walkers.” He explained, smiling to himself as he watched the child and its caregiver waddle away.

The rest of the day went on this way, Jo asking questions and Papa patiently answering them. Acting disinterested but secretly loving her curiosity and hunger for wisdom.

“Veda, Jo.” Jo’s mothers voice echoed through the water, “It’s bed time.” She called, from their reef home.

“We’d better get home, kiddo.” Papa stated, “Come on Jo.” He beckoned, turning and heading in the direction of home.

“But Papa, I want to watch the land walkers.” She protested, obediently following behind.

Smiling to himself again, “We can watch them again tomorrow. There will always be more.” He explained and the pair of them swam back together.

Turning in for the night and awaking the next morning for more adventure. Just as they always had and always would.

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  • Andrei Z.5 months ago

    This was lovely! "Are we gods Papa?"😄

  • They hold their breath all day and occasionally borrow each others water. I freaking burst out laughing when I read that! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I love how he confidently answers the wrong things but with such wise mannerism 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Novel Allenabout a year ago

    Children and 1000 questions. The curious ones. u r so good with dialogue. Short and sweet story.

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