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Night Screams

Black shadow figure

By ananabighaPublished 25 days ago 1 min read

That night the air felt bone-chillingly cold. Serina curled up under the blanket while shivering in fear.

Heartbreaking screams filled the silence of the night. The voice sounded close, like it came from the hallway outside his room.

Serina dared to peek out from under the blanket. The dim light of the nightlight illuminated the quiet room. He sharpened his hearing. The screams could still be heard, shrill and heartbreaking as if someone was being tortured.

"This must be a nightmare,"

Serina tried to calm herself. However, the scream felt so real.

A sudden courage flashed through his mind. With trembling hands Serina stepped towards the door and opened it slowly. The hallway outside was pitch black. He peered towards the end of the hall where the screams seemed to be coming from.

A black shadow crossed the hall quickly followed by a deafening scream. Serina was rooted to the spot because she was so scared. His body stiffened and shook violently.

Just then, a loud clanging sound broke the silence. Serina was shocked and immediately turned to her alarm clock which showed exactly 12 o'clock at night. His heart was pounding hard.

Apparently it was the ringing of the alarm clock that woke him up from a nightmare that felt so real. However, Serina could still hear the echo of that heartbreaking scream in her ears.

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