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Mysterious Foresight

Meet Soryuu Hiyoshi, a captivating individual who possesses a remarkable and enigmatic gift—an uncanny ability to experience unknown foresights. Soryuu's life is intertwined with the mysteries of the future, granting him a unique perspective that sets him apart from the ordinary. From a young age, Soryuu began to notice glimpses of events that were yet to unfold. These visions, vivid and striking, would materialize in his mind's eye, offering him tantalizing glimpses into the future. These unknown foresights would come to him in dreams, flashes, or even as intuitive feelings, urging him to pay attention. Soryuu's foresights are not limited to mundane occurrences; rather, they encompass significant events that have the potential to shape the lives of individuals or even entire communities. It's as if he possesses a direct connection to the tapestry of time, allowing him to witness the threads of destiny before they are woven into reality. In his quest to comprehend the nature of his gift, Soryuu embarks on a personal journey of self-discovery. He seeks knowledge from ancient texts, studies the philosophies of seers and prophets, and delves into the recesses of his own consciousness. Through introspection and a deep connection with the world around him, Soryuu seeks to unravel the mysteries of his abilities and the purpose they hold. As Soryuu grows and matures, he becomes not only a witness to the unfolding of events but also an active participant in shaping the future. He learns to harness his unique foresights as a force for good, employing them to prevent disasters, guide individuals towards their true paths, and ignite positive change within his community.

By HyusuiPublished about a year ago 5 min read

Narrator: We are all clueless about what will happen to our lives, we'll never know what's about to come and what's about to happen, IF you had the power to know the future, what will you do? how wil you use it? are you willing to be the HERO of EVERYONE? or will you use this ability to take over other people's lives?

If something cruel or disastrous flashes in your eyes, what can you do? will you inform others?

A bright morning starts with a hot and creamy coffee.

Soryuu: Ooh this coffee is so damn good! I wonder what's mom up to.

*Goes downstairs

(Something flashed in his eyes*)
He saw the knife falling from the cabinet onto his mother's head.
(Back to reality.)

Soryuu: Uh Mom! (mom looks at him)
Mom: What is it honey?
Soryuu: Someone's at the phone, It's ringing. I think it's for you. (lying)
Mom: Oh thank you, I didn't heard that, (whispers)who could it be...

N: Soryuu waits and when he's about to leave, He heard something, something fell onto the ground. as he takes a look, he gasped. He saw the knife stabbed in the floor. It's where his mother was standing earlier.

Soryuu: HUH?!? I saw this earlier, It flashed in my eyes. Maybe it's just coincidence, I should put this somewhere safe.

*His mother is back.

Mom: Uh honey, there's no one on the phone, maybe they dropped it before I picked up.

Soryuu: Oh yeah, I think so.

Mom: What's that honey? what are you gonna do with that knife?

Soryuu: Oh nothing, It just fell from the cabinet.

Mom: Oh (worried), are you okay? did you hurt yourself? oh geez that's dangerous, thank god I wasn't there earlier. That phone call saved my life. Let me handle that go upstairs and take a shower.

Soryuu: Okay mom, be careful.

(going upstairs, and something flashed in his eyes again.)

(foresight)*He saw himself slipping in the shower, because of the soap and caused him to feel dizzy.

Soryuu: Argh, I'm so weird today, I wonder what's happening to me.

*about to go inside the shower, he opens the door and he slips onto the ground and hit his head lightly.

Soryuu: shit, what happened (starts to feel dizzy and about to lost conscious).

Mom: Oh what's that?!

*She heard something slammed from above.
*Rushing upstairs while thinking what happened.

Mom: OH GOD, what happend here!?!! (She saw Soryuu lying on the floor. Shocked, clueless and worried.)

*Soryuu's vision became dark and pitch black.
It's like he's travelling into the depths of darkness and emptiness

Soryuu: where the hell am I? fvck I really slipped in the shower, weird.

???: is it painful?

Soryuu: hell yeah, SO PAINFUL!!
*realizes someone talked to him.
:Huh!?! who dafuq are you??? where are you???

???: I'm no one, I'm nowhere to be found.

Soryuu: IDGAF, show yourself.

???: I told you, I'm nowhere to be seen or found. Let's hop into another topic, everything you saw, everything that happened, was it all really coincidence?

Soryuu: what are you talking abou-
: WAIT, how did you kno-

???: It's simple. I let you witness a glimpse of something, something that will make you change your own or someone's future.

Soryuu: Nonsense. You're just playing with my mind. (talking to himself) I bet the crash took my mind in this place, I'm just imagining things.

???: *showed his eyes and stared at soryuu.

Soryuu: (gasp and felt the pressure pressing him down and made his body real heavy.) WTF IS THIS, UGH OKAY OKAY, STOP THIS NOW.

???: It's just your imagination, RIGHT? (still staring at him with a grin on his eyes.)


???: So, does it feel great?

Soryuu: (looking at his eyes, looking mad and annoyed) did you really let me see those?!

???: Yes. I did

Soryuu: Can you explain what's happening? Im fvcking confuse of these shits happening in me.

???: How about...

Soryuu: How about what?

???: How about YOU figure that yourself.

Soryuu: HUH?!? (Mad and annoyed.) R U SERIOUS?

???: It's too early for that. Maybe one day we'll meet again.


*the unknown person disappeared, (is that really a person?) and left Soryuu clueless, confused and empty-handed with informations.

*Soryuu waking up.

Soryuu: shit my head hurts. What the hell was that place? Oh mom you're here, I slipped in the shower, I don't know what's the reason but, I think I stepped in a soap, slips and blacked out.

Mom: Oh does it hurt so much?? How are you feeling??

Soryuu: I'm good now, but my head's still spinning a bit.

Mom: Take a rest and call me if you need something, okay?

Soryuu: Oh sure, thank you!

*still thinking about what happened earlier (in that black space).

Soryuu: ugh. I should definitely rest now, maybe tomorrow, I'll feel better.

*closes his eyes and slowly falling asleep.

(eyes opens up)

*walking and going downstairs, it's 3:46 A.M. grabbed a coffee and went outside. While looking at the sky, He saw something flying rapidly on the sky and it crashed somewhere. He followed it 'cause of curiousity and when he arrive near the crash he something. a big rock and it's glowing and he left it because he thinks it's dangerous. He's back in his bed and get back to sleep. It's morning and when he go downstairs, he saw the news about a glowing rock, the news says:

Newscaster: This rock is super rare, and it might be expensive to sell, the government took this and analyzed it.

:Oh, that's the rock I saw last night, I should've take some pieces with me last night, what a waste.

*Soryuu wakes up

Soryuu: ugh, that was a weird dream.

*goes downstairs and the foresight incident hits his mind
*he suddenly looked at the clock. It's 3:46 A.M.
He rushed outside and saw something flying super fast in the sky.


*he followed the flying thing with his bike so he can outrun it and he arrived at the place, the place where he was standing in his dream and waited.
(he heard the rushing and noisy sound and saw something that's about to fall onto the ground.)

Soryuu: I wish this one isn't glowing.
(surprised asf and still processing what's happening.)

Soryuu: MF! it's glowing. Wait, in that scenario the news said this shit is expensive, maybe I should take some with me.
:These rocks are hella heavy, I wonder how much they worth, Uhh I guess I'll do that tomorrow, I should get back to sleep.

*he's back at home with heavy glowing rocks, goes upstairs and gets back to sleep.

Soryuu:(waking up) argh. Another day, I wish nothing weird happen today.

*goes downstairs

Mom: Oh you're awake. Come here and eat up your breakfast

*soryuu sits down.

Soryuu: ooh, I really love these sausages.

(Newscaster saying something and Soryuu remembered his dream and starts watching the news.)

Newscaster: Good morning and welcome to NewzTV, today we have a really HOT topic, residence called the police this midnight because something disturb their sleep and shocked them, at first they thought it's just a quick earthquake and when someone went outside, he alerted the other people because he was so surprised and amazed 'bout what he saw. Here's Mr. Yugo's comment about it.

Mr. Yugo: At first, I didn't really care about the shaking of the ground and I thought it was a earthquake, It ended too quick that's why I didn't think it was that dangerous, then a minute passed and something is glowing outside my window, and curiosity hits my mind, I went out and was shocked with what I witnessed.

Soryuu: (*accidentally spits his food) WHAT?

Mom: Hey! don't waste food, is it that bad?

Soryuu: oh sorry, it's good. I was just shocked about the news.(asking and talking to his self)
WTF, it all happened
(Still shocked and can't believe it's all syncing.}



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