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My wife's best friend

Chapter 1

By albert.chenPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

When he looked, all he could see is a beautiful and elegant young lady mid twenties. She is tall and has a shape of a sandglass. Her voice is like a melody that melts the hardest heart. Immediately, she turned to pick her handkerchief that fell off her bag, he looked at her backside and behold chills were sent down his spine that he couldn't control his lustful self.

What's your name young lady? His voice stammered

Olivia she returned with a smile

Mike is my name...

He asked for her number and she obliged without hesitation.

The lift came to a halt at level 14 and he stepped out but Olivia was still going up. They guessed at each other with a smile and within some seconds, the door closed and he was left alone. He was amazed at her beauty which almost distracted him all through the day. It was so disturbing that he didn't know when his secretary greeted him. A thought came in to his mind and he decided to call the receptionist desk downstairs. A lady's voice came at the end of the other side and behold it was Rita he demanded that he speak with Paul his partner in crime when it comes to flirting matters. Immediately Paul picked he described Olivia and asked If she was still in the building, just as Paul was to answer, Olivia stepped into the receptionist hall and Paul informed him immediately. Mike wanted to stand up immediately and walk down to her, with that silence, Paul's voice echoed from the other end asking if Mike was still on. Mike told him not to worry and hung up remembering that he has Olivia's number.

As he sat down, he began to think to himself, it's been a while he has been swept off his feet by a lady, he has been married for 7 years now and hadn't seen such emotional experience all these years. For once he told himself he need to know more of this lady, her family background, career and marital status. He wasn't sure if she was wearing any ring. The other side of his thought being that and the wife Pat was yet to have a child, and the wife has so many times asked him to get a lady pregnant outside their marriage, even though he isn't much of a believer in God, he has this belief that they will still have children. After all medically speaking, nothing has been found to be wrong with both of them. Wouldn't it be a gift from nature if Olivia is the right one? This is crazy he said to himself, until he figures out things about her, he can't just be thinking that way. The beauty alone commands class and without being told, it would be difficult for such a lady to accept such offer.

The hectic work of the day took over Mike's entire being and it was less of Olivia and more work.


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