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My Hacker

A story of unexpected love

By Abigail LylePublished about a year ago 5 min read

Chapter one: Intruder Alert

The alarm was blaring, and there were brilliant flashes of red along the walls as the emergency lights kicked on. Men in ebony suits, littered in firearm holsters and ammunition chains, quickly rushed for the command room. Nonetheless, I got there first, typing away on the large computer, trying to intercept the intruder so he couldn't access our data. The men charged in with their firearms raised, then immediately lowered them when they caught sight of me. "Lady Anniera, what are you doing here, it's not secure, an intruder is running loose!" I rolled my eyes, irritated, I sarcastically said, "Thank you, captain, I didn't notice, and the intruder isn't here" The captain looked at me perplexed, "You must be mistaken, ma'am." I turned to the captain with an exasperated huff, then gestured to the supercomputer, "Our intruder is in there, we're dealing with a hacker!" The captain's face transitions from confusion to pure shock, "A hacker!? No one has ever been capable of hacking us before!" I turned back to the computer, I wasn't gonna let this hacker succeed, not on my watch. "I understand that Captain, which means this hacker is very experienced, which also means I need to focus," I said pointedly at the captain. He nods gruffly and yells orders at the rest of his men to return to their stations. The room grew silent as the tromping of the men's boots faded down the hall, and the alarms faded as they turned off, so I brought all my focus to this hacker. I typed in the password so I could access the folders with all of our data and information, but the computer flashed red, saying "incorrect password" I starred at the screen, downright bewildered, "No, it's not, that's the password, I'm the one who created the damn password, I know what it is!" I typed it in multiple times, and each time it said the password was incorrect, I typed it in one more time, but this time, it flashed red twice and said, "reset your password?" I screamed internally. I couldn't access the folders, the hacker had blocked me out. As a last resort, I had made a hard drive that would be connected to the computer for situations like this, I ran around the back of the supercomputer. The green hard drive was sticking out of the black computer, I snatched it out and shoved it into my pocket, then went back to the front. The screen had returned to normal, and everything was still and silent, I sighed in relief. I jumped at the loud ringing sound that came from the only telephone in the room, I calmly crossed the room, picked up the phone, and brought it to my ear. "you've won this time, I won't lose so easily next time, I will find you, little bird." The voice belonged to a man, it was deep, and so silky smooth it was frightening, the line clicked, and he hung up. I stood there for a good minute, I needed to find out who that was, why they wanted our information, where they were, and how they were able to even get close to stealing our data. I immediately headed for the communications room, this room was much brighter than the control room, with people everywhere. Men and women were sitting at desks, each having their own conversations with someone on the other end of the line, everyone stopped and stood when I entered the room. "as you were" I said, they all went back to what they were doing, "Rix! I need you in the tracking room, now!" I walked into the dark silent room, which is located at the back of the communications room, at least 20 people were sitting at computers and receivers, all listening intently. A young girl, about 17, barged in with a large envelope, and a tablet in her arms, she also had a headset on, and holding back her auburn hair was a "scrunchie" that she had made out of old wires. Her golden eyes were wide with excitement, "Yes ma'am?" I walked around the many computers, to an empty seat, "I need you to track a caller." Rix nodded, settled into the chair, then plugged her headset into the computer. I went to the back wall and picked up one of the many phones that were lined up against it, then I dialed the same number the hacker used. It rang and rang, it felt like hours had gone by as I waited for the hacker to pick up. The stillness was dreadful, it appeared like everyone in the room stilled, frozen in suspense. I felt like time was slowing, the ringing seemed to get louder and louder, and, "click" he answered the phone! "ah, hello little bird, I was wondering when I would be able to hear your sweet voice." Little bird? Why had he called me little bird, and why was he talking like that? "Listen here, I am Lady Anniera, leader of this secret government facility, and I will not stand by while you try and steal information" there was a chuckle from his end of the line, "oh, little bird~" my fist had tightened around the phone. "stop calling me little bird! that is not my name!" I glanced at Rix, but she was still typing and scrolling furiously. "I like it, so I'm keeping it, little bird" Rix suddenly straightened, she turned to me and nodded, then I sighed in relief. "well, Mr. Hacker, I must go, but I will find you, and put an end to your schemes!" another chuckle resonated through my head, "I await your arrival~" the line clicked, silence instantly engulfed the room. I took a breath, then turned to Rix, "What have you got for me?" she turned and looked at the screen again, "It seems like the call is coming from an old, deserted shack of a house?" I set the phone down and took a deep breath, " Thank you, Rix" She nodded and cleaned up the desk. "Nala, get my four-wheeler ready, I'm heading out" The tall girl nodded and took off with a couple guys on her tail to prepare the stealth vehicle. I headed towards to weapons room, I grabbed a couple small easy-to-hide guns, and a switchblade. I leave the room and head to the garage, where my stealth four-wheeler was waiting for me.


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Abigail Lyle

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I'm pretty new to vocal, I hope ya'll will enjoy my stories! hmm, a little bit about me, I love pickles, swimming, wolves and panthers, reading, writing, art, and music!

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  • Abigail Lyle (Author)about a year ago

    I put it in the wrong group- T.T

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