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Men master beautiful young woman unbearable in the past, even use this threat to do a series of things

Money can make the devil go round. The girl not only accompanied me to drink all night, but also was sent home by her hired man.

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Just after I turned fifteen, my mother died in an accident.

Within half a year, my father could not bear the loneliness and married a beautiful young woman.

This woman is my stepmother Fu Jiarong.

The first night I met Fu Jiarong, her image was deeply engraved in my mind, and I can't get it out of my mind.

That day, she wore a pair of black silk stockings and sat next to my dad.

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Jade leg disc up, the career line is slightly exposed, Dai eyebrow like a frown, really hook people tight.

It was the first time for me to see such a scene, clearly in my heart very reject the appearance of such a woman, but in my heart was greatly shocked by it.

Is just ignorant of the age, without temptation, the dream that night is the enchanting enchanting shadow of this beautiful stepmother, the second day is early in the morning ran into the toilet to wash underwear.

From that day on, I can no longer see Fu Jiarong as my stepmother.

I tangled for a long time, decided to call her Rong sister, she did not refuse, promised when there are a few smile.

Later I found out the real reason.

Before she married my father Liang Chengdong, Sister Rong was a model, the kind that walked on the runway and won many awards, making her a promising star in the industry.

Occasionally take flat photos, the whole person is very photogenic, by many people's favor, the future is bright.

In her bedroom, there are pictures of runway shows and print models.

She seems to be no different from the other female stars who have hit the big time, maybe just a chance.

Due to its lack of ambition, coupled with the success of the marriage into the "rich family", after marriage, she naturally stopped working, wholeheartedly take care of my father and son.

With the care of Fu Jiarong, my life gradually returned to the right track.

All my classmates envied me for having such a beautiful stepmother. I could not help but be smug when I heard this. The faint exclusion in my heart gradually dissipated and completely accepted her existence.

Rong Sister and I have a very good relationship, dad work very late, socializing a lot, often come back very late.

Every night she would stay by my side and watch TV together, not like mother and son, nor like a couple, more like a deep love of brother and sister.

She is always very careful to put some of my favorite snacks, pistachios, fish skin peanuts and so on.

She would even peel a pear or apple for me herself.

While I enjoyed the time, I was often unable to concentrate entirely on the TV and was constantly glancing at her beautiful side face.

At that age, I had too many desires for the opposite sex.

What's more, a beautiful woman like Rong Jie is just like a goddess in the heart.

I didn't think much of any woman but her for a while.

Until one day, Rong sister accidentally caught a glimpse of my raised crotch, from then on, she deliberately distanced herself from me.

I was in the throbbing adolescence, and I couldn't control the throbbing inside me.

She happened to be wearing a cool nightgown that day, so I couldn't help but take a second look.

Just from my Angle, I could see the tip of the iceberg that surrounded the bank on her breast...

Then there is always an evil fire in the heart of the spread, it can not be suppressed.

Meanwhile, I made a shocking discovery.

Rong sister also looked at me from time to time!

A crazy idea came to me, and I forced it down.

I didn't know the real reason until later.

For Rong, I'm just a stand-in for someone else.

When I lay in bed, I could not help dreaming about her, and the indescribable events often occurred in my dreams.

Although clearly know this is very immoral, but I like a demon general, simply can not control themselves.

Maybe because I am a boy, my father and her usually did not deliberately avoid me.

From time to time, I can faintly hear the voices of children in the next room.

I often by this sound hard stimulation, tossing and turning, sleepless.

My studies took a nosedive and I failed to get into a nearby key high school.

When my father found out, he was angry and helpless. He scolded me and then paid for me to be sent to boarding school.

From then on, I had to stay in school except for the Spring Festival and the holidays.

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Rong sister's thoughts, also with the boarding life becomes light, fuzzy, finally no longer think of.

During the high school, I was very successful in the provincial key examination.

My father was very happy and took me and Rong sister to the seaside to drive.

It is rare to enjoy a leisurely time, I dived into the sea alone, wanton feel the beauty and comfort of nature.

As everyone knows, after I dive to the bottom of the sea, two people have no scruples to jump into the sea naked swimming.

That was the first time I saw her body, and I couldn't help but hide behind the reef for a long time.

My feelings for Rong sister vanished again from the heart, like the devil around my behavior.

After that day, I accepted my deskmate Su Lin's confession.

That night I was going to eat the forbidden fruit and practice it.

Su Lin, who always had a good impression on me, finally failed to hold the line and gave me her precious first time.

But what she didn't know was that when she was suffering from the pain of breaking her body, the man who pressed on her was full of his beautiful stepmother.

As a matter of fact, in every in-depth communication with Su Lin, my mind would inevitably be the shadow of Sister Rong.

I think of this woman as her, absolutely.

At that time, I was in college and had the right to control my own life.

As expected, my father approved of the relationship, and even encouraged it.

According to their request, I did not shy away from bringing my girlfriend Su Lin home.

They recognized her existence.

If it is not unexpected, I will really get married with Su Lin with their support after graduation.

And Su Lin contact for four years, plus high school is the same desk, say affection is also some.

Unfortunately, after graduation from university, they broke up, and the seven years of brewing feelings finally came to an inevitable end.

Although some heart loathe to give up, but no way, life planning is different, feelings finally lost to the reality.

I want to stay in the big city to develop, and she has been arranged by her parents to study abroad.

The funny thing is, although I stayed in the big city, I was unfortunately caught in the coronavirus outbreak and the whole city was under home quarantine.

After a few months of living in a rented house, I was persuaded by my father to come back home.

Why? The reason is simple.

I experienced the warmth of human feeling in the big city, completely stop the struggle of the heart.

In addition, the relatively sluggish economy after the pandemic made it even harder to find a job.

According to my dad, it's an inheritance so he can retire early.

The night I came home, my father was happy to blow two jin of white wine to me.

Rong Sister was also very happy, accompanied us father and son to drink a few cups.

With her drunk, blushing cheeks, especially attractive.

At that moment, I finally really know what is called peach blossom.

After getting drunk, everyone goes back to their rooms.

I thought of her sultry appearance as usual, and gradually fell asleep with my pillow.

In the haze, I felt someone sleeping next to me with a leg directly on top of me.

My girlfriend Su Lin and I broke up a long time ago, who else would climb into my bed?

One can't turn one's head when one drinks too much.

I thought about it for a long time before I realized it was wrong.

Such a smell... It's not Fu Jiarong, is it?

I woke up like an electric shock.

Sure enough, she was lying drunk next to me, her slender legs resting directly on my stomach.

At the moment, she was bright and beautiful little face hanging two groups of red, to add a little more enchanting.

Boy, if my old man knew this, the family wouldn't break up at once!

Without much time to think, I suddenly sat up and pushed the dazed Fu Jiarong away.

What happened? Did I forget to lock the door?

Fu Jiarong came to my room by mistake!

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I dare not delay, neatly put on the pants, holding the little mother has not recovered, will her back to my father's room.

Before I went back to the house, I took a look.

Luckily, my dad was so asleep he didn't realize he lost his wife.

With a huge sigh of relief, I went back to my room and locked the door.

When I was done, I sat back in bed with a ripple in my heart.

I am a man, after all, such a hot beauty in front of me, but also to my various stimulation, how can I not excited!

In my mind, I thought of Fu Jiarong's hot body and her attractive face, and only felt a prehistoric power spread between the lower abdomen.

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  • Charles Turner5 months ago

    An interesting story. Thank you.

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