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Two couples share a room, not only to grab the bathroom, even the bed can only be separated by curtains

Men are more conflicted, want to see other women wear less, but don't want their girlfriends too revealing, I am no exception...

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Everyone who has ever been to a big city has probably experienced home sharing.

I've been there. Two boys, two girls, one room.

That summer, after graduation, I went to Shenzhen with my girlfriend Madison. We agreed to share an apartment with our college classmates in advance.

Li and his girlfriend Olivia have already rented a house in Shenzhen.

When Madison and I got off the plane, carrying bags and bags excitedly to the rental house, directly dumbstruck.

The rental house had only one room, similar to a standard room, but with a small kitchen.

How are two couples supposed to live? We all hesitated.

But temporarily looking for a house, not to mention the trouble, not necessarily can find so close to the company.

After we talked about it, my girlfriend and I took it on the chin.

Although we had curtains separating the rooms, it was certainly inconvenient for four people to live in such a small place.

The beds were almost next to each other, and you had to roll over gently, let alone make love.

We are young people, it is natural to have that impulse, but there is no solution.Just as I put the key in, I heard Li Remi Shouting, "Don't open the door."

Then I heard Olivia frantic screams in the room. I knew at once what they were doing.

It's a good thing I had the audible warning, or I would have just opened the door and walked in, which would have been awkward.

I pulled my girlfriend, was going to quietly walk away, but suddenly the girlfriend bad, hard on the door two times, and then pulled my hand laughed and ran away.

I waited until my girlfriend and I wandered downstairs and saw the Windows of our shared house open.

I don't know why, but I think tonight's Madison Frost is so beautiful and radiant.

The next day, as soon as I got off work, I received a message from Li Remi, "I will watch a movie with Olivia tonight and come back around 11 o 'clock."

When I arrived at home, Olivia was sitting by the bed waiting for me. She must have just taken a shower, her hair still dripping, and she was a little shy of my hot eyes.

Just a look at each other and we hugged and kissed.

When it was all over, we had just packed the sheets and they came back. Pan Frost looked me up and down, smiling ambiguously.

Pan Frost joked with me, "We're not as bad as you. If Li Remi gets scared out of his skin, I'm not done with you."

I also made fun of her, "If Li Remi fails, I will support you for a lifetime."

Olivia gave a charming snort and patted me on the body.

In this way, we care for each other tacitly.

But we are all office workers, and the time can not be completely according to their own ideas.

Sometimes when I go back to work overtime, I am too lazy to go shopping.

In this way, we seem to return to the original forcibly repressed state, Olivia also began to be a little irritable, according to my observation, Pan Madison also.

One night, I was woken up by a noise in the next bed, from Li Remi and Pan Shuangshuang.

When I looked at my girlfriend, she was also listening intently with her eyes wide open.

I was about to speak when Olivia covered my mouth.

I knew I couldn't say no, so I kissed her.

In this way, we were each happy, and one of the most important problems that had troubled us was easily solved.

In August, it was Olivia's birthday. We were ready to celebrate it. The two women bought a lot of dishes, and I bought two bottles of white wine. Suspenders were especially popular that summer.

Men are conflicted. They want to see other women exposed, but they don't want their own women to be too sexy. I'm no exception.

One day Olivia worked overtime and I went home by myself. When I got home, I found Pan Madison cooking and kneading noodles in the kitchen.

Because she was only wearing suspenders and shorts, which were a little too short, I looked at it for a while and was embarrassed to see.

But within two minutes, Pan Frost called to me, "Let me get a glass of water."

When I came with the water glass, Pan Frost Frost, hands full of flour, looked up to me and said, "Close your eyes, don't peek, feed me."

I put the water to her mouth and Madison lifted her head as if she were kissing.

After feeding the water, I did not go out, knead dough with her, a dough two people knead, the body is getting closer and closer.

Since then, our relationship has changed subtly.

In front of me, she seemed to lose her feminine shyness, and I became bold.

Things between men and women are like a layer of paper, once pierced, there is no taboo.

In summer in Shenzhen, it's hot as if you want to steam people.

Just after ten o 'clock, the house became too hot to stay, we discussed where to cool off, finally decided to go swimming in the sea.

We hastily prepared our swimsuits and ran for our lives out of the house.

We drove to the sea and finally arrived at a secluded and undeveloped beach.

There were only a few people on the empty beach in the hot sun, apparently swimming too.

There wasn't even a shelter around to change into, so I wish I hadn't changed into my swimsuit at home.

We had to ask the men to turn around and watch, while the two women squatted behind the little parasols they had brought with them to change quickly and then watch us, like thieves.

We packed our clothes, placed them in a conspicuous position by the sea, and rushed out to sea.

It was nice to see the water keep the heat out of our bodies.

Yan Ying's family is inland, unlike the three of us who grew up by the sea.

Unable to swim, she naturally took on the job of looking at clothes on the shore, just bobbing about in the shallow water.

The three of us were happy swimming out into the deep sea.

About half an hour later, Li said he was tired and we started to swim back.

When they returned to the shore, they found Olivia sitting there pitifully, as if she had been crying.

I felt a little out of line and hurried over to coax her.

After a while, I wanted to swim again. Li Remi said he was too tired to go, but Pan Shuangshuang was very interested.

The agreed result was that we went to the deep sea, Li Remi accompanied Olivia on the shore.

When Pan Frost and I got down, we raced forward, racing to see who could swim first to the rock about 300 meters offshore.

At last we reached the rock, the side of which was very steep.

We're on the back, we can climb up, and there's a little platform up there.

I climbed up first and sat down. "I didn't know you could swim so far!"

Pan Olivia wore a plain white bikini with her body protruding from the front to the back.

"She teased me as she climbed." Kidding, who am I?"

I pulled her up, and she looked for a long time, except where I sat, which was a little more level. "Get up, let me sit down."

I said jokingly, "Like you're the only one tired? Want to sit on my lap?"

Unexpectedly, Pan Frost sat directly into my arms, "Sit down! Who's afraid of who..." And she put her arm around my waist.

My heart is beating a little faster when she's down here.

I looked over my shoulder at the shore, where rocks blocked Li Remi and Madison's view.

I threw my arms around Olivia, but she was much more active than me. She grabbed my neck and kissed me...


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