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May people last long

I hope people long, long life "This is a poem depicting the Mid-Autumn Festival

By Maltbyj BBrunkhPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

This is a poem depicting the Mid-Autumn Festival, only wish those who miss each other can last forever, even if separated by thousands of miles, can also pass miss through the moonlight. Again to the annual August 15 - Mid-Autumn Festival.

Childhood always looking forward to the Mid-Autumn Festival, look, mom went to the street again, always looking forward to her to buy more delicious, the most want to eat that is the moon cake, even if you can eat a lot every year, that is not tired of eating, my favorite is the red bean stuffing moon cake, always can eat several. After dinner in the evening, the day is slightly dark, stealing melon is the best time, listen to the adults said that this day will not be beaten to steal melon, but in order to ensure, or not too obvious, I and a few small partners tiptoe to a corn field, each to find their own prey, I found a good sign pumpkin, thought: The melon lamp must be my best, three two down to pick off the pumpkin, baby like in his arms. After a while, several friends also found their pumpkin. A group of people carrying pumpkins to run home, passers-by are not surprising, also not a trace of strange. Next is the time for us to show our craft, each holding his own melon, first put the inside of the core out, and then is engraved pattern, this is a technical work, we are carefully engraved pattern, you do not say, engraved quite like such a thing, although the pattern is simple, but to the inside after the candle, the outside pattern issued a golden light. After carving the melon lamp, everyone carried their artworks in the road play, at this time the moon like a big moon plate, shining on the road in the village, adults sitting in the yard to enjoy the month, chatting about home. From time to time, a breeze blows, and the osmanthus trees in front of the door sway, as if they are enjoying the joy with us.

This year's Mid-Autumn Festival was left in the school, this is the first time outside the Mid-Autumn Festival, due to the epidemic, can not go home, the school each sent a moon cake, this is the kind of taste that the mother buys every year, but seems to feel a little less. Looking at the bright moonlight, thinking at the moment whether the adults are sitting in the yard to admire the moon, the village or whether to complete their own art, in front of the osmanthus tree as in previous years is flourishing. Those few friends do not know how they are doing now, no contact information, heard the mother said that one has already married.

Time like water, everything in the past inadvertently, December this year I also want to embark on their first journey. After the Mid-Autumn Festival may rarely go home, but my hometown osmanthus tree is fresh in my memory, it is a long time to forget the taste.

I love the Mid-Autumn Festival, more love the Mid-Autumn festival osmanthus tree and that with looking forward to the moon cake.


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