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Madness In The Cabin

I am Lyssa Fitzgerald

By Christopher HodgsonPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 3 min read
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The cabin in the woods had been abandoned for years, but one night, a candle burned in the window. The light only let me see a few feet in front of me from where I was lying but I could make out that my father was walking toward me.

He sat on the chair near my bed and placed his hand over my shoulder oh so very slightly, his lips shaking and shivering as people do when they bear bad news. His following words shook me to my core.

I just spoke to the doctor and he believes the reason you have been bedridden for three weeks is possibly rabies.

I was shocked at the thought of me catching a deadly disease like that. I absolutely hate animals like raccoons and squirrels, rodents are honestly a fear of mine! How could I have contracted such a disease?

Before I was sick I rarely played outside and I would have noticed if I got bit by something. Before I could ask another question my father said Lyssa, Hunny, relax it's not for certain that's it's rabies and tomorrow I will take you to the hospital myself! He said in a confident voice while wiping the tear from my cheek.

I started to get a massive headache and it felt as though an entire marching band was playing in the back part of my head. My body was becoming cold from the sweat, I tried to warm up by cuddling up in my wool blanket but the fibres hurt when rubbed against my scaly skin. This is the most pain I have ever been in.

I don't know how but I eventually lost consciousness and fell into a deep sleep.

During which I dreamt that I was swimming with my young sister maria in the shallow part of the labour river. She did not know how to swim so it was my responsibility to guide and hold on to her. Making our way slowly through the more muddy part I lost Maria's grip and she fell into the deeper side of the lake. Panic struck me and I began trying to pull her up out of the water but it seemed something was tugging her back at a strength triple mine. Her hand began letting go of my own and her body that was so energetic was now lifeless. I blame myself for the death of my sister and I believe my father does too.

I was awoken from this dream that turned into a nightmare of my past by a sharp pinch I felt from my left shoulder. When my eyes opened I saw my father hunched

over me with a smile that started from the left ear and stopped at the right. I could not tell the intent of his facial expression I actually never could. My father's face was one of extreme stoicism, he is the true definition of the strong silent type. If you did not know my father personally and judge him purely on just how he looks you would probably believe him to be an evil and unjust man. His beard was very coarse with random pieces sticking out from his jaw and running all the way toward his sideburn, gray and white hair would creep like a mouse out from his ear. When that long smile appeared ever so often It seemed full of malice mainly due to the reason from his cut lip he received during the war of 1812 by a bayonet.

My mouth started feeling very numb and my pillow began forming a small lake from the drooling coming out of my mouth. It seems as though my symptoms are gradually getting worse. A week ago I could at least move my limbs but now I am paralyzed and slowly perishing away.

My eyes focused on my father for they are the only part of me I could still control. I will never forget how his smile changed to laughter and the horrible words uttered out of his mouth.

“ You killed my favourite child, my angel maria and now you will burn in hell ”

I thought I was dreaming or having another nightmare until he got up from his chair and pulled from his pocket a needle that had the word Rabbies written on the capsule.

“ I am Lyssa Fitzgerald and my

evil father murdered me in an abandoned cabin and now I am with my sister Maria in hell ”


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Christopher Hodgson

Author/Philosopher: #history #politics #law #ethics Harvard Political Philosophy✒

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Comments (2)

  • Adam Stanbridge2 years ago

    Great story mate, not trying to be mean but it needs a proofread. "This is the most p ain I have ever been in." was one spot I noticed. Try the quick edit function. It worked wonders on one of my stories when I realised I'd made a mistake. Otherwise excellent and compelling story. Keep it up. 😊

Christopher HodgsonWritten by Christopher Hodgson

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