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Lupin season 1, episode 2 opens with Assane in a high-security prison. He is one of the prisoners, and his cellmate is introduced to him. After that, the episode shifts to two days earlier.

In a jewellery store, Assasin examines a necklace with a buddy. The Pellegrini family may have been lying and the necklace may have been in the safe the entire time, which might mean his father was imprisoned without cause, according to his friend, who believes the necklace has never been taken apart. There is a definite narrative progression for the character Assane, who is growing closer to the truth. The necklace was just the start. Never once was it about the money.

The police visiting in 1995

The cops then arrive at Assane's home in 1995, which is where Episode 2 is currently situated. The officer asks Assane about his age and general background. He requests to wait for his mother and says he's heading to social services. Assasin takes the book about Arsène Lupin's adventures and leaves the house while packing from the balcony. But, the cop runs into him at the bottom of the stairs. Episode 2 demonstrates how Assane's life came apart so suddenly after his father's arrest.

Juliette receives a message

Returning to the present, Juliette Pellegrini meets Anne, her mother. They discuss the jewellery and the fact that the cops have a tip. Concerned for her husband, Anne. "Luxembourg Gardens, 14:00 — no cops," is the word Juliette receives at the hotel's front desk as she departs. The package contains a diamond.

The message is from Assane, who meets her and hides her wire because the cops are following her. In spite of what Juliette claims, the necklace was not broken apart; it was all a publicity stunt. Assane is instructed to return the jewellery, and she promises to keep her knowledge of him a secret. Assane is curious to learn his father's innocence.

But, he runs out of time and must cycle away from the cops as they pursue him. This offers a Jason Bourne-style escape, where he easily confuses the authorities while posing as a bicycle delivering food.

Father’s letter

When Assasin returns home, he reads an old letter from his father, who was ashamed of the accusations made against him. Assane wonders if the letter's use of the word "comet" in the sentence is an error or if it was done on purpose. As Assasin shows his buddy the letter in the jewellery store, he brings up how his father made the errors "Comet" and "libraryes." tienne Comet, a man who worked at the library and was incarcerated with his father, was there. Assane is instructed by the jeweller to see Comet. The beginning of the chapter indicates that Assane must find a different approach to enter prison because he is aware that Comet doesn't receive visitors and is ill.

Entering prison

Upon visiting a prisoner, Assane offers to switch places with him; he will be set free, and Assane will be sent to jail. He even uses a ruse to remove the restraints off him. Assane is currently incarcerated.

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In response to a captain's inquiry about whether Juliette knew the jewellery thief, she threatens them with legal action if they don't comply and orders them to locate the necklace. The lieutenant is then attempting to piece together the timeline and connect it to the Lupin novels. His coworkers, however, make fun of him and suggest that he look into Harry Potter as well.

Assane is informed in prison that Comet is in the Infirmary, but he doesn't think he will return. Assane has stolen another prisoner's identity, and it has come back to haunt him. As he moves through the hallways, he is threatened by two men who want their drug back—1,000 euros' worth. Going to the hospital, Assasin asks the doctor whether he can stay the night. After some flirtation, the doctor advises him to exert more effort.

Assane tries harder, but the men who want the drugs back knife him after he provokes them. The doctor allows him to spend the night in the infirmary and advises him to make friends there. This character will go to whatever lengths to ensure his plan works.

The clues in the book

In a flashback, a secret donor offers Assane a private school so he can receive the best education. The young Assane reads the letter from his father but scrunches it up and throws it away. In prison, Assane visits Comet’s room and finds the book he was referring to. It’s a Lupin book. Assane reads through the book and reads the clues left for him: “I am innocent, trapped by Anne Pellegrini”. I’m not sure why his father had to put such a small message cryptically in a book, but the complexity matches the story’s theme.

Juliette asks the question

Juliette asks her father if Assane’s father really stole the necklace 25 years ago. He gets angry at the question and claims it was definitely stolen.

Leaving prison

In prison, Assane is in a dangerous position while out playing basketball. The same men are after him. In the infirmary, Assane revisits Comet. He thanks him for the book and kisses the doctor’s hand on the way out. In the middle of the night, the doctor finds Assane who looks to have hanged himself. He has to leave prison due to the emergency.

The escape

The story then shows what really happened as there is a narration about illusion. It starts with Assane kissing the doctor’s hand. He stole the basketball net, took some pills, and then hung himself. In the ambulance, he leaves the body bag and escapes. It’s never explained how both elements linked — we can only assume the pills temporarily stopped his heart.

Confronting Anne

Assane visits Anne Pellegrini, and she’s shocked. He accuses her of framing his father 25 years ago and wants answers. Anne admits that she made his father sign a confession.

Flashbacks show her telling the father to sign the confession for his son in order to get a reduced sentence. However, the judge was strict and showed no mercy. That’s what led to the suicide. Anne states she’s tried to help Assane from a distance with the donors and private schools. She felt responsible for the situation. Assane gets angrier as the conversation moves on. Anne gives him the police officer who vowed to help — Gabriel Dumont. This is the same officer that placed Assane into social services.

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The ending

A flashback shows Assane at this private school, and because of the color of his skin, everyone keeps looking at him. One student named Benjamin defends him — he’s the jeweler in the present day.

As the episode ends, Assane lives up to a promise made to Comet — to make his wife smile. Assane drops off the widowed wife a diamond. Assane then researches Gabriel Dumont, presumably triggering the premise for the next chapter.

Lupin season 1, episode 2 requires the viewer to suspend their disbelief, but its creativity, and continued vibe makes it an enjoyable watch.

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