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Years after suffering a horrible injustice, Assane decides to steal a diamond necklace in order to make right and pay off a debt. However, the heist takes an unforeseen turn.

Episode 1 starts with, Assane Diop is shown performing his janitorial duties at an art gallery in the first episode. He stares up at the Mona Lisa artwork as he sweeps. The Queen's Necklace is then admired by him. It will be put up for millions of euros at auction.

The next scene features Assane and Claire, his former partner. He expresses a desire to visit his son and promises that things will change. She agrees to let him visit his son. They have a friendly exchange going on. He slips the child support inside her jacket as she exits, and Claire turns around and beams.

At a residential complex, Assane runs into Vincent, who is angry because Assane without the money. Assane assures Vincent that by stealing the Queen's Necklace, he will make the most money ever as he threatens to throw him off the balcony. He begs for a team and then exhibits a blueprint of the museum with his ambitions. Assane moves his plans forward in Episode 1 by disclosing what he wants the audience to see.

Back in 1995, Assane is out for a stroll with his father as it is storming and pouring. A woman (Mrs. Pellegrini) who is trapped in a broken-down car is asked by the father whether she would like assistance, but she locks the door. She is reassured by Assane's father that he is her husband's new driver.

Assane finds it endearing that the woman describes his father as a gentleman.

The first episode then jumps back to the present, where Assane is prepared for the auction and ready to execute his intentions. The crew begins the heist as he takes a seat at the auction. The Queen's Necklace, which Louis XVI gave to Marie-Antoinette, is up for auction. The auctioneer describes how the jewellery belonged to the Pellegrini family. The necklace was put back together by Mr. Pellegrini after he located the broken stones all over the globe. The historical relic is accompanied by some nice fabricated history.

Juliette, Mr. Pellegrini's daughter, emerges to deliver the jewellery. In a flashback, she is shown smoking and tanning outside when she was younger. Young Assane enters the pool from outside. He is identified as the chauffeur's son when she introduces herself. In exchange for a "genuine kiss," Juliette questions if black people are unable to swim and requests that he demonstrate for her. Before kissing Juliette, Assane jumps into the sea and makes his best effort to swim. The episode's plot gets more obvious as it goes along.

By Alexander Kagan on Unsplash

Juliette discusses how the proceeds from the necklace will benefit the Pellegrini Foundation in the present. Using a false name, Assane begins bidding for the jewellery as someone who is ostensibly very wealthy.

In a flashback, Mrs. Pellegrini asks the father of Assane to choose a book for his kid, and the father chooses Arsène Lupin, Gentleman Burglar.

Assana keeps outbidding another affluent man in the present, while the heist squad keeps sneaking around. He subsequently offers a faster-moving bid of 60 million euros, and he successfully wins the necklace.

The necklace is presented to Assana. In a flashback, Mr. Pellegrini is heard accusing Assane's father of robbing him of the necklace. He involves the cops. As he becomes irate, he is taken into custody. Assana is presenting the necklace in the present when one of his theft team members attacks him. He has been deceived twice. The heist gang escapes in a Ferrari, but they wind up smashing through a glass roof in the process.

But in Lupin season 1, episode 1, nothing is as it seems; the story gives the viewer a false sense of security.

In the past, it is revealed that Assane's father committed suicide in jail. Assane sees his recently buried grave. Mrs. Pellegrini expresses her sympathy and inquires if there is anything she can do. She is told to go to hell by Assane.

The heist gang is detained in the present. Assana is questioned by a police captain, who is subsequently contacted by another inspector who informs him that the robbery crew has been apprehended and inquires about his knowledge of Arsène Lupin's experiences. He has a nagging thought in his head.

The episode airs two weeks earlier than usual. Assana learns about the Queen's Necklace from the news: it was stolen 25 years ago, but it has since turned up, and the Pellegrini family is auctioning it off. He then began to formulate his plans to steal the necklace in the style of Arsène Lupin. In a twist, Assana is seen obtaining a false Queen's Necklace. He dumped the actual necklace in the trash as the heist crew stole the fake.

Assana returns to the art gallery in the present to complete his housekeeping duties; he takes the necklace out of the trash. One of the detectives in the police department is still interested in Arsène Lupin and his exploits, so they discover that the necklace is phoney.

Assana visits his son as the show draws to a close. He presents the book Arsène Lupin, Gentleman Burglar, to his kid.

The first episode of Lupin season 1 is energetic and well-written, taking the audience on a rollercoaster of twists and turns and finishing on a strong note.

By Léonard Cotte on Unsplash

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