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Lucky Star - The Steampunk Star

Chapter 2: To Be Queen

By Katie ClementsPublished 10 months ago 23 min read

The first thing I heard was the sound of my own mother entering my room with a joyous voice but a respectable manner. Wishing was second behind her, here to help prepare me for my special day – to which I wish were not happening.

It has been fifteen years since the incident – I am now twenty-five years old and today, after studying for the past fifteen years, I am to become Queen of the Stars. It is a great honor that I have been dreading most of my life. However, I must honor my family. They are counting on me to lead the Stars in a new era.

“Smile, darling. A Queen-to-be must look poised and graceful.” my mother told me shortly before applying a light shade of red lipstick.

“Yes, Mother,” I replied, putting on a fake smile.

Wishing then came from behind and began brushing and styling my hair, carefully adding in tiny little gear barrettes to coordinate with my choice of lifestyle. You see – when a Star comes of age, they begin exploring for their passion (to which some would call a way of living). I found that steampunk was mine; I just love everything about it. The colors, the gears, the clothes – although, I’m not fond of corsets, and most importantly, the main feature in my opinion – the steampunk goggles. It's all so... inspiring!

“Now, when you accept your crown, be calm and gracious, and most of all, remember to smile.” my mother reminded me, placing a dab or two of powder on my pale skin.

“Did Father make sure that my crown was steampunk inspired? I shall not be happy if it does not look the way I want.” I inquired, sounding very bratty, I know – but it IS my day.

Mother giggled.

“Yes. He made extra sure to secure a steampunk inspired crown for you.” she answered, moving her eyes towards Wishing to see if she was finished with my hair.

My hair was now in a neat bun with curls. And it was perfect. Not too high where it sits on top of my head where it will interfere with the placing on the crown but not too low where it looks like it's hanging onto my head for dear life.

“There! You look beautiful, Princess. And may I say: I am honored to be your right-hand maiden today.” Wishing said, a few tears shedding from her eyes.

“Wishing, are you crying?” I asked, feeling a little touched.

“Yes... Forgive me. I just... can’t believe you’re going to be Queen in less than an hour. I remember teaching you for the first time, and now... you’re all grown up.” She then wiped her eyes and began pulling herself together. She then cleared her throat and added. “It just means a lot that you chose me to help today. I know you had someone else in mind, but I appreciate this, Lucky.”

“You’re welcome,” I turned away, trying not to shed a few tears myself.

She’s right. I do wish someone else was here helping me prepare for today. Don’t get me wrong, Wishing is a great friend, but she’s not Ursa. I truly miss her, and I wish she was here with me, but I know the awful truth – she's most likely lost her mind due to the intense insanity from being in the Star Pitts. Especially since she’s been down there since she was a child.

That will all change once I am Queen of the Stars, though. Ursa and whoever else is down there will be set free because I believe in a more humane way of punishment. Not throwing every Star into the Star Pitts because they do something that is considered criminal activity.

I just hope she doesn’t blame me.

After changing into my coronation outfit – this beautiful white ballgown with a tight corset bodice, shimmering cap sleeves and gorgeous white heels to match - I looked in the mirror and checked over my entire look. Normally, as I mentioned, I would dress more steampunk, but I wish to honor my mother with her coronation outfit that she wore when she became Queen. So, in a way, it's tradition for me.

“By the Star Gods... You look so beautiful! It's as if you were plucked from the Star Fields – all those gorgeous shimmering flowers themselves couldn’t compare to you right now, darling.” my mother cried, shedding tears of joy.

Shimmering flowers?

Much like the ones I passed with Ursa on that dreadful day. I mean, I love those flowers like anyone else, but they remind me of a painful time.

“Thank you, Mother.” I smiled, hiding my pain and burying deep within my heart. “Can I assume we are almost ready?” I looked at my mother who nodded her head gently.

“Almost, dear. Just one final touch.” My mother then turned her attention to Wishing. “Wishing, would you mind giving us a few moments alone. I wish to speak with my daughter before we begin the walk to the Main Hall.” she requested as Wishing abided instantly.

“Of course, Queen Bellatrix. I’ll go see if everything is ready for the walk.” Wishing, curtsied before spinning on her heel and hurrying towards the door.

Once she had gone out of the room, my mother asked that I stand so she could add one final touch. Watching her reach behind her neck, she unclasped her star necklace and removed it from her neck, giving it a fond look over.

“Mother... That’s your favorite necklace! I’ve never seen you without it around your neck.” I told her, surprised at what she was doing.

“I know,” she responded, shedding a few more happy tears. “My mother gave this to me the day I became Queen. Before that, her mother gave it to her, and so on. Now...” After a moment, she dangled it by the two ends of the chain and placed it carefully around my neck. Once it was clasped, she removed her hands and looked at it fondly once more. “It’s yours. That necklace has been in my family for generations; dating back all the way to the beginning of time. And one day, you’ll pass it on to your daughter – should you have one.”

Shedding tears, I reached out and hugged my mother, honored to receive such a wonderful gift – the best gift I've ever received in my life. I honor my father’s family constantly but never my mother’s - now, I can carry them with me wherever I go.

Looking into my vanity mirror, I made sure everything was perfect with my appearance one last time before I began my walk to the Main Hall. However, I couldn’t help but frown. Even though I have been given the greatest gift I could have ever received, I’m still a bit depressed on the inside.

“What is it, Lucky? What pains you, darling?” my mother asked, setting a gentle hand on my shoulder.

I wanted nothing more than to tell her the truth, but I fear she would only be angry with me.

“Nothing... I’m just... nervous,” I replied, not sounding very convincing of my supposed nerves.

“Lucky,” My mother then gave me this stern look through narrowed eyes, something I have been known to inherit from her. “I plucked you from the Star Fields and created you with my bare hands - I know when you’re lying to me. Now what’s the matter?”

I sighed.

“You could always tell, couldn’t you?”

She merely smiled.

“You may get your looks from me but make no mistake: you ARE your father’s daughter.” she giggled; her arms crossed as she patiently waited for me to tell her what’s upsetting me.

I had sunk back into my chair and lowered my head, the loneliness slowly creeping back.

“Mother... I’m just... Something’s missing here and I feel lost and upset.” I then raised my head and saw my mother’s calm smile.

“Something?” she paused for a moment, raising an eyebrow (what she usually does when she knows the truth). “Or someone?” was her response.

That’s when I completely caved in.

“I miss Ursa! She was my Sister Star, and she should be here today helping me get ready – not Wishing.” I claimed, feeling bad about my choice of words but it's honestly how I feel. “I mean – don't get me wrong, I love Wishing. She was a great teacher to me, and a loyal friend, but she’s not Ursa. And celebrating this day without my best friend feels... wrong!” I then buried my head in my hands, trying to calm myself down but I couldn’t seem to do it.

“Lucky...” my mother started, feeling her hands squeeze my upper arms. I then raised my head from my hands and saw that she was now kneeling in front of me with this concerned expression on her face. “I know how much you miss Ursa; I see it in your eyes. I’ve seen it for the last fifteen years.” She then put a palm on my left cheek, giving me such a warm smile. “I miss Ursa, too. She was such a wonderful Star and believe me. I had strong words for your father after what he had done.”

“I should be down there with her, not being crowned Queen.”

“Don’t say that! Nobody should be down there. Especially you.”

“It’s how I feel.”

“I know you do. But imagine this: how do you think Ursa and all those who are down there feel?” My mother then wiped my eyes and began fixing my makeup, making sure nothing looked out of place on my face. “Imagine how they must feel. Being trapped there for the rest of their lives. Not seeing their families or friends; never seeing the brightness of another Star again. It seems like torture to me.”

“It just isn’t fair! And every moment she is down there, I’ll always feel this way. All I want is for her to either be free or for me to suffer down there with her.” I told my mother, rising from my chair and walking to my room window that overlooked the courtyard; all the Stars were lined up outside to catch a glimpse of me becoming Queen. “And after I’m crowned Queen, she will be free.”

“Lucky?” I heard my mother say, sounding astonished – not angry or confused, but amazed.

I turned away from my room window so I could face her, ready to hear her judgement on the matter but she merely allowed me to say my peace.

“Don’t tell Father. He’ll surely cancel the Coronation and foil my plans to free Ursa.” I took a few steps with my hands together, pleading with her. “Please don’t tell, Mother. I can’t stand the thought of failing her again! Not again.”

My mother came towards me, silent as the deep, dark parts of space, putting her hands on mine, lowering them before she cupped my face. She then smiled.

“You really are a good Star, Lucky. And you know I support you in anything you do. Just,” She paused to remove her hand from my face. “Sometimes it’s the Stars closest to you that end up being your biggest enemies. Remember that.”

Before I could respond, there was a knock at the door, forcing me to turn my attention to the door. After a second knock at the door, it was my mother who opened it to reveal one of the castle guards.

“Your Highness; Princess – I apologize for interrupting, but it's time for the Coronation to begin. The King has requested that we begin immediately.” the Guard said, standing with great posture and with a strict voice.

“Of course! We’ll be right there.” my mother told him, turning to me as she offered me a hand. “Ready to become Queen of the Stars?” she asked, smiling proudly.

I nodded my head and accepted her hand.

“Yes, Mother,”

“Then, shall we?”

“We shall.”

The Guard then called out, “Make way! Make way! The Queen and Princess are coming through!”

We then exited the room – my last time doing so as the Princess of the Stars – and began our walk down the hall and towards the Main Hall. Once we made it outside the large golden double doors that lead into the Main Hall, I stopped for a moment and listened to the wonderful Orchestra that was playing on the other side of the doors. I also must admit that I was now extremely nervous to walk down the aisle towards my father, who I’m sure is ready to hand me the throne.

“Good luck and remember – smile!” my mother reminded me before the giant double doors opened just wide enough to allow her through.

After the doors closed again, I stood there alone, listening to my mother’s introduction, I couldn’t help but really feel the fire inside me build. I felt like I was about to explode with nerves, but I had no time to panic – I was on in merely a few moments or less. Closing my eyes, I took a few deep breaths, allowing the cosmic energy into my body so it could calm me down, I heard the music begin to play again.

Waiting for the doors to open, I couldn’t help but hear this strange noise coming from behind me. I turned my body to look behind me but found nothing or no one there – and what’s more is that I can still hear it. And it kept getting louder and louder.

I was about to check it out when the giant double doors began to open, the music poured into the room, causing me to turn my attention back to the matter at hand. Pushing the strange noise out of my mind, I turned back towards the door, stood tall, and prepared myself to walk down the long aisle. But most importantly, before I stepped one foot in the Main Hall, I put on the most graceful smile I could muster.

“Introducing for the last time: Princess Lucky!” the announcer greeted, a roar of claps and cheers surrounding me as I continued to make my way towards my parents who stood in front of their respective chairs on the beautifully decorated stage. Seeing the proud looks on their faces, I couldn’t help but smile even brighter.

After the longest walk I took (not even joking about that), I finally stood in front of the stage, curtsied with grace in front of my parents, my head facing the stone floor that had a red carpet covering the main aisle. When I stood perfectly straight once more, I saw my parents offer me a hand – a signal that offered me to join them on-stage. As I stepped on stage with them, I stood in front of my father who began reciting the traditional coronation speech.

“Today, we all gather here to witness the beginning of a new era! One in which shall usher in peace, grace and fairness.” my father began, hearing a few whispers in the background that sounded like cheer. “Lucky Star, my dearest daughter, are you prepared to take on the responsibilities of being Queen of the Stars; lead them into the new horizon; spread equality and kindness among every Star possible – both new and old?” he inquired with a loud but serious voice.

“Yes, your Majesty!” was my answer.

“Are you prepared to duel out punishment that see fit to any Star that breaks the law?”

“Yes, your Majesty!” I repeated.

“Can you ensure every Star’s – young and old alike – safety should the Stars ever go to war under your rule?”

“Yes, your Majesty!”

He smiled proudly.

“Then I wish to bestow something upon you that was given to me on my Coronation Day.” my father said, his right-hand handing him this beautiful stone box that had the family crest on it. He then held it in front of me as he lifted the lid to reveal this... tiny stick thing. Honestly, to me, it looked like a tube of lipstick. “This was my father’s - your grandfather’s - ultimate weapon. It provided him with strength and power to help him in battle. Now, it belongs to you. May Luminous and the Star Gods watch over you.”

Picking up the tiny stick, I looked over it with pride (it was my grandfather’s, after all) and excitement. A second later, I felt this strange feeling bubble up inside me. It felt as if something woke up inside me – that kind of feeling. And it only got stronger with each passing moment. Safely tucking it in my sleeve (I had nowhere else at the moment to put it), I smiled and allowed my father to continue.

“It is now time to crown the new Queen of the Stars!” my father announced, a stool immediately being placed before him by the same right-hand that gave him the box. I was then escorted to sit down, growing more and more nervous as I am mere seconds away from becoming Queen. While hovering this steampunk inspired crown over my head, my father said, “Lucky Star; as of this moment, you are no longer the Princess of the Stars. Once this crown is perched on top of your head, you will be Queen.”

Looking out at all my fellow Stars, some growing antsy and excited while others were holding onto to these sparkling blasters which will go off once the crown is on my head. I couldn’t help but frown for a slight moment, wishing Ursa to be here with me.

“My fellow Stars, may I introduce to you Queen –” was all my father got to say before this loud bang interrupted him.

Everyone fell silent as they looked at the giant double doors. I then looked at my parents, hoping for an explanation but they had none to give. They were just as puzzled as I was.

“Anyway... as I was saying,” my father continued. “May I introduce to you your new –”

My father was cut off again by another loud bang, only this time it was louder. And then another one went off, followed by another and they just kept getting louder and louder.

“Guards! What is going on? Cease that noise at once!” my father ordered, the Guards immediately rushed towards the doors.

Before they could even open them, the doors blew open, sending them flying as I stood up only to be pulled back by my parents for safety. While smoke began filling the room, a silhouette could be seen in the doorway, causing me to squint my eyes to try and make out who that could possibly be.

“What’s going on?” and “Who is that?” was all I could hear from the Stars who didn’t get blown away by the blast.

Once the smoke cleared, I was able to make out parts of the silhouette, but it was still kind of hard to see who it was. I could see this wild and untamed hair, this shaggy, ripped up dress, but most importantly, I could see no shoes on the silhouette’s feet.

“Who are you?” I called out, demanding to know, ready to prove myself to my parents and my people.

The silhouette then looked at me, at least I think it was, before this loud maniacal laugh burst out of its mouth.

“Lucky... I’m surprised... You don’t remember me?” the silhouette replied, sounding very sarcastic and crazy, but most of all, familiar. “Surely you remember all the trouble we got into as children...” My eyes then grew wide as the silhouette stepped out of the shadows and into the light. “Sister!” she added with this dead look on her face.

“Ursa?” I asked, looking on at her with disbelief. Stepping off the stage, I could hear my parents call me back, but I was very shocked to hear them. “Is it... really you?” I asked, looking her up and down.

“What? Don’t recognize me? Well, can’t say I blame you. I wouldn’t recognize you either if you spent FIFTEEN YEARS locked away in some torture chamber.” Ursa replied, growing a little hostile towards the end.

“Ursa, what happened to you? What did they do to you?”

“Oh, you know – probing, shocking, torture – the whole nine yards...” she then paused, thinking about something before snapping her fingers. “Oh! That’s right. You were spared all that,” Ursa then shifted her cold eyes to my father. “Because Daddy didn’t want his little princess rotting in a Hellhole with a Star like me!”

“Ursa, please!” I begged, not wanting any violence to break out. She then looked at me with the same cold eyes she gave my father. “I didn’t... I wish I could’ve...” I started but she quickly stopped me.

“What, Lucky? You wish you could’ve saved me? Spared me that life down there?” she mockingly asked, making me feel guilty all over again.

“I had no control over what happened back then. I tried to reason to stop them from taking you! Don’t you remember that? I cried for weeks – at every major event in my life. Don’t think for one moment I didn’t blame myself. I wished I was down there with you for what happened.” I told her, trying to reason with her. “I was going to set you free once I became Queen. That would have been my first order.”

“WHAT?!” I heard my father shout, my eyes closing as I began berating myself in my head. “You were going to set this criminal free?”

I turned to face my father with a serious look. “Yes, father! Ursa is my Sister Star – and it was MY fault that day too! I went to –”

“Enough! I will not stand for this! Guards! Escort that criminal back to the Star Pitts at once!” my father ordered, growing more and more angry.

“I don’t think so, your Highness!” Ursa retorted, punching a few guards and knocking them out. She then stared up at my father, intent on dueling with him, but I got in between them. “Move, Lucky! Or I’ll hurt you too!” she claimed, but I wasn’t budging.

“You have every right to be upset, Ursa. But I will not let you hurt my father.” I told her, giving her a stern look as she sneered.

“Then you are my enemy!”

She then threw a fist at me as we began fighting. I managed to block it and fend her off, but I must admit, she was always a bit stronger than I was. After successfully grabbing her wrists, I tried pushing her back, but she only managed to push me back towards the stage. Feeling my heels scrape against the floor, I began struggling a little until I happened to glance at my grandfather’s tiny stick thing that was tucked in my sleeve.

Looking at it for a split second, I decided to take a chance and use it, and after using a single arm to fend off Ursa, I was able to remove it from my sleeve.

“Okay, I don’t know what you do but now would be a great time to activate or trigger or whatever it is you do!” I said to it, praying to the Star Gods that it would do something.

That feeling returned and without second guessing, the tiny stick grew into a full-sized kendo-stick that knocked Ursa back. “Whoa!” was my response to it. Looking at it with amazement, I couldn’t help but notice something on my hand that wasn’t there before – a long brown, leather fingerless glove now rested on it. And on the other hand, was the twin of this glove. In fact, I was now sporting a whole new outfit entirely.

Instead of the white shimmering dress and matching heels, I was now wearing these black cargo pants, this dark brown tank-top that was mostly covered by strapped corset, a belt that had pouches and gears attached to it, and these brown boots that look cool. My hair was now in a high ponytail with a pair of copper goggles on top of my head. But the one thing that stood out most to me was this golden aura that circled my hands.

Ursa couldn’t believe my transformation after she got back to her feet. “You have the power of Luminous...” she uttered, clearly in shock as she favored a spot on her ribcage. “But it won’t be enough to save you!” she claimed, hobbling towards me.

“Ursa, stop! I don’t want to do this!” I ordered her, watching her stop in her tracks. “Please... you’re my sister...”

Ursa sneered at me.

“And you let me go...” was her response before lunging at me.

My father then intervened and began dueling with Ursa, skillfully fighting back against her but when I tried to help, he merely pushed me back.

“No, Lucky! You’re not ready to wield your new powers just yet! You need training.” he told me as he continued fighting with Ursa.

“But Father!”

“I said no, Lucky!”

Who said I was going to use my powers? I was only going to help fight back with my combat training. Ignoring his words, I picked up one of the gears on my belt and saw that it was like a shuriken (one of those razor stars that ninjas throw in battle) and decided to throw one. It went flying all over the place before finally coming back to me.

“Lucky!” my father yelled after pushing Ursa back. “Put that thing away before you kill someone!”

“I didn’t mean for that to happen! I just want to help!” I responded, clipping the gear back to my belt.

“Then stay out of the way or help your mother!” my father said, continuing his battle with Ursa.

Looking over at my mother, who was ushering the last of the Stars out of the Main Hall, I hurried over towards her and was intent on protecting her but then this strange noise came from out of nowhere. Another familiar noise... One I heard fifteen years ago.

I then heard Ursa laugh maniacally again.

I then turned to Ursa with great fear, my eyes widened and my heart racing as the beeping kept getting louder and faster.

“What have you, Ursa?” I asked, terrified.

“What my Master sent me to do.”


“Yep. I only needed to distract you long enough.”

A portal then opened behind her that sucked her in, and while helping my parents try to escape the room, I felt this rumbling coming from underneath the ground, followed by an explosion that went off right in front of us. It flung me back as I screamed for my parents, who disappeared in the explosion.

“NO!!!” I screamed, sobbing instantly.

Screaming again, I heard another explosion that went off a few feet away, causing me to get up and run for my life.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – how can I get up after being flung back by an explosion? Well, it’s because my parents took the full force of the blast while I was right behind them; so, in a way, they shielded me.

Seeing the portal Ursa went through, I looked back and saw the rumble where my parents stood only a moment ago, shed a tear or two before running towards the portal. I saw that it was beginning to close, so I kicked it into high gear and raced for it, dodging every blast and explosion I could possibly avoid. And just as the portal closed, I managed to jump through it and be safely on the other side.

Wondering where I was, I pushed that to the side as I looked up at sky, seeing all the Stars burn out. And when a Star burns out, it means they’re gone. Crying my eyes out, I watched as this giant explosion swept the dark sky and sent this giant wave that knocked me down into the ground. And honestly, that’s the last thing I remember before passing out.

Young Adult

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Katie Clements

I'm just a woman with hopes of bringing my stories into the world! I love comic books and superheroes and that's what my main form of writing is about. I hope you enjoy! Thanks for stopping by!

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