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Love Despite Reality

by Veronica Pollard 4 days ago in Series

Chapter 4


At the stadium they head to will call.

"I wonder if Brian's girlfriend has arrived." Larissa says

"I don't know we'll see. Would you like a drink or snack before we go to our seats" West asks

Larissa replies "My treat?"

West stops and looks at her. Then she stops and looks back at him and he says


"Awesome!" she replies "No, not yet, but don't change your mind."

"Ok" he says reaching for her hand

They arrive at their seats and find a young lady with long curly hair sitting there. West says


The young lady slowly turns and looks in their direction and smiles then says

"Yes, and you must be James."

"Yes, and this is my girlfriend Larissa" he says shaking her hand

"Very nice to meet you both I've heard so much about you." she states

Glancing at West, Larissa says

"Don't believe any of it!"

As they take their seats West's phone rings. Standing up he says

"Excuse me ladies"

While West takes his call, Larissa sparks up a conversation with Megan

"So how long have you and Brian been dating?" she asks

"A little over two years." she replies

"How about you and West?" Megan asks

"A few months." she replies

"Only a few months?" she states

"The way Brian talked about you two I thought it was since middle or at least high school."

"We were best friends in middle school and dated in high school but hadn't seen each other since we graduated. We just reconnected a few months ago" Larissa explains

"Wow, that's great! Brian and I started dating our junior year in college." she replies

"Have you met Mr. and Mrs. West?" Larissa asks

"No, I've seen them in pictures and from a distance, but never met them." she answers

"Are you excited?" Larissa asks with a silly smirk

"Yes and No! Nervous and mad that Brian won't be here with me." Megan replies

"I can only imagine." she states

"Any pointers?" Meghan asks

"No, not at all, just be yourself and you'll be fine." Larissa states as West returns

"I'm sorry" West says

"Your fine. Is everything ok?" Larissa asks

"Yes, my parents should be here in a few minutes" West states

"Just a heads-up Megan, Brian didn't tell my parents you would be here. I did tell my dad though. But I don't believe he told my mom." West states

Megan glares at West for a moment and says

"That's just perfect!"

"Don't worry, I'll introduce you" he says

"Thank you" Megan replies

"Trust me I know exactly how you feel. Been there, done that." Larissa says reliving the house viewing fiasco with Rita.

Joe and Rita arrive moments later, and West introduces everyone

"Megan this is Joe and Rita West. Mom, Dad, this is Megan Welsh, Brian's girlfriend."

"Brian's girlfriend! What a surprise." Rita says with a sarcastic look on her face

"Very nice to meet you Megan." Mr. West states

At the two-minute warning the teams huddle up and all of the Pittsburgh fans have begun to leave. Detroit is winning 27–13 and Brian just caught a touchdown. He has had had a record-breaking game 11 receptions for 143 yards.

"After the game we are flying to Detroit, when are you leaving?" Larissa asks Megan

"I'm leaving after the game, my flight leaves at 7:30pm" she replies

"I think that's the same time as ours. We must be on the same flight." she states

"Are you going to see Brian after the game?" Larissa asks

"I was supposed to but, I think I'm going straight to the airport." she replies

After exchanging numbers with Megan, Larissa and West head back to their hotel.

Choosing to grab something to eat at the hotel they grab a quick bite. After they head upstairs and pack.

"I hope your mom didn't see my vitamins." Larissa states

Glancing at her West says


"Yes really." she replies

"Would you stop overthinking everything" he says as he walks over and wraps her in his arms. Leaning in he gently kisses her. After a moment he says

"I just want you to take it easy and try to relax."

"Yes sir!" she replies giving him a long passionate kiss. Remembering they have a flight to catch West says

"Rain check! We will miss out flight if we continue."

Kissing him gently she whispers, "I love you!"

"I love you more! Now, let's go!" he says with that provocative smirk that makes her melt

A few minutes before 9pm they land in Detroit, it's a beautiful chilly November night.

"It's been a long day, I'm exhausted" Larissa says after they've gotten in the car

"MGM Grand Detroit, please!" West tells the driver

"I'm sorry it's been such a long day." West says

Larissa lays her head on his shoulder and they ride in silence. With all the traffic it takes thirty minutes to get to the hotel. They get checked in and head up to their room.

Opening the door West allows Larissa to walk in first anxious to see her reaction.

"Oh my gosh! This is amazing babe!" Larissa says as they walk into the suite. There are white rose petals and candles all over the room. Chilled sparkling grape juice with fruit and chocolates.

"This is gorgeous West! Thank you!" she states in shock

"I wish you weren't so tired. I had a romantic night planned. But we can postpone it, if you like." West responds

"No, I want to do whatever it is you had planned! Please!"

"I know it's been a long day and you haven't been feeling your best, so I don't want..." Larissa stops him with a deep passionate kiss that quickly turns lustful

"I have a couple's massage and room service planned. Nothing much, are you up for it?" West asks

"After you fulfill your rain check! We can do whatever you want!" she says taking his hand leading him to the bed

"Shower!?" Larissa asks

"Shower sounds great" he replies

Larissa goes in to start the shower and West makes a call to what sounds like the front desk.

"We have 45 minutes until the therapists gets here!" he states after he hangs up the phone

Walking over to him she pulls his shirt over his head and begins to kiss his chest and says

"I'm pretty sure we can work with that!"

Grabbing another quick shower West says

"Tonight, was supposed to be a celebration, but you never gave me an answer."

"Celebration!? Answer to what?" Larissa asks not sure what he's referring to

"You being back in my life!" he replies after a minute

Just as they get out of the shower there is a knock on the door.

"Dry off and put on a robe" he says as he heads to the door

After a minute or two he's back

"They're setting up, it shouldn't take but five minutes" he states

"How are you feeling?" West asks

"I'm good." Larissa replies

An hour later Larissa is fast asleep on the massage table. She wakes up as West picks her up and takes her to the bed.

The next morning, they wake to West's phone ringing. Slowly rolling over he says

"This is West!" answering the phone

"Yes, she can."

"No, that's fine. I'm glad you called."

"Make sure you let me know when the delivery comes today and make the arrangements to have it assembled. Keep me posted."

"Thank you!" he says as he hangs up

"Good morning handsome!" Larissa says softly after he hangs up the phone

"Good morning beautiful!" West replies kissing her forehead

As they lay in bed West's phone rings again. Larissa looks at West and asks

"Is everything ok?"

"It's just Brian! I'll be right back" he smiles and walks back into the bathroom. West comes back out and lays down on the bed next to Larissa with his call on speaker

"So, you met Megan?" Brian asks

"Yes, we did, I'm sure she told you"

"She did, she also told me that she met the newest Mrs. West!" he replies

"Brian you're on speaker, stop!" West shares

"Hey Larissa!" Brian replies

"Hi Brian. Good morning." she replies

"I still can't believe it's really you!" Brian says

"What are you guys doing for breakfast?" he asks

"We are about to order room service, why are you inviting us over for breakfast?" West asks sarcastically

"Sure, I would love that! If you guys want to come over." he replies

West glances at Larissa, she nods and whispers

"If you want to."

"Larissa, I know you want to come have breakfast and catch up with your little brother?" Brian asks

Larissa says

"Sure, what time?" West glares at her

"Umm..., about an hour. I'll get started now." he answers

"How nice, we'll be there!"

"Ok, see you in a few." Brian says, and West hangs up

"Really Babe?" West says after he hangs up

"Yeah, I'm sure this is going to be fun!" she says a little too excited

"You should rest!" West says

"I'm fine, let's get dressed and go eat breakfast with my favorite little brother." she responds

It takes less than 15 minutes to get to Brian's house. Pulling up Larissa says

"Now this is a really nice house!"

"Let's just hope he keeps it!" West says under his breath

"Really" Larissa says glancing at him as he rings the doorbell

"Always assuming the worst!" she whispers as Brian opens the door with a huge smile and says

"Riss!" quickly embracing her then releasing her he says

"Maaaaan! You look amazing!"

"Brian stop!" West snarls at him

"West, bro!" he says

"Hi Megan!" Larissa says glancing past Brian

"Oh, I'm sorry. Come in make yourselves at home, breakfast will be ready in a few minutes." Brian says inviting them in.

West pulls Brian to the side and whispers

"Do not embarrass me!"

"Of course not" he replies

"I am so happy for you, bro!" he states

They walk into the kitchen and Larissa has begun helping Megan.

"Ladies we will be back in five minutes" Brian says

West looks at Larissa and says

"I'll be right back" as they disappear around a corner

West and Brian walk into his man cave and Brian says

"Ok, now tell me! How this came to be?"

Sitting down West says

"Why are you so..."

"Just tell me" Brian says again

"First of all, calm down. She just happened to come stay at the resort a few months ago." he states

"What do you mean just happened to come?" Brian responds

"I don't know, I was finishing up one night and just as I was heading upstairs, I spotted her across the lobby. We ended up having dinner that night and ever since then it's been like old times. Well, actually better than old times!" he smiles

"I bet! I know you tearing..." Brian begins

"B! Really!"

"Anyway, she lives in Jacksonville but has spent the last few weeks with me at the resort." West says remembering when he saw her for the first time again that night in the lobby.

"What! That is incredible! How many times have you dreamed about that." Brian asks astonished

"Too many to count!" West replies

"I am so happy for you!"

"Thank you! Now stop calling her Larissa West! She keeps wanting me to tell her where that came from"

West stands up and Brian says

"I'll try, I still can't believe she's really here. And Bro, she is sexy as hell! I thought she was fine in high school but man!"

"I know B, trust me! I know, now stop it!" West says

Finally, they rejoin the ladies in the kitchen.

"So, how's it going?" Brian asks

"Well, what happened to you. I thought you were cooking breakfast for us?" Larissa asks sarcastically

"I am, I am. I'll take it from here!" Brian says

They look at each other and Megan says

"Everything is ready!"

"Great! Let's eat." he chuckles

They all laugh, and Megan says

"You can set the table"

Over breakfast Larissa says

"Congrats on getting into the league Brian, I know this is a dream come true!"

"Oh yeah! Thank you. It's nothing like college or high school. But, I wouldn't trade it to do anything else!" he replies

"Now, for some reason West won't tell me the story about when I became Larissa West. But I know you will!"

Brian looks at West and says

"Umm, I think I'd better let West tell you that one"

West says, "There isn't anything to tell."

Changing the subject West says

"Great game yesterday, Brian!"

"Oh yeah, big win! We were out all-night celebrating." he replies

"Excuse me" Megan says abruptly getting up from the table

Larissa looks at West as Brian gets up and follows behind her.

"So, I just can't get the story ha?" Larissa says

"Some stories are better left untold!" he replies

"I'll get it one day" she responds

"Are you enjoying your breakfast?" West asks

"You are so trying to change the subject. But, yes I am" she states leaning over giving him a loving kiss

Megan and Brian walk back into the room

"Aww, look at that! I told you babe, these two are the cutest couple on the planet." Brian says bringing them back to reality

"What do you have planned for today? And why didn't you invite mom and dad over for breakfast?" West asks

"I just wanted to see my sister!" Brian replies

"Any plans before dinner tonight?" West asks

"Not really, just dinner tonight at Iridescence." he replies

"Really, that's a five-star restaurant. What's the occasion?" West asks

Glaring at West Brian replies

"Just dinner with the family! I wanted to introduce mom and dad to Meghan."

"You kind of missed that!" Meghan mumbles under her breath

West's phone rings interrupting his interrogation.

"Excuse me" he says answering the phone. Not leaving the table he glares at Brian and says

"Hey Dad! You guys up?"

Brian Glares back at him and says

"No, stop!"

"Have you heard from Brian yet?" he says with a silly grin

"What do you have planned today?" he asks

"I'm not sure, I'll call Brian and get him to meet us at the hotel."

"We can all meet there at one o'clock." he says hanging up the phone

"Why West, you play too much. Where are you guys meeting at one?" he asks

"We are meeting at the casino in our hotel."

"Your parents love the casino, don't they?" Larissa states

"So, Megan, why don't you show Larissa the rest of the house!" Brian asks

"Sure, Larissa, looks like they want to get rid of us!" she says as they head upstairs

The ladies leave and the guy's head back to Brian's man cave. After closing the door, Brian opens up a drawer and pulls out a gray ring box.

"Really!" West says as Brian opens the box and says

"Yeah, really! Bro, she's my Mrs. West!

"Congratulations man!" West says hugging his brother

"West, I'm nervous. I don't know what I'll do if she says no!" Brian confesses

"Don't worry, she's crazy about you." West says trying to ease his brother's nerves

"I don't know. She is still pissed about having to meet mom and dad without me. Then she always gets so mad when I go out celebrating with the guys after the game. She's not use to all this football stuff. She's a book worm. I told you she's an architect like dad, beyond smart, man. But all this publicity and living in the spotlight, she is not into it!" Brian states

"Bro, if you really want to settle down, you gotta let a lot of stuff go. And if she really loves you, she will say yes. You just gotta ask her." West tries to encourage him

"Is that what you're doing at dinner tonight?" West asks

"No, I'm doing it after dinner when we get back home. I couldn't ask her before I introduced her to mom and dad." Brian says, hearing Megan and Larissa coming back down the stairs he quickly puts the box away and West winks and says

"You got this!"

When they walk in Larissa walks up to West and kisses his cheek and says

"Brian you have a beautiful home! When are you going to talk your brother into getting another place!" she giggles

"I'm sure he will, now that your back!" Brian replies all to sweetly

Looking at Larissa West says

"I guess we'll get going and meet you guys later."

"No, make yourselves at home and let us get dressed and we can ride over together" Brian says

"Are you sure, I wouldn't want anyone to know we were here!" West replies

"Don't worry I won't be in hot water by myself" Brian says as they leave the room

Taking Larissa's hand West pulls her into his arms and kisses her lustful. Remembering that they aren't alone Larissa pulls away and says

"Well, well, well! I see why you were ready to leave!" she says

West, not saying a word pulls her back into his arms and continues. Igniting every inch of her body she attempts to pull away but becomes paralyzed, completely subdued she begins to reciprocate. Luckily, they are halted by West's phone ringing. Reaching in his pocket then glancing at his phone he takes her hand and wraps it behind his neck and when they kiss, his phone starts ringing again.

"This is west" he says

"I'm out of the office right now." he tells the person on the other end

"Just handle it until I get back or reschedule it!" he snaps

"Wednesday! I don't care how much. I'll take care of it." he states hanging up the phone

Larissa walks towards the living room and Brian comes out and asks

"You guys ready?"

"Yeah" West replies glancing at Larissa

"This is like high school all over again!" Brian says softening the mood

"Just come on" West says changing the subject

"I'll be right out, get in the car" he replies showing them to the garage and opening the door

On the ride to the hotel Brian shows them the practice field and the space Meghan wants to get for her office. West also tells Brian about all the chaos at the resort and that he has an expansion planned that he hopes to complete in the next two years, with Larissa's help. Then after teasing him that he never comes home anymore, Brian promises to come visit for a few weeks this upcoming off season after their big Superbowl win. Arriving at the hotel West tells Brian

"Drop us off here, we have to run up to the room and we'll meet you guys in the lobby in ten minutes"

In the elevator Larissa asks

"What do you need to go upstairs for?"

Smiling he says

"Maybe I want to redeem a rain check!"

"We don't have time for that West" she says sweetly

"I know, you can't blame a man for trying. I need to get the money you gave me for the casino. We didn't get to use it remember."

"Oh yeah. Thanks" she says leaning over giving him an all too brief kiss

In the room West asks

"How are you feeling?"

"I'm good, thanks" she replies

Larissa remembers her vitamin and grabs a bottle of water from the mini fridge. West quickly checks his emails and less than five minutes later they are back on the elevator

In the lobby they see Brian, Megan, Joe and Rita all chatting near some lounge chairs

As they walk up Brian says

"That was quick!"

"Don't start Brian!" West warns, as his mom stands and gives him a hug

"Don't mind your brother" she says

After everyone has become reacquainted with one another they head to the casino. The guys decide to play some card games, after a few hands they break into couples and play slots. Two hours later West sees Brian and Megan and lets them know that they're leaving and will see them later tonight for dinner. Not able to find his mom and dad, he tells Brian to let them know he's leaving.

Back in their suite West gets right on is laptop and checks his emails. Larissa heads straight for the shower and is out in record speed.

"That was quick, too quick. I was going to join you" West says a little disappointed

Larissa says

"I'm sorry, I'm tired" pulling back the cover and getting in bed.

"It's ok, get some rest!" West replies heading into the bathroom

Glancing at her phone she sees that it's 3:35, so she sets her alarm for 6:30 and rolls over. West comes out of the bathroom in just his towel and climbs into bed with her. Seeing she's already asleep he gently wraps his arm around her and places his hand on her belly.

I can't believe she's really here and we are about to have a baby, he thinks to himself.

Waking up to the sound of Larissa's alarm, West quickly turns it off and watches as she sleeps so peacefully.

"Riss" he says softly

"Babe, it's time to wake up" he adds sweetly

She wakes up but only slightly opens her eyes. West slowly pulls back the cover and pulls up what seems to be his shirt, exposing her slight baby bump. Gently kissing her belly, he looks up at her and says

"I love you!"

"I love you too!" she replies

"I still can't believe this is happening" she continues

West sits up slightly and says

"What's happening?"

"We've been back together for what three months and we're having a baby! This is insane!" she says closing her eyes as if she's in pain

"I don't want to tell your parents!" she confesses

"What do you mean, eventually they will be able to tell" West says unsure where she's going with this

"This is a dream come true, believe me. But your mom is going to have a coronary! If she doesn't kill me first!" she states

"Stop stressing!" he says with a serious look

"Let me worry about my parents!"

"West......" Larissa begins but loses her thought

"Babe, let's get dressed. We have about an hour until dinner." he says sweetly changing the subject

"Did you rest well?" he asks

"Yes, I did!" Larissa replies

"We are going to need a vacation after this trip" West says

Getting up from the bed they begin getting dressed. West in his charcoal suit with dark purple shirt and Larissa in her matching purple dress with charcoal shoes and clutch purse

"You look amazing West! Kinda wish we didn't have this dinner to go to" Larissa teases

"You look quite edible yourself! You keep talking like that and we might just miss family dinner!" he replies with that seductively sexy smile that makes her melt. Walking over he tries to kiss her, and she puts her hand up

"If you kiss me, we're not going to make it to dinner!" she whispers as she kisses him softly on the cheek. West closes his eyes, turns and heads for the door. Larissa grabs her purse from the bed and follows

As they wait for the elevator West says

"Oh, you're bringing a purse tonight?"

"It matches my shoes" she replies

West leans over and whispers

"I want you! Now!" he says as he gently kisses the corner of her mouth

"I promise I'm all yours after dinner!" she replies

"We are leaving early." West states as the elevator door opens

"Ok" Larissa replies

"Have you called your friend Pam?" he asks attempting to distract his self

"No, I need to call her"

In the lobby Larissa calls Pam and doesn't get an answer so she sends her a quick text. Moments later Mrs. and Mr. West join them, and they head to the car that West has ordered

"You two look amazing Mr. West says on the ride to the restaurant. Eight minutes later they arrive outside Iridescence and West's phone rings

"This is West!" he answers

"We just pulled up" he says hanging up the phone

As they get out Brian and Megan walk up, and Brian says

"You guys look amazing! It's like prom all over again"

"Brian!" West says

"Thank you!" Larissa replies

"You don't look half bad yourself." she adds

"Why thank you, we aim to please!" Brian says full of himself

"Our table is ready!" he says leading the way

As they sit down at the table Mr. West says this place is fancy. This couldn't have been your idea Brian"

"In fact, it was!" West states before he can reply

"What's the special occasion honey?" Rita asks

"Just wanted to have a nice family dinner" he replies

"It's been so long since we were all together" he adds

"Well, you being a big super star kind of keeps you busy!" West teases

"You've been kinda busy yourself Mr. CEO!" he says gesturing towards Larissa

"So how long have you two been dating?" Mrs. West asks.

"Almost two years" Brian replies

"Two years, Brian!" she replies

"And you never found time to bring her home to visit" she continues as the server comes to take their drink orders. Everyone at the table orders wine, so to avoid the Rita inquisition Larissa follows suit. When he returns West leans over and whispers

"I hope you're not planning on drinking that!" with a raised eyebrow

"Of course not!" she states under her breath

When the dinner arrives all the smells at the table start to make Larissa's stomach turn. Smoked salmon, lobster tail, sushi, rack of lamb and steaks. Fighting to hold it together she just tries not to breathe much.

"Dinner was amazing!" Rita says as the server takes their dessert orders

"You ok honey you barely touched your dinner?" West asks

"Yes, I'm fine."

"Excuse me, I'll be right back" Larissa says as she gets up and heads to the restroom. After a few minutes she returns, and Brian appears to be looking around for the server. Once he gets his attention, he says

"May we get the check please!"

The young man turns to go get the check then Joe, West and Brian argue over who's going to pay it, of course West refuses to take no for an answer. Soon the server returns with a paid receipt and states

"Your check has already been paid Sir!" The three of them look at each other and then back at him and Brian asks

"By who?"

"I'm not sure Sir, they paid cash" he replies

West instantly stills, closes his eyes then gently places his hand on Larissa's thigh. Scowling at her briefly then suppresses his anger, not giving anything away.

"It was probably a fan!" Brian says sarcastically

"I seriously doubt it!" Megan says causing everyone to laugh, everyone except for West

"So West when are you and Larissa leaving?" Brian asks

"In the morning" he answers as calm as he can

"We have an early flight so we're going to call it a night" West continues

"It's just after nine West" Rita says

"I know Ma, but it's been a long weekend. We can have lunch or dinner later this week." he says standing up. Pulling out Larissa's chair he continues

"Megan it's been a pleasure meeting you and we look forward to you coming to visit." he says looking at Brian

Once there out of the restaurant West pulls Larissa to the side, looks at her for a moment, takes a deep breath and through gritted teeth says

"It matches your shoes ha?"

Larissa remains silent still trying to gauge his frustration. Not wanting to escalate the situation

"Give me your purse!" he says calmly reaching out his hand

Avoiding eye contact with him she stares over his shoulder and sees a white Bentley limo pull up to the curb.

"Is that our limo?" she asks

"Larissa, give me your purse!" he says again as if she didn't hear him the first time

"Now Larissa!" he snaps

"No! Why?" she replies finally

Not hiding his contempt, he snatches the purse and opens it

"Where is the money you had?"

Larissa doesn't answer

"Why can't you...!" West starts but can't make out his thought

"West!" she says finally

"Don't fuc**** West me!" he snaps reaching her purse back to her. Snatching it she heads to the waiting limo, where their driver is waiting at the door. Seeing his parents heading towards the door he follows her.

The lights in the limo are dimmed and there is soft music playing and what looks to be chilled sparkling grape juice. They ride in silence for about five minutes, then Larissa says

"West!" Not turning to look at her or responding he takes out his phone and turns it off or so she assumes. Still not sure just how bad she messed up she grabs his chin and slowly kisses him. Not reciprocating the affection, he reaches for her hand moving it from his leg he places it back on her lap. Refusing to give up she sits in his lap and begins kissing him. Again, he doesn't respond, but he doesn't move her from his lap.

"Please say something!" Larissa asks sweetly

West just lays his head back and looks at her, not saying a word. So, she leans her head on his chest. After a minute she starts kissing him again, pulling away he says

"Don't Riss!"

"West, Please! Say something! Anything!" she states

"What could you possibly want me to say?" he says as calmly as he can

"You don't listen to anything I say anyway!" he adds

"So, you ordered this limo to ride in silence?" She asks

"The reasons I ordered the limo are irrelevant at the moment!" he states then closes his eyes and takes a deep breath

"Where is the money you had?" West asks again dreading her response, once she sits back on the seat next to him

"I used it to pay for dinner. Is that what you want to hear?" she says finally


"I don't have a reason" she says after a minute

"You don't have a reason!" he laughs

"This is a joke right!" West says without a smile

"Look West, I can't take it back. I am sorry for upsetting you" Larissa states

Grabbing West's hands, she leans over and gives him a kiss. And like that his anger fades away and is replaced by the passion, lustful desire from before dinner.

"Apology accepted!" West whispers

"What time is our flight tomorrow?" Larissa asks

"A little after nine." he replies

"My appointment is at 2 o'clock. So, we'll have to go straight there when we land."

"I am still very upset with you, but I'll let it go for now." West states as they pull into the parking lot

At the hotel the driver opens the door and they head up to their suite. Their elevator ride is quiet but as the door opens West stops takes her hand and says

"Close your eyes" Larissa looks confused but quickly complies

"Keep them closed, no peeking!" Quickly opening the door and glancing inside West leads her into the room and closes the door behind them.

Getting down on one knee he says

"Open your eyes!"

Looking around the room she sees white candles, white rose petals all over the floor and bed. In the middle of the bed is a velvet pink ring box. Looking back at West tears quickly pool up in her eyes. He reaches for her hand and says

"Larissa I've dreamed about the day you'd come back into my life for nine years. And prayed for the opportunity to show you how much you mean to me. I have spent all this time creating this life, with hopes of sharing it with you. These past few months have been nothing short of amazing. I love you so much! Will you marry me and make my dream a reality?!"

With tears streaming down her face, she shakes her head and says

"Yes! Of course!"

Quickly standing up West gives her a long kiss, then walks over to the bed and takes the ring out of the box and slides it on her finger

"Wow!" she says looking at the ring

"You like it?" West asks with a smile

"I love it!" she says wrapping her arms around his neck

"I'm really sorry about dinner. I feel like a complete jerk." Larissa says softly

"Just promise me you won't ever do it again!" West says

"I promise!" she replies quickly

Following their shower, they pack and decide to turn in early. Laying in West's arms Larissa holds her hand up and stares at her gorgeous rose gold princess cut diamond ring.

"This ring is stunning!" Larissa says still in awe of West's proposal

"You deserve nothing but the best and I fully intend on seeing to it that you always have just that!" West states

West wakes up to the sound of his ringing phone. Searching for his phone in his pants pocket he misses the call. Tossing the phone on the bed, he heads into the bathroom, just as it begins to ring again.

"This is West" he says quietly trying not to wake Larissa

"Good morning" he replies walking into the other room

"Yes, not until nine." glancing at his phone he sees that its after seven

"Ok, you and mom have a safe flight and we'll get together this weekend." he hangs up the phone and walks back into the bedroom and notices Larissa isn't in bed.

Walking in he sees her bent over the toilet

"Babe" he says then pauses

"Ugh!" she moans standing up

West asks

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I guess this is morning sickness"

"I'm fine, I have an appointment today" she replies

"Ok, how are you feeling?" he asks

"I'm ok, nauseous but fine for the most part."

"Let's go ahead and get dressed so we can head to the airport. We can grab something to eat on the way." he says leaning over giving her a gentle kiss on the forehead. She quickly wraps her arms around him.

A few minutes after eight they are in route to the airport.

"West, what if I'm not pregnant, would you be disappointed?" Larissa says breaking the silence in the car. West turns and looks at her and says

"Of course not." reaching over grabbing her hand he adds

"A baby would just be a bonus! If I have you, I'm satisfied! We can just enjoy trying!"

After a two-and-a-half-hour flight Larissa wakes up and says

"How can I be so well rested and exhausted at the same time?"

"I have an idea" West replies gently touching her belly

She smiles then says

"How are we getting home?"

"I ordered a car to take us to your appointment. What happens after that is completely up to you" he replies sweetly

"After my appointment I want to go home!"

"And where is that?" West asks, "Your place or Orlando?"

"I mean Orlando!" she replies quickly

"But, I don't know if I'm up for that two-hour ride"

"I can have a car take us." West states

"I'm sure we'll have a lot to discuss after my appointment, so that's perfect"

"Do you need to go by your house first?" he asks

"Not really, well maybe to grab some clothes. Depending on how this visit goes, they might not fit much longer" she states

As they arrive at the doctor's office West asks

"Is it ok if I go in with you?"

"Of course!" Larissa replies

"This is all your fault!"

Seated in the waiting room Larissa waits to be called and her anxiety skyrockets. The office is sleek and modern. Huge pictures of babies at different stages of pregnancy and women with their pregnant bellies hang all over the lobby. What seems like hundreds of magazines and pamphlets on everything from breast feeding to postpartum depression. Shortly after finishing all the paperwork and some very intrusive questionnaires an older nurse calls Larissa Mathews. The two of them sit waiting for the doctor to come in, in silence.

Larissa sits in the exam room naked all except for a thin pink sheet of paper. She allows her mind to wonder back to how unhappy she was just six short months ago then glances over at West who is scrolling through his phone. Peeking up from his phone he notices her watching him and stands up and walks over to the table and gives her a soft, loving kiss.

"You okay?" he asks

Larissa shakes her head

"Everything is going to be fine!" West says reassuring her

Just as West sits back down Dr. Stubbs walks in. A young, dark haired, Caucasian woman in her mid to late thirties. Larissa begins telling her about all of the symptoms she's had and the cramping and spotting. Dr. Stubbs tells her that those are all common early signs of pregnancy, but they will do some test to confirm.

"When was your last normal cycle Larissa?" she asks

Glancing at West, who seems to not be paying attention, then back at Dr. Stubbs she says

"It was around August 19th or so."

"Did the nurse have you leave a urine sample?" she asks

"Yes!" Larissa replies

"If you have been sexually active there is a good chance you may be pregnant. I'll be right back, let me check your results." Dr. Stubbs leaves the room and West finally looks up at her and smiles

Less than a minute later Dr. Stubbs returns with a nurse, with a sweet smile she says

"Congratulations! Your urine pregnancy test was positive. So, I'll do a pelvic exam and order some blood work. If you have time, we can also do a quick scan to get a better idea of how far along you are. According to your last cycle you should be around ten weeks or so.

Following the ultrasound Dr. Stubbs determines Larissa is eleven weeks and two days then gives her a due date of May 24th. She gives her the basic dos and dont's; healthy eating tips and foods to avoid. And also, to keep taking her prenatal vitamins and she also goes over all the discomforts to expect and some symptoms that may require immediate attention. Dr. Stubbs also tells her that the spotting she experienced as most likely from implantation and is no need for concern.

After the doctor's visit Larissa decides to swing by her house to get a few things.

"I won't be long I promise" she says as they pull into the driveway

"You want me to come in with you?" West asks

Shaking her head, they both head into the house

"Pam!" Larissa calls out. Relieved when she doesn't get a response

Once they're in her room she says

"I'm really not in the mood to see Pam so I'm just going to grab a few things and we can go."

Less than fifteen minutes later they're back in the car and on the road.

"You weren't kidding about not being long I see" West states as they pull onto I95

"So, how are you?" West asks Larissa

She just looks at him for a minute then says

"Honestly, I'm not really sure."

"How are you?" she asks

"I'm just worried about you! I know this is all a lot to take in. I also know that this is all very new. And I know how you feel when it comes to my parents. But please know that you are not in this alone." West states

"Your parents!" Larissa says laying her head in her hands. Remembering West's heartfelt proposal and the ring. Suddenly she looks down at her hand and slowly slides it off her finger reaching it over to West she says

"I can't wear this!"

West glares at her and says

"What do you mean you can't wear it?"

She sits not responding. West does not take the ring from her, so she lays it on his lap.

"Larissa" he mutters "So you're breaking off our engagement?"

"Larissa" he says again, not getting a response he reaches for her hand and says

"What's changed between last night and today to make you change your mind about us?" Larissa still sits staring out the window not saying anything. West attempts to slide the ring back on her finger and she pulls away.

Finally, she says

"No, I just can't wear it. The moment your mom sees it she's going to assume I'm pregnant and feel like that's the only reason your marrying me." she says with tears pooling in her eyes

"If you felt that way, why did you say yes?" he asks

"I don't know" she replies

"You don't know! Maybe it's because you love me or because your carrying our child and you want to have a family and spend the rest of our lives together!" he says a little heartbroken

"You're not being realistic West! This isn't a fairy tale! It's real life and in this life I'm pregnant and in this life, we've only been back together for apparently eleven weeks! And in this life your mother hates me, and I can't deal with all this right now!" Larissa states

"I should've just stayed home" she mumbles under her breath

"Ok!" West says putting the ring in his pocket. Not saying anything else he takes out his phone and send either a text or email. They sit in silence for the rest of the ride. After about thirty minutes West's phone rings.

"This is West!" he says answering it

"They'll have to wait. I'm at least thirty minutes away"

"I don't care, reschedule it for tomorrow!"

"Thank you!" he states hanging up

Pulling up to the resort West glances over at Larissa as she continues to stare out the window

"Riss, are you hungry?" West whispers

"No" she replies softly

The driver gets out and opens the door. West doesn't even check in with the office, they head straight upstairs. Noah brings up all their luggage and Larissa begins to run a bath.

"Will you take a bath with me?" Larissa asks West as he walks into his office. Stopping he looks at her and says

"Later, we need to talk!"

"I don't want to talk!" she replies

"I don't care, you can just listen then!" he states as he walks into his office.

Larissa follows behind him after turning off the water, just as his phone rings she sits down across from him at his desk.

"This is West!" he answers

Larissa sits silently listening to his one-sided conversation


"Thank you, see you in a few" he says hanging up the phone

"My parents will be here in a few minutes and I am telling them about the pregnancy and our engagement." West states watching Larissa closely

Larissa closes her eyes then stands up and walks out of the office. After a minute he follows behind her. Larissa walks back out of the bedroom with her purse and keys.

"Larissa!" he calls out

Opening the door, she looks back at him and says

"I can't stop you from telling them, but I don't have to stay!"

"Your right, I can do this with or without you. But let me ask you one thing before you decide." West pauses then says

"Would you want me by your side when you told your parents?"

She shakes her head and as tears begin to slowly roll down her cheeks, she says

"That's not fair West!"

"Life's not fair and this is life right!" he states as he walks over and closes the door. Wrapping her in his arms he wipes the tears from her cheek.

"Stop acting like your alone. I love you and we're in this together" he says reaching in his pocket and pulling out her ring then he slowly slides it on her finger. With a slight smile she wraps her arms around his neck

"There's that beautiful smile! Please, don't cry" he says wiping away another tear

Kissing her passionately they become lost in each other and suddenly there is a knock at the door.

"Love you babe!" West says giving her a quick kiss and she replies

"I love you more! I'll be right back."

Larissa walks to the room as West opens the door

"Hey Mom, Dad!" he says opening the door

"Hey honey. How are you. I was worried when your dad told me you wanted us to come straight from the airport."

"I'm good, how was your flight?" he asks

"It was ok. I'm sure you've heard the news about Brian's engagement" Rita says as they walk further into the living room

"Yes, that's great!" West replies

"I don't know how great it is, but we'll see." Rita replies

"Have a seat, make yourselves at home" West says as Larissa walks out to join them.

"Hello, Mr. West, Mrs. West" Larissa says

"Larissa, how are you?" Joe asks

"Great, thanks" she replies

"Can I get you all something to drink?" West asks

"No thank you, we're fine" Joe states

"So, I'm not going to keep you guys long. I know it's been a long weekend and you've just gotten back in town, but Larissa and I have a few things we wanted to share with you." he says as Larissa glares at him

"First, Larissa and I are engaged, last night I asked her to marry me and she said yes!"

Before he can continue Rita glares at Larissa and back to West and states

"You're kidding!"

"Ma!" West says

"Rita, stop!" Joe says quickly

Larissa sits motionless and watches as Rita begins again

"West, Brian I can understand, but you! You've only known her......"

Interrupting her West says

"Ma, I'm not done. And before I continue, I want to remind you of our recent conversations!"

"But West marriage!" she states in disbelief

"Yes, marriage!" West replies

"It's only been what a week?" Rita replies

"Rita" Joe says again, placing his hand on her lap

"West, that's great. I'm happy for you kids" Joe states as Rita turns and scowls at him

"You said you weren't done, what on earth else? I guess she's pregnant too!" Rita states

"Sharita James West!" Joe shouts out "Don't you say another word!"

Larissa gets up and walks into the bedroom

"Dad, it's ok. Mom's right!" West pauses

"Larissa is eleven weeks pregnant!"

"This has got to be a joke! We have to be on one of those tv shows." she says

As she begins to laugh Larissa comes out of the room and walks out the front door. West continues

"I know this is a lot, it's a lot for us too. We didn't plan for things to happen this way, but this is where we are. You both know how much I love Larissa and have waited for the opportunity to have her back in my life. Everything I have was accomplished with her in mind."

"West, you don't have to convince us. We see how happy you two are." Joe says as Rita gets up and walks out onto the balcony

Joe pauses then continues

"I have watched you pour your heart and soul into this resort with the hopes of one day running it with Larissa. Nothing will make me prouder than to see your dreams and everything you've worked so hard for finally come true! She is a great girl, smart and beautiful. Your mother will come around son, she just feels like she's losing her boys" standing up Joe gives West a hug and says

"I think you have somewhere to be!" pointing towards the door

"I'll talk to your mom and we'll be gone before you get back"

"Thanks dad!" West says as he grabs his phone and follows after Larissa

Not sure where she'd go he calls her, but her phone goes straight to voicemail. Walking out the back door he sees her car is still in the parking lot. But noticing there is a cart missing he knows exactly where she is.

West pulls up next to Larissa at the property line. Not sure what to say he slowly walks up behind her. Wrapping his arms around her he whispers

"I love you Larissa!"

After several minutes gazing at the beautiful sunset, Larissa turns to West and asks

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Do what?" he asks searching her eyes

"Marry me, have a child with me? Share your life with me?" she says pointing towards the property

"There is nothing I want more than to live this life with you! Despite how chaotic the reality of it seems. I love you and wouldn't change a thing." West replies with a huge smile

"None of this means anything without you!"

"There is something else I need to tell you" Larissa says softly

"And I'm not sure how you're going to take it"

"What?" West replies quickly

"I've made several decisions, first thing is I quit the airline, I also put my house on the market which you already know." she states watching West attentively

"Ok, you already told me about this. So what else?" West states

"There is one more thing. Remember I told you about my trust that I hadn't touched." she says

"Well, I kind of touched it." pausing she continues

"I purchased, well I'm in the process of buying this property" she states

West suddenly drops his hands and says

"What!" turning and walking away he continues

"Why would you...?" shaking his head he walks back over to her and opens his mouth, but words fail him. Unable to respond, knowing that nothing good could come from anything he was feeling he gets back on his cart and drives off. Pulling up next to his car he is thankful to see that his parents have left.

Shortly after he sits at his desk, Larissa walks back into the penthouse and heads to the bathroom to continue running her bath. About five minutes into her bath West walks in and begins to undress, not saying a word he joins her.

"How did it go with your parents?" Larissa asks

"You would know if you hadn't stormed out!" he replies softly after a beat

"You saw my mom's reaction. My dad was the complete opposite, he's always been the voice of reason. I'm just glad it's over." he states

"Over!" Larissa says, "I'm still pregnant, this is far from over, it's just the beginning!"

"I suppose it is. But everything is going to be fine" he states

"Everything!" she says then pauses

"Are you mad at me?" she whispers

"Furious!" he states splashing water in her face

"It's been a long day. We're having a baby and getting married! Tomorrow we can talk about your frivolous spending habits!"

Leaning forward Larissa gives him a kiss.

"Let's get out" she says sweetly

West gets out then helps her to her feet and says

"You need to eat something"

"Thank you but I'm not hungry" she replies

West dresses quickly and heads into the kitchen. Bringing her back some apple slices and peanut butter.

"West, I said I didn't want anything. I'm not hungry" she says

West looks at her lying in bed and says

"These aren't for you, they're for the baby!"

Unable to argue with that she sits up and begins to eat. When she's done, she puts on her robe and goes into West's office. Seeing he's in the middle of what seems to be a business call she closes the door and leans against it. Not saying anything she opens her robe and lets it fall to the floor then leans back against the door.

Not taking his eyes off of her West says

"John I'll call you right back!" then placing the phone down he sits up, desire instantly consuming them both.

Slowly walking around the desk, she sits on the desk in front of him and whispers

"I love you and I'm sorry! Please forgive me!"

West stands up, drops his pants and pulls her gently onto his lap effortlessly they find their rhythm.

Larissa sits in West's chair as he goes to the door and collects her robe. Reaching it to her he says

"I thought you were going to bed"

"I was but it's still kinda early, I was missing you and it's been a long day" she replies. Kissing him softly she says,

"Shower with me!"

"I will, but I just need to make a quick call. It will take less than ten minutes. Promise!"

Putting on her robe and tying it she replies, "Ten minutes, or I'll be back!"


Veronica Pollard

Loving house wife and mother with a passion for writing. With hopes of one day becoming a published author and script writer. This is the place to find a drama filled love story you'll love! Enjoy!

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Veronica Pollard
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