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Lost love

Kusum and Ramesh

By Sujon HossainPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Lost love
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Kusum and Ramesh lived in a small village in deep rural Bengal. Their love story was on everyone's lips. They knew each other since childhood. Going to school together, playing in the village field, sitting by the pond and talking—this is how their lives were spent.

Kusum was the most beautiful girl in the village. Her sweet smile and gentle heart won everyone's hearts. Ramesh was an ordinary farmer of the village. But his hard work and honesty set him apart from others. The depth of their love was an exemplary example for all.

One day Kusum suddenly fell seriously ill. The village doctor tried hard but could not diagnose her. Ramesh spent all his savings and took Kusum to the big hospital in the city. After the tests there, it was found that Kusum has heart disease, and her chances of survival are very low.

Ramesh's world turned dark. He used to hold Kusum's hand, encouraging her by her side. Kusum always had a soft smile on her face, as if she was assuring Ramesh, "I'm fine."

Kusum said to Ramesh one day, "Ramesh, you know, I always wanted to be happily married to you. But maybe it's not written in our destiny. Don't forget me, but move on in life. Be happy."

Tears rolled down Ramesh's eyes. He said, "How can I be happy without you, Kusum? You are everything in my life."

Kusum smiled softly, "Our love is immortal. I will always live in your heart."

After some time, Kusum left the world. Ramesh's heart breaks, but he is strengthened by remembering Kusum. Returning to the village, he made a small garden in Kusum's memory. Every day he went there and took care of the flowers, as if he could see Kusum's smile in each flower.

Kusum's memory and love remained an eternal inspiration in Ramesh's life. Everyone in the village knew that Ramesh's love for Kusum was immortal, which would never end.

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This heartbreaking story of Kusum and Ramesh teaches us that true love never dies, it always lives in our hearts.


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