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Little Dread Riding Hood

For L.C. Schafer unofficial fucked up fairytales challenge

By Heather Zieffle Published 2 months ago 2 min read

Breathing in the cool night air, the girl in the red riding hood closes her eyes in delight. The tang of the damp forest floor with its mossy undertone brings back pleasant memories.

Shifting the basket she’s carrying; she grins when she hears an axe against a tree. It isn’t far away, so she changes her course towards the thundering sound.

It would be nice to speak with someone on such a lovely eve. Lifting the hem of her skirt, she moves faster, excitement bubbling in her breast.

Slowing her pace as the sound becomes louder, the young maiden smooths a hand over her dark hair and adjusts her bodice just so.

Her breathing hitches when she sees the woodsman. Sighing, she admires the girth of his arms as he swings his axe. The full moon casts a silver glow over the swoon worthy scene.

Purposefully, she stumbles over some deadfall while he pauses between swings, and he turns around at the noise. His eyes widen with shock, then narrow with sly interest. “What’s this? Are you lost, lass?” His deep baritone making her cheeks flush.

“Yes, a little. I’m going to visit my grandmother,” she titters.

His eyes move from her ample cleavage to the basket on her arm. “Looks like you’re bringing her some treats. I wish such a lovely creature would bring me treats,” he grumbles, his eyes moving once more to her tits. Putting his axe down, he moves towards her.

Tittering again, she holds out her basket. “I have enough to share.”

“I’m more interested in the fleshy kind of treats,” he mumbles, his eyes travelling over her ashen skin.

“Really? That’s so funny, me too!” Her grin stretches her face as she lifts the gingham cloth covering the basket.

Reluctantly, the woodsman glances down at the contents and, with a swear, stumbles back at the sight.

Severed hands and feet fill the basket.

“You really should run,” the maiden giggles, her face and body shifting to that of a wolf.

“Gods above,” the woodsman pants before fleeing.

Several minutes later, the hooded girl licks her fingers before adding a fresh treat to her basket.

*366 words - L.C. Schafer unofficial Fucked Up Fairytale challenge*


About the Creator

Heather Zieffle

I've been writing for a few years, and I'm grateful to have found my passion! I've self-published several sci-fi romance novels on Amazon, but want to branch out into fantasy soon. Any feedback is welcome!

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  • ROCK 26 days ago

    Holy body parts! What a deserving twist!

  • Thavien Yliasterabout a month ago

    A lycanthropic skinwaker type story, bravo and well done.

  • Novel Allen2 months ago

    A whole bunch of genius writers have been spawned by LC. This was really delicious. Such a clever wolf, I mean Heather Z. Hahaha.

  • I've always liked Red Riding Hood because my favourite colour is red. But I changed my mind. Now I love Dread Riding Hood! How wonderful it would be able to carry hands and feet in a basket. Hehehehehehehe

  • Ameer Bibi2 months ago

    Fabolous amazing 🤩🤩 story

  • Paul Stewart2 months ago got the titillation (yep...I'm sticking with that specific word choice, lol) and flirting spot on and I was totally invested. I wasn't sure where it was going to go, but knew the woodsman would fall foul of the girl! Well played, Heather! Great entry for LC's challenge!

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