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Little Baby Boops

There are some things that are so powerful that words aren't needed.

By Hope MartinPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 3 min read
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It started as a soft wailing. Ears that were sharply in tune with the cries of her child, the mother calmly walks to the pack-and-play that holds her 12-month-old son. The cries weren't urgent. They were grumpy, and she understood that he didn't want to wake up yet, but for some reason he had. There was discomfort in the cries, and the more time he had to fuss, the more awake he became, and the more prominent the sound of discomfort and pain became.

On her way to him, she stops and grabs the Orajel and some Tylenol, after checking the time. Going to the source of the drama, she picks him up, and plants a small kiss on his chubby cheek, before giving him his medicine. By now, the tiny human has realized that this foul-tasting syrup makes his aching gums feel better after a while. So he willingly takes the medicine, before turning to look at the Life-Bringer's face squishing his expression unhappily and letting out another loud whine, shaking his head.

She smiles, and sits down, pulling out the tube of Orajel. The tiny human recognizes this as the tube of yucky goo that makes him drool and his achy gums tingle in a nice way. But still, the taste is terrible, and he does not like it. He tries to wiggle free, but Life-Bringer's hands are too strong, even though they are gentle.

She gently forces her finger into his mouth, and finds the sore spot, rubbing the gross tingle goo on it. It both feels good and hurts, and of course, the child lets out more unhappy sounds, feeling distressed at being forced to taste the tingle goo, and discomfort at his aching spots being pressed on. But, as soon as Life-Bringer gets the tube put away, the cries cease as the pain subsides, and small pudgy hands find his mommy's face to squish with a small giggle.

She laughs and wrinkles her nose at him, and wiggling her nose playfully. The happiest sound on the face of the planet rings out pleasantly in her ears, making her heart flutter and ache in that strange way that happens when she holds the little creature that she created with her body. She squeezes him gently, and when she does, the little boy puts his forehead against hers, as if to silently say: "Yeah I know. I love you so much too!"

The gentle boop lasts for precious seconds making the woman forget all of her worries for the briefest moment, elating her spirit and letting her worries feel smaller than the solutions, letting herself indulge in this moment. This precious, pure, perfectly innocent moment between mother and child, where both gently love each other intensely, foreheads touching and eyes closed.

And just like that, the moment is over as the baby reaches up and sticks his tiny fingers straight into his mother's mouth, making her sputter in surprise, before bursting out into gales of laughter.

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Hope Martin

I am a published author of a book called Memoirs of the In-Between. Currently, I am doing a rewrite of it, as it needed some polishing to be better. I am a mom, a cook, a homesteader, and a second-generation shaman.

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  • HandsomelouiiThePoet (Lonzo ward)2 months ago

    Nice job 💙👌📝

  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Great story! Well written and adorable title!

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