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Life and death chase

Simba is a lovely Tanzanian teenager who lives on the Masai grasslands.

By ElsaPublished 4 months ago 13 min read


Simba is a lovely Tanzanian teenager who lives in the Masai grassland. Simba's father, Ali, is a scientist with the International Animal Protection Organization. He works in the Disabled Animal Protection Center on the Masai grassland, specializing in treating injured or sick animals. Simba lives with his father, and he adores his father very much. In the Disabled Animal Protection Center, Simba comes into contact with a large number of animals every day, and he always regards these animals as friends.

However, God is very unfair to the kind Simba. At the age of 15, he had to rely on a pair of crutches to walk. At first his legs were very healthy. The accident happened when Simba was 13 years old. It was a very hot summer afternoon, Simba and his friends went out to play in the wild. Just as they were having a good time, a wolf suddenly appeared in sight. The wolf looked very hungry. Its hungry eyes were fixed on Simba and his friends, ready to pounce at any time. At first, Simba and his friends were frightened. As the hungry wolf approached step by step, Simba suddenly woke up from his confusion. He pushed his friend and said, "You lie down in the grass and don't move, I'll lure it away. Otherwise, we'll both be finished." After speaking, without waiting for his friend to answer, he turned around and ran. The hungry wolf saw Simba's galloping appearance, thought he was timid, and ran after him desperately.

Simba ran panting, not daring to turn back. The wind was whirring in his ears. Suddenly, Simba floated up like a cloud flying through the fog. Before he could fully react, Simba felt a severe pain in his body and fell unconscious. After waking up from the coma, Simba lay in the protection center, surrounded by many people. Only then did Simba know that in the process of luring away the wolf, he suddenly fell into a trap... For two whole months, Simba's legs did not fully recover. Two months later, Simba actually became dependent on this pair of crutches.

Because of his leg disability, he is more concerned about the animals that come to the rescue, because he always thinks of himself. One day when Simba was 14 years old, the staff of the conservation center found an injured leopard in the wild. The staff sent it to Simba's father, hoping that he could pick up the leg of the broken leopard. During the operation, Simba has been watching eagerly from the side. Looking at the painful expression of the injured leopard, Simba is very sad. After the operation, the injured leopard will have to be kept in the center for a long time, and the broken leg can slowly heal. Simba spent a lot of time with the leopard, and he named the leopard "Hanako". As time passed, Simba shouted "Hanako" again and again, and established a good relationship with the leopard. As soon as the lonely leopard saw Simba, he showed a very docile look. Simba and the leopard became friends.

More than half a month has passed, and the leopard's legs have gradually recovered. For animals that have recovered, the animal center will re-release them to the vast grassland. The time to release the leopard came in Simba's reluctance, and he had to say goodbye to the leopard. The leopard probably knew that he was about to leave, and his eyes stared at Simba as if to speak. As for Simba, his eyes were already filled with tears. Watching the leopard's back gradually disappear into the grass in front of him, Simba wished it a smooth road ahead in his heart. Simba didn't know if he would have a chance to see this human leopard again.


Although the doctor repeatedly told Simba: "As long as you let go of the crutches, you will gradually resume normal walking." But he didn't dare. Whenever he was about to throw away the crutches, he couldn't help but recall being chased by wolves and falling into traps set by poachers. The severe pain made him terrified.

Time entered October 2003 in Simba's fear of throwing away his cane. One day, he was a little bored, so he went out to the wild on crutches to play. He liked the beautiful scenery of the Masai grassland, and he liked to see the beautiful posture of animals running freely on the grass. Before he knew it, Simba walked away. Suddenly he saw an adult female leopard walking leisurely under a tree with a cub, the sun shining through the light spots created by the leaves, and the stripes on the two leopards reflected each other. This is a leopard, it is more ferocious. Simba's heart beat faster, and he hurriedly found a place to hide, hoping that the leopard would stay away with its children. However, the leopard seemed to have a soft spot for this big tree and had no intention of leaving. Simba waited anxiously. During the wait, his nervousness and fear gradually subsided. Watching the adult leopard walk a little lame, Simba felt very familiar. He observed carefully. This observation made Simba very happy. The adult leopard under the big tree turned out to be the leopard whose left leg was injured by his father, that is, his "Hanako" friend. Thinking of this, the excited Simba actually made a noise in the place where he was hiding.

The leopard seemed to hear the sound, looked towards Simba, and then slowly approached with the leopard cub. Simba became nervous again: "The leopard is a very ferocious animal, what if it wants to attack me?" Just when Simba was very nervous, the leopard was less than ten meters away from him. This is the best distance for leopards to hunt. Looking at the leopard who was about to attack at any time, Simba knew that he had nowhere to escape on crutches. His eyes were fixed on the leopard in front of him, and sweat oozed from his forehead. When he was in extreme danger, Simba suddenly shouted wisely: "Hanako!" The ferocious light in the leopard's eyes was extinguished when he shouted, and his expression became docile. Simba knew that this was indeed the leopard that his father had rescued and called "Hanako". Simba excitedly shouted "Hanako" again.

After that, Simba and Hanako played together under the big tree. The crisis seemed to be over, but what Simba did not expect was that another crisis was approaching him and the leopard. Inadvertently, Simba turned his head to one side, and he saw a scene that surprised him: a man was holding a gun and aiming at Hanako. Simba, who has always lived on the prairie, knew that the man with the gun was a poacher, because leopard skins sell for a high price in the international market. The poachers are very close. Simba knew that he was looking for the best shooting spot, so that the beautiful leopard skin would not be damaged. " I can't let my friend get hurt! "Simba thought. Simba's mind also drilled into the scene of his own injury. If there were no poachers, how could he walk on crutches... Thinking of this, Simba hated the poachers in front of him. But the critical situation could not be helped by him thinking too much, and he quickly blocked in front of Hanako at an unimaginable speed. In this way, the poacher's gun could not be aimed at the leopard. The poacher obviously did not expect this scene to happen. In a hurry, he stood up and shouted to Simba," Kid, flash mob away. Or I'll kill you! "Simba knew that he couldn't stop these hateful poachers by himself. So, Simba shouted to the leopard:" Hanako, run, it's dangerous! "

Hearing Simba's cry, Hanako quickly left the tree with the leopard cub, and then ran away. The poacher looked at the leopard running away, and was so angry that he walked straight to Simba and caught him in a jeep parked not far away. There was also a man in the jeep. The man who caught Simba said, "It's all caused by this hateful child, otherwise, our banknotes will be in our hands." Then, the poacher looked at Simba with vicious eyes and said, "It seems that the leopard is your friend, and I just want you to watch your friend fall into the sound of my gunshots! Maybe you can also make those patrollers helpless to us. Simba didn't speak, staring at the poachers with hateful eyes.

He thought to himself, "No, I must do everything I can to prevent Hanako from getting hurt." The jeep, carrying Simba and the two hateful poachers, chased after the leopard mother and son in the direction they fled...


Sitting in the car, Simba's heart was tightened, and he thought of Hanako's injured leg and the leopard cub it was carrying, which were the fatal flaws of its escape. "I don't know where Hanako has escaped to now?" Simba's mind conjured up countless situations, and he didn't want Hanako to appear in his field of vision again. If Hanako really appeared in his field of vision, it might be the end of its life.

Simba looked at the two hateful poachers beside him, with greedy expressions on their faces. Simba really hoped that God would suddenly bring disaster to this jeep and make its engine fail. If so, no matter how agile the two poachers were, they would not be able to catch up with Hanako. However, this is just Simba's wishful thinking. The open-top jeep was driving fast, and the wind screamed in Simba's ear, which made him very upset.

Twenty minutes later, a pair of figures appeared in front of the jeep that were not running fast. Simba could clearly see that it was the lame Hanako and its child. Watching the mother and son struggle to escape, Simba was in great pain. Just when Simba was at a loss, the man who caught him raised his shotgun and aimed at Hanako again. Just as the man was about to pull the trigger, Simba suddenly stretched out his hand and gave him a hard ground marketing. Seeing that the prey in his hand was driven away by Simba again, the poacher waved and slapped him. Simba was hit with gold stars. The man scolded: "Boy, if you make trouble again, be careful that I throw you off the jeep!" Simba covered his face that was beaten up and stared at the ferocious poacher unyielding. Worried that Simba would make trouble again, the poacher simply tied his hands.


After this delay, the mother and son of the leopard in front ran a long way. At this time, the speed of the jeep was basically the same as the escape speed of the leopard. In this way, the distance between the mother and son of the leopard and the jeep was always maintained in a relatively balanced state. The poacher with a gun cursed angrily: "It's this hateful kid who made me lose my chance again." The poacher who drove the car turned his head and said, "Don't worry, the leopard in front can't escape. We don't use bullets to shoot it, so we just chase it closely behind the car. I believe that the mother leopard will always be exhausted."

The words of the two poachers made Simba nervous again. Suddenly, he saw Hanako's body shake and fell to the ground. Just when Simba was extremely anxious, Hanako got up from the ground, although his movements were a little slow. Hanako, who got up from the ground, started running again, but its body didn't seem to be as balanced as it was at the beginning. Simba was even more worried about Hanako's fate.

Simba's anxious eyes stared closely at the mother and son who escaped in front of him, wishing them a thousand times and ten thousand times in his heart, hoping that they would successfully escape the criminal pursuit of the poachers. The two poachers looked at each other and smiled when they saw the leopard mother and son who were closer, with a proud expression on their faces. Although the running posture was no longer as fast as at the beginning, the leopard mother and son still persisted. Simba keenly saw a red liquid flowing out of Hanako's left leg. "Hanako is injured!" Simba became even more worried. Hanako persisted in front of Simba, bringing its child and running non-stop. The leopard cub, who started to follow Hanako closely, suddenly slowed down a lot, and gradually fell behind Hanako. Simba looked at the leopard cub who was so far behind, his heart seemed to jump out, and he shouted nervously: "Come on, Hanako."

Amid Simba's shouts, a touching scene appeared in front of the jeep: Hanako, who had run far away, suddenly stopped, quickly turned around and ran back to the cub, picked it up with his mouth, and then turned around and ran forward. Originally, in the process of running, the leopard had already suffered a recurrence of old injuries, and its speed slowed down a lot due to the pain. This time, the weight of the cub suddenly increased again, and Hanako slowed down even more, and she could be caught up by the jeep chasing closely behind at any time. Simba couldn't bear to look any longer.

Suddenly, the leopard running ahead stopped. A river blocked its way. The jeep did not stop, and drove to a distance of about 100 meters from the leopard and stopped. The leopard looked back at the two poachers who got off the jeep, and his eyes were full of despair. The poachers didn't get out of the car with a gun, because they could tell from the exhausted look of the leopard that the leopard in front of them had no resistance, and they didn't need a gun to capture it. Seeing that the tragedy was about to happen. I don't know where the strength came from, Simba, who was struggling desperately, suddenly broke free from the rope. The situation was already close. Simba, who had already learned to drive, suddenly started the jeep and crashed into the two poachers. The two poachers did not expect that the teenager in the car could break free from the rope, let alone that the teenager would drive towards them. The poachers ran to one side in fear, but Simba suddenly turned the steering wheel and stopped the car in front of Hanako and her son. Simba quickly opened the door and shouted to Hanako, "Hanako, get in the car!" Hanako jumped into the jeep, and Simba drove the jeep to escape the two poachers, despite their shouting behind him. Simba drove the jeep to the animal protection center.

Back at the protection center, Simba's father treated Hanako again. He told Simba that the leopard's left leg seemed to have been broken before, and he didn't know how it was broken again. Looking at Hanako, Simba thought of the scene where it fell yesterday. It dragged a broken leg and successfully escaped from the poachers with the leopard cub... Simba's heart was suddenly shocked: What made this leopard successfully escape under such difficult circumstances? Perhaps it was the perseverance in life that created this miracle... Thinking of this, Simba quickly threw away his crutches.

Three months later, after using crutches for two years, Simba miraculously recovered his disabled legs. "Believe in yourself," Simba said, "and you will be able to overcome any difficulty if you don't lose your faith in your heart."

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