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Little duck learns to swim

by Elsa 2 months ago in Short Story
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The mother duck took six little ducks from the grass in the distance to the river. They lined up and walked in a swing.

The mother duck brought six little ducks from the grass in the distance to the river. They lined up and walked in a swing. When they reached the river, the mother duck went into the water first. She said to the little ducks, "Good children, come down one by one, be brave."

The first little duck jumped into the water, and the mother duck helped him. He leaned against his mother and flapped the water with his wings, very happy.

The second little duck was about to jump into the water, but stood still. The mother duck said, "Good boy, come down like your brother. Be brave and don't be afraid."

The second little duck also jumped into the water.

In this way, it was the turn of the sixth little duck to jump. This was the youngest little duck. He was thin and had very little yellow hair on his body. He was sparse and looked like a little bald man. Everyone called him Little Yellow Hair. He walked slowly to the river, never going down.

Mother Duck said again and again, "Little Yellow Hair, come down quickly. You have to be bold, and you can't learn to be timid."

The little yellow hair still refused to go into the water.

At this time, Aunt Goose swam over with the goslings, and when she saw the mother duck, she greeted: "Sister Duck, hello!"

The mother duck said, "Ah! Aunt Goose, hello!"

Auntie Goose said, "Your children are growing very well! Yellow hair, fat and bulging body, so beautiful!"

The mother duck said, "Your children are not bad either! Chubby, how funny! But my youngest is too thin, you see." The mother duck pointed to the little yellow hair on the shore.

Auntie Goose said, "Well! This child is too young, you can take more care of him, he is still quite interesting."

Little Yellow Hair stood on the bank of the river with his head bowed, very shy. He looked at his mother and lowered his head again.

The mother duck felt that the little yellow hair was unwilling to go into the water, so she swam to the shore and prepared to take him into the water. When the little yellow hair saw his mother swimming towards him, he simply turned around and wanted to run home.

The mother duck quickly climbed up the river bank and coaxed Little Yellow Hair back. Little Yellow Hair went into the water with his mother in fear. He floated on the water and squeezed desperately to his mother's side. His older brothers and sisters were far away from their mother and swam very interestingly.

The mother duck flapped her wings and said, "Children, come with me!" She swam to the center of the river, and the little ducklings followed, but the little yellow hair was very anxious and dared not swim forward.

As the mother duck swam, she turned around and said to the little yellow hair, "Good boy, come on, come! Let's see who swims fast."

The little yellow hair swam very slowly and fell far behind. The mother duck stopped and waited, and waited for the little yellow hair to catch up, and then swam forward. Later, the little yellow hair couldn't catch up again, and he didn't seem to have the confidence to catch up. When he saw a river full of reeds, he wanted to burrow into the reeds to hide. The mother duck saw it and hurriedly swam

In the past, he was pulled out of the reeds and let him swim by himself.

The little yellow hair followed his mother and swam with difficulty. They swam for a while and were about to go home. Mother Duck helped the children climb up the river bank and staggered home.

On a piece of grass, the ducklings were playing there. After more than a month, they all grew up, and so did Little Yellow Hair, but he was still very small compared to his older brothers and sisters. Some of them were chasing grasshoppers, and some were looking at the most beautiful flowers with their heads on their sides.

The goslings came too, and they had a good time with the ducklings. Then the goslings said, "Let's go swimming in the river! See who swims well."

The little ducks quacked and said, "Yes! Yes!"

The goslings and ducklings all jumped into the water, but only the little yellow hair was still standing on the shore and did not want to go into the water. The goslings and ducklings all told him to swim together, but he always refused.

The goslings and ducklings began to swim, and they shouted to themselves:

"One! Two! Three!" The wings flapped on the water and swam quickly.

Little Yellow Hair watched from the shore. He saw that his brothers and sisters were swimming so fast and well, and the more he watched, the more interested he became, and he wanted to go swimming. He stood by the river and saw his own reflection in the water, so thin, and his brothers and sisters were so strong.

He sneaked into the water and started swimming by himself, always swimming in shallow places, afraid to swim to the center of the river. As he swam, suddenly something bit his leg, and he struggled desperately, but he couldn't get out. He was so anxious that he shouted: "Help! Help!"

The goslings and ducklings were about to have a swimming competition when they heard the cry of the little yellow hair and swam over quickly. A little duck craned his neck and got into the water, and he got out of the water with a pile of aquatic plants in his mouth. Everyone laughed when they saw it. It turned out that one of the legs of the little yellow hair had stumbled over a clump of aquatic plants by the river. The little yellow hair was really timid, and he also wondered why he didn't get into the water and have a look. What a shame. The goslings and ducklings encouraged him, helped him, and asked him to participate in the swimming competition. The little yellow hair was a little scared at first, and refused to participate, but everyone insisted that he participate. During the race, Xiao Huangmao swam too slowly, and finally reached the finish line. He landed at the back, bowed his head, and was very unhappy.

The goslings and ducklings comforted him and asked him to participate again, but he refused to participate. He climbed up the river bank by himself and went back to tell his mother: "Mom, I can't swim well, I can't swim fast."

Mother Duck said, "You have to be brave and learn more, and you will swim well slowly."

The little yellow hair said loudly: "Mom! Then you can teach me to swim again, and this time I will definitely learn it well."

Mother Duck said, "That's a good boy. Come on, go swimming with me now."

The mother duck took the little yellow hair to the river and got into the water together. She made all kinds of looks, piercing, leaping and slapping the water, standing upside down looking for snails, and many other tricks, and asked the little yellow hair to learn from her. This time the little yellow hair knew how to swim, and he swam and found it very interesting. He was afraid of swimming, but now he can swim boldly.

In the morning, as soon as the sun came out, the little yellow hair went to the river by himself, practiced swimming, and practiced piercing. He swam to this side of the river, swam to the other side of the river, and then swam along the small river.

Tired of swimming, Little Yellow Hair stood on the bank of the river and looked at his own reflection in the water. He said to himself, "I'm not good at swimming, I have to learn every day."

He spread his wings and jumped into the river again to swim.

One morning, the weather was not very good, and there were dark clouds floating in the sky. Xiao Huang Mao looked at the sky, but jumped into the river to swim.

Not long after he swam, a strong wind suddenly blew, and then it rained heavily. He was swirled by the strong wind in the center of the river, and he could not swim forward. He swam towards the shore, and when the strong wind blew, he retreated a long way. The heavy rain made him unable to open his eyes, but he did not care, and swam forward as hard as he could. Just as he was about to swim to the river, he was blown back by the strong wind, and backed back again, this time far, far away. He had no strength to rush forward. At this time, he heard his mother looking for him, shouting loudly: "Little yellow hair! Little Yellow Hair! "Little Yellow Hair used the strength of his whole body and rushed forward again. He swam desperately, swam, and climbed to the river bank.

Mother Duck ran to the river and saw Little Yellow Hair struggling to walk in the heavy rain. She ran over quickly and hugged Little Yellow Hair affectionately. She said, "Little Yellow Hair! Mom has found you."

The little yellow hair said, "Mom! I can swim."

The mother duck took the little yellow hair and ran home quickly.

In summer, little yellow hair can swim very well. His body is covered with snow-white feathers, and his body is strong. He is as healthy and lively as his brothers and sisters. He combed his feathers with his mouth and spread his wings, looking brave. He squinted with joy when he saw his own reflection in the water.

The days go by so fast, summer is here, one morning, the weather is very cool, the sun shines golden on the river, the little yellow hair flaps its wings, and goes to the river to practice swimming again.

On the body of a big tree, a notice was posted, which read:

The goslings and ducklings born this year have all grown up. According to the old rules, there will be a swimming competition, and I hope the goslings and ducklings will participate.

From this day on, Xiao Huangmao and his brothers and sisters practiced swimming and got better. They practiced long-distance swimming and also practiced piercing.

It's the day of the swimming competition, and it's really lively! All the geese and ducks came to watch the game.

The place where the swimming competition was held was on the small river. The geese and ducks watching the competition all wondered: Who will win the first place? Some said that the long-necked gosling would win the first place, and some said that the big-winged duckling would win the first place. The mother duck was worried that her little yellow hair would hardly get the first place, and she thought to herself: "Don't wear out the little yellow hair."

The game has started.

The goslings and ducklings lined up in a long line by the river, and a big goose with a long neck gave the order. He shouted loudly, "Get ready!"

The long-necked goose flapped its wings heavily, and the goslings and ducklings set off quickly, as fast as an arrow. They swam along the river, all the way forward, and where they turned, they had to get through the obstacles made of reeds, and they had to do a dashing show. The little yellow hair swam quickly, and there was a little goose that was swimming in the front. When he saw the little yellow hair chasing, he didn't care, and deliberately teased the little yellow hair. He spread his wings and swam, while not letting the little yellow hair catch up, the little yellow hair flashed and chased the little goose. The gosling saw that the little yellow hair was in front of him, and became anxious, and quickly chased after him. He was in front of the little yellow hair again. But the little yellow hair did not panic at all, he wanted to chase the gosling. Swimming and swimming, he was in front of the gosling again, and just swam to the finish line in one go. The gosling chased after him desperately, but couldn't catch up with him.

The audience all flapped their wings and shouted, "Little Yellow Hair has won the first place! Little Yellow Hair has won the first place!"

The goslings and ducklings all ran over and surrounded the little yellow hair. A few big geese lifted the little yellow hair up and held it high.

The mother duck hugged the little yellow hair tightly and said, "I didn't expect you to get first place. You are our bravest child!"

Auntie Goose also ran over, patted the little duck's back with her wings, and said, "Little Yellow Hair, you are really a brave child."

The little yellow hair smiled. He was a little ashamed to tell everyone, so he hid his head in his wings.

Now that he was as big as the other ducklings, he was glad that he had become a brave and sturdy duckling.

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