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Licking Sight

Unexpected meeting with a future leash owner

By Francis LPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Licking Sight
Photo by Oscar Sutton on Unsplash

Might be a dream

The day I met with that friend

Of mine

Feet over the sand

I was walking on the seashore

All alone

That was a wondrous day

I was thinking

"Could I get a boat and sail ?"

The stream

Was stroking the trend

When the sunset was at its shine

In my hand

A peddle thrown before

Waves took the stone

And I continued my way


The breeze - petting my smallest nail

Into gleam

Calling for an amend

Those sprays were fine ;

The salty smell of the land,

The store

Filled with sweets and scones,

Some undersea fish or a ray,

One smelling

That would slowly assail ...

I looked behind me and I saw the cause of it.

Running, a newcomer was approaching.

By Elisa Kennemer on Unsplash

Hir odor - was ze a male or a female? I didn't know at that instant - was soft. Vividly striding on the beach, ze made backwards and forwards moves all around me. I couldn't have escaped it - and in one way I wouldn't have.

Happily leaping, I feared of the lick.

As ze pursued me from far, slowly, I did think to leave hir ... and each step I tried was a failure. In fact, I don't remember if I really wanted to slip away at that moment. All I remember is that I wandered until the break of the day was consumed. And all along, that protector meandered with curiosity. That dog mate behaved as an assistant ... Me ?! Being assisted ? Such a shame !

The stars were rising in the sky, so I looked at it. "I like that great sight" I said to myself. And next to me, my new companion was watching the scenery. I risked a glance at hir. I stared hir for long.

Ze was calm. I did have felt scared as I assumed being stalked by hir tail ...

"Tell me. What's your name, buddy ?"

"Woof!" Ze couldn't answer in another way.

"Woof! Woof!" I suddenly sensed strangely relieved under the lights of the promising night.

"Woof! Woof! Woof!" My fantastic cousin was shaking and giving hir paw. I was touched by that unexpected esteem. I couldn't refuse to give back a kind gesture - I shared a hand.

My companion joyfully moved hir tail by standing on hind legs. In a flash, I forgot the sadness I had entered the field with. In a breath, I decided to leave my state of sorrow for moments of madness, along with my new friend.

I understood then what means the futility to stay alone.

"Grab my hands, sir pal! Come on, partner!" And I played all night long with the well-wisher of my life.

Right away, he became - he's a male - my intimate associate. I'm glad I have walked in pain. I'm lucky I finally caught with surprise an ally, full of woofing and filled with love.

By Stephanie Buffington on Unsplash

Now, everyday I can I run on the beach with my friend.

Sometime, I play : I take a branch I throw (or not) and get a paw. I stamp into the water and get a loving lick. I hide behind my benefactor, then I see him vividly jump and leap. Those are my daily privilege.

I never expected his presence, but he gives me so much of delight routines.

By Phil Hearing on Unsplash

If I would share my experience - if I should give a piece of advice, I would say : In moment of sadness, when you feel lost, just walk. Don't wander for wandering, but listen what's inside you - hear the elements of the nature, your entourage. Thus, ultimately, you'd find your inner strength and will.

And may be a friend ...

By Ahmed Zayan on Unsplash

Story n°69 - submitted on 09 February 2022 - was originally imagined to get into the Life Unleashed challenge. It would had been a poem ...


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