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By Anna Published 4 months ago β€’ Updated 2 months ago β€’ 2 min read

It was a bitterly cold winter day in 1860's February. The snow was falling in large flakes and the icy wind froze my face as I was in a hurry to Samuel. He was my only friend in the whole slave colony. Samuel was sick for about a week and I wanted to surprise and cheer him up with a little message I wrote him secretly.

Samuel was the person, who taught me the beautiful mystery of letters, words and led me into the magical world of written thoughts and expressions. And with that knowledge and skill I could be able to write down my feelings instead of destroy myself, and from then anxiety left my body. I became a completely different person than before.

Yet my life was the same... I was in slavery and when I thought about that, it always broke me...

Samuel told me that I had to accept my situation, but it wasn't that easy for me...

"SAMUEL!!" -- I slammed the door and ran to his bed as fast as I could. The doctor was sitting next to him and seemed worried.

"What's with him?" -- I turned to the white clothed man with fear in my voice.

In the building we didn't have a trained specialist as a doctor. He was a slave like us, he just had a bit more experience in the job. Samuel had pneumonia, but we couldn't do anything. There wasn't any cure for such disease.

"His condition is getting worse. I don't know how much time he had left... probably hours... or minutes..." -- the doctor responded.

"Then I'm gonna stay with him until the time comes..."-- I said and pulled out a chair to sit next to Samuel. He looked at me and I could see the pain and suffering in his eyes. That hurt me...

The doctor left us alone.

I went quiet... couldn't find words... I think it was better that way...

Maybe ten minutes later Samuel broke the silence:

"I have to go..."

"Where?" -- I asked.

"God sets me free finally!"

"No, no, no, wait!" -- I cried, as if I could do anything, but he didn't speak anymore... his head rested on the pillow and the muscles in his body were relaxed.

"I wasn't ready..." I whispered with a hushed voice.

He hasn't even read my message...

~~Written for Real Poetic's Secret Writer Challenge~~

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Comments (5)

  • Lamar Wiggins4 months ago

    Ugh! So heartbreaking, makes you wonder how easy it was to die back then. Loved your entry!

  • Penny Fuller4 months ago

    What a sad story. What a wonderful setting. You have a talent for worldbuilding and interesting character stories.

  • Omggg, Anna!!! This was so devastating 😭😭😭😭😭

  • John Cox4 months ago

    Lovely and heartbreaking!

  • Mason Darnielle4 months ago

    very suspenseful! love it :)

Anna  Written by Anna

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