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Lamis's eyes got wet

Nimu never understood which was his real love and which was not real.

By Nikhil BhowmikPublished 2 years ago 10 min read

Lamis's eyes got wet

Don't receive, just listen to the voice once ...

"You don't call me anymore, be careful, not at all!" '' Once, twice, three times ...... sixty times ... then Lamis stops, no more calling. Why? How long can neglect be tolerated ??

Lamica is a little crazy type. Ajara!! Seventy times a day he fell in love with seventy people, he said this himself. Nimu never understood which was his real love and which was not real. How can you? When Lamis fell in love with Nimu's girlfriend Anitra, he told Nimu first.

It is difficult to understand Nimu too. He can't understand himself, how can others? And she's not like ten girls. The university has crossed the threshold, but the child could not overcome the idea, could not bring the matured idea into the behaviour. Feelings, likes, dislikes, anger, pride, love ... Nimu considered these things to be private property, as if they were things to be hidden from him, not to be revealed.

Nimu is a very introverted girl, Lamis is the exact opposite. Nimu could not go ahead and mix with Lamis, Lamis came with the hand of friendship, came as a very good friend. Nimu also merged, becoming one of the two! Thought the university days would go well, there is a friend like Lamis by that side!

'' Lamis! Lamis! Lamis! You are very good Ray, you are very good! '' - Nimu used to think like this in his mind.

Laughing naturally, Nimu shared everything with Lamis. No, no, nothing else, just as a friend. And what did Lamis do? A foolish girl took the opportunity to fall in love with him! Strange!

He tried to explain love to Nimu, in this way, in many ways! Nimu did not understand at first, how to understand? That's what I said about Anitra, hmm ... that's why Nimu didn't understand. Nimu never thought Lamis would fall in love with Nimu like this. Poor Nimu fell into misery with Lamis' feelings, love doesn't come easily to her, who knows why she doesn't come!

Nimu didn't want this Lamis, he wanted a very close friend, just like Lamis was before he fell in love with Nimu. He doesn't want to lose his friend Lamis.

'' What was the need of the Lamis savage to express love? Wouldn't it be better ?? Now maybe this nonsense will end the friendship! '' Nimu chases after the thoughts of the state! Namur wanted to believe Lamis, but he was stuck somewhere. Can Lamis be trusted? Is it her love? Or fascination? If the fascination is cut off ?? If he is not with Nimu in the end ?? Tomorrow if another Nimu sits with his mind ?? Nah, I can't think anymore Nimu! These fears were constantly driving Nimu away. Maybe that's why Nimu's empty-wet mind would start to grow young green love leaves but would die again and again.

This is how the days of their first year at the university continue between hesitation and duplicity. Someone seemed to be absorbing the pleasures of baby Nimu, Nimu's depressed mind-thoughts-thoughts were swallowing everything, who is he? Lamis or not? Namur felt helpless.

The problem only got worse when Lamis started harassing Nimu unnecessarily. He would point the finger of undue suspicion at Nimu, he could not stand Nimu with anyone else, he would burn, he wanted to separate Nimu from everyone in the world!

Well, Lamis loved him ?? If you love it, why can't you believe it?? Why did it hurt like that ?? When Lamis was repeatedly piercing the arrow of doubt and disbelief, one by one, the girl was silently shedding tears. Didn't you notice anything from the side of the mobile phone?

After giving a gift of a lot of trouble, Lamis kept asking Nimu, "Please Nimu, don't receive the phone, what happens if you receive it?" Once the mind just wants to hear the voice, please. But did not let Lamis understand even for once. Ignored ...... '' You don't call me anymore, be careful, not at all! ''

The name may have wanted to love Lamis, but he wanted to love her. Lamis's one-on-one use of force forced Nimu to retreat.

Then? Then, slowly Nimu began to wrap himself up. When he saw Lamis, his mind wanted to call and talk, but he did not call. Lamis would talk to her and give her back. Another day,

- If I can't build a house with someone I love, then what is the benefit of love?

-Can? Can't! Let's go, Nima, let's throw the wedding!

-Eh! Huh! Whatever!

-Where to go ?? Keep me happy, if I have two rupees, buy the best thing out of two rupees!

- Is your Anitra dying ?? Go to him! Give him two rupees!

- Exclude!

- Can't you fix your mind? Why so confused? One today, gone tomorrow, why? Can't you ask for one? Nimu got up and left.

Lamis used to run along with Nimu while walking along the corridor, saying - what is your problem ?? Can you avoid me ?? Nimu doesn't know the answer, he used to say - I have no problem, I am a problem myself! That's you! After Lamis left in a bad mood, Nimu smiled in his mind- crazy! I didn't notice before that one of your teeth is a little empty! Hahaha, not bad, it feels good.

One day, after suddenly talking too much, Lamis and Asena approached Namur. Doesn't bother. It seems like Namur. Even if you burn the madness, you don't like it, even if you burn it, you don't like it! Damn!

The days go by like this. Level-1, Term-1 Result turn. Before looking at his GPA Lamisrata saw Nimu, Nah! The boy did not mind reading! Nimura's result, however, has been as expected.

I haven't talked to Lamis for a long time. Nimu's birthday is gone, thought Lamis might wish, but no. The big haughty Lamista.

One day he sat down on the phone with Lamis. -What's the matter? Call suddenly? - Why not? - No, not that. I would be very upset if I called. -Oh, okay. - That sister-in-law! ঐ! Don't keep it! Nimu silently on the other side. - What happened? Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds - d'oh! -Nothing to say, you say. -Sorry, don't bother me anymore, don't talk, don't threaten. Sorry. Income becomes a friend again. -Hmm ... ?? - Hmmm, I won't, sister-in-law! - Threaten again ?? -Oh, it's wrong. Friend? -Mark is so low in engineering materials. Come tomorrow, I will explain. -What ???? Hey Dad! You see my Marx too ?? Do you care so much ?? - I hung up the phone. The line is cut. Lamis is happy, Nimu is happy too.

The next day. Nimu sitting in the Shaheed Minar on campus. Suddenly from a distance - -What ?? Can you sit here? Yarg has become a hobby too ?? Call the big brothers ?? - And you ?? Call your brother! -No. When I see you talking, get up, let's go. -What do you do to me? - I have a lot of things, I do not understand, and God knows whether to understand! Come on! -Lamis !! Bad slap! -Come on!

The two are walking side by side, after a long time. Walking quietly.

- Name, please unblock me, I can't do without you. - You don't have to feel so good. - Please Nimu, can you do that ?? - I'm leaving, see you later.

That evening, as Lamis was logging in with his ID, he saw Nimur's status in the news feed.

"Kitna Kuch Kehna hai Phir v hai dime sawal ka chap me yo Roz Kaha hai o Pheriche Kahu ya nehi?"

Lamis is lost in thought, what does this status mean ?! From that day on, their summer vacation started and Pelona Lamis had a chance to say something to Nimu face to face.

-Don't even receive phone calls, don't chat, don't reply to messages, what happened to Nimur again ?? Damn it !!

Nimura's status again-

"Lost and Lonely Cause You're the Only One That Knows Me and I Can't Be Without You"

- What's wrong with you? What is the status of these !!? Namur has no answer.

Helpless and restless, Lamis also updates the status-

"If you look for me in an unknown mind, don't look at me, but your eyes go to me, if you don't want to go to draw a picture of happiness without knowing me, then think again, once again, do you love me or not?"

Seeing the status, tears came to Nimura's eyes, he wanted to shout and say - yes! Yes! I love you, I love you... But don't say. After that day, the two lost contact again.

Why does Lamis seem to have such a long vacation this time ?? He feels unbearable every day except Nimu!

Finally, the class started. Nimu did not come. He was seen standing at the gate after the holiday. Lamis ran to him. - What happened to you, no research, good body ?? Can't you talk? - All right, come with me. -Where? - My marriage is a bastard! Let me be your witness! Come on! - Nimu, what happened to you ?? - Will you go? Or will I go back home ??! -Okay, let's go.

The two of them are walking, Nimu is not saying anything, Lamis is having a lot of tension. - Tell me something? - Do you have a relationship with Anitra? - Who told you that ?? -Well then the facts are true? Congratulations. -Nimu! Nothing like that! I swear! Believe me! -Nothing like that? So how do I hear? - How do I understand you ?? I love you Nimu! I love you! I never thought of any other girl after you came into my life! - Can you flirt with everyone? I do not understand anything ?? What? Can the head be down? Answer the words now!

Lamis's eyes got wet, he knelt on the ground with his head down, -I know, I have hurt you a lot, you have forgiven me again and again. I'm sorry. My life is incomplete without you, please love me once, I promised - and don't bother, let's get better, just as you say. - Aren't you ashamed ?? How do people cry in the street ?! Get up! Lamis wiped his eyes and stood up. -Don't you say anything else, Lamis? - I'm tired of talking, I want to hear today.

Nimu clasped Lamis's hand in his own and said - just bind me once in your hand, then I will give you the punishment of love from birth to death. Give me a small red tip every day, even if you give me two rupees.

Lamis's watery eyes sparkled, she had never had so much peace in her life. Suddenly it started to rain, Nimu's eyes filled with tears. Nah, she doesn't want to cry anymore, forget the past and just move on now, move on with Lamis.

-Tip Dimmu, whatever you want, Dimmu, Nimu, let's get married! - My mother is bad! Come on!

In this way, it became a love story that didn't have to happen, Lamis for Nimu and Nimu for Lamis.

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