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A little copper wire

A little copper wire

By Nikhil BhowmikPublished 2 years ago 14 min read

A little copper wire

Manik was shouting that the listener of the newspaper is Jayant. He is lying in an easy chair with his eyes closed. Signs of annoyance on his face. There is no novelty in any news. The killers are killing in that old way. Thieves also invent new ways to steal

Can't All the righteous and the unrighteous be on the same path.

Manik is reading a new story: ‘Strange coincidence! "Last week, a young man named Ajit Kumar Basu was struck by lightning at a house in Salikha. That was again last night

Ajit Kumar's second brother Asim Kumar dies at home

As a result. As the English proverb says, misfortune never comes alone. But we have never heard the story of such an unfortunate appearance of the same misfortune in the same family twice on top of it. '

Stop Manik. For now, there is no need to read any news. 'Manik laughed and said,' I understand. '

‘What do you mean?’

‘You are the food of thought in this news

You got it. '

‘I got it. My sinful mind is not willing to readily admit to some kind of impossible coincidence. Behind the hand of God, I see the hand of man. '

Manik left the paper on the front table without answering.

Jayant was stunned for a while. Then he said, ‘The receiver of the telephone

Put it forward. '

‘Who will you call?’

"To our friend Girindra Chowdhury."

‘Inspector Girindra Chowdhury?’

‘Yes. His field of work is in that area; Maybe he's our dark mind

Will be able to enlighten you a little. '

Girindra Chowdhury's voice was awakened in the phone in time.

"Grinder, I am Jayant."

‘Two people were killed in a lightning strike in the same house.

Did it happen in your area? '

‘Oh ho ho, got it. Manasa got the smell of incense!

That's right

Brother? I also want to be present at the scene

Yes, but until then. '

‘What do you mean?’

‘Doubt peeking into the corner of my mind! But

He expresses suspicion or nurture

There is no way to do it. '


‘People দু both ব lightning or electricity

He died in the attack. "

‘But what is doubt again?’

‘No, not exactly doubt. But sometimes

Getting the opposite hint.

I will come here once to visit

Or? '

"I'm not upset."

Seeing Jayant and Manik, Girindra said, ‘

First of all, do you want to drink a cup of coffee? You know, I'm not a fan of tea. '

Jayant said ‘I don’t want coffee or tea. We came to hear the story today. '

"Then let's start from scratch."

"Yes, except Gaur Chandrika."

‘Listen. Today is one year since Amarnath Bose died

Gone. He was a big landowner,

Owners of substantial movable and immovable property.

Being Ajit Kumar, Asim Kumar and Amal Kumar

He has three sons. Little Amal minor, sec

Year student. Amarbabu's only daughter

Sushma is married, her husband's name

Surendranath Mitra. Sushma's father-in-law's house is abroad

But at the request of the brothers after the death of the father


He lives in his father's house. This is the past

And the identity of the current potters.

‘When Ajit first died in a lightning strike,

The incident did not linger in my mind.

The doctor said the cause of death was an electric shock.

But the day before yesterday Asim also died in that way

We were pleasantly surprised; This time too

I heard the cause of death in the face of the doctor, but


Thunderstorms on the same family within weeks

The bias is wonderful. Of course two events

Thunder from the cloudy sky at night


We have all heard. '

"But why are you sceptical?"

‘I went to the spot in two days without two bodies

No more lightning strikes

I didn't see any sign. '

"Did you notice anything else?"

‘I did. The body was found in two days

On the floor below the east window. Also

I noticed that Ajit and Asim on the night of death

He slept on the bed, on the bed

There is no lack of evidence. But on a catastrophic night

They left their beds by the window

Why did you come? I did not get the answer to this question. '

‘Then you would have filed a case

Couldn't. '

‘Uh! The case will stand on what. Where is the proof?

. Doubt will not be accepted as evidence! '

‘Can you take me to the scene once?’

‘Effortlessly. Five-six to get there

It doesn't take more than a minute. But there

Will you go and see? '

"That's what you see."

Girindra laughed and said, ‘But I am

Predicting going there

Nothing more than what we have seen

Can't you see It is

Not a case, surprisingly two in a coincidence

People have just died. '

‘I hope your words come true. Let's go now. '

Amarbabu's house is medium. To its east

Tramline leaf road, west side

Outdoor ponds and gardens and to the south

Rows of neighbours' houses.

Jayant and Manik Road with Grinder

He came and stood on the second-floor verandah.

Girindra said while showing everything, ‘

In the corner of the veranda are three houses

The first room is Ajit's house. The second room

Asim's and Amal's third house. First house

Ajit's second room under this window

Asim was found under that window

Corpses. These two houses are empty now. '

Jayant enters the two rooms and looks around

Began to do.

Every window, even the iron on the wall

If you test it well up to the grate.

Nothing significant was found.

Then they have a window in the third room

He approached and stood. Seen from the outside

Gail is sitting on a chair inside the room

Two people. One will be eighteen or nineteen years old

One is close to forty.

Turning to Jayant, Girindra said quietly, ‘

Amal and his brother-in-law Surenbabu. 'Then

He turned to the house and shouted, 'What happened?

Surenbabu, why is the expression on Amal's face so strange? '

Amal's hand on her head affectionately

Suren said, ‘Amal saw the police at home again

Scared. So I tried to explain it

I'm doing it. '

‘Well done. We are not tigers

I will not bite Amal. Today

I have come to do the last investigation, I will not come again

. '

Suren said, ‘No more investigation! This is the beating of God,

The police are not investigating! '

Jayant came back from there

When asked, ‘Is Amal still in this house?

Is there? '




"Where is Surenbabu's house?"

"On the west side of the house."

Tram with his hands on the porch railing

Jayant looked at the road and stood silently

Remained. What he is thinking is nothing but seeing his face

Joe doesn't understand.

Manik said, ‘What the heck, meditation sinks in the sea

If so? '

‘I’m not trying to swim Manik, I am

I'm trying to float. '

Girindra jokingly said, ‘What a discovery

Do you hear me? '

‘Listen? Thieves can easily come to this house

. '

‘Is that so?’

‘Looking at that gas-poster below

Look. As soon as you get on top of it, you reach this verandah

Available. '

‘Uh, unexpected discovery!’

‘I discovered another roadblock

াড়া House rent -

Letters are hanging. House rent

Will be given. '

‘What is yours, what is mine?’

‘I think I will rent the house.

I love the place.

I will stay here for a while. '

‘What do you mean?’

‘I mean nothing. This is my idea. And

Notice is meaningless. Then

We can leave. "

Jayant did not joke, today is the truth

Shikhar has come up to that house.

Manik's curiosity knows no bounds. She is wonderful

You know, Jayanta doesn't notice for no reason. Those two

He discovered no clue from the inside of death

Of course, he did. Otherwise in front of the scene-

Why is he so interested to stay in front?

To enter Jayant's mind

Grindr also became less busy. She is everyday

Comes and asks the same question, ‘Why are you here?

If you rent a house. If you stay here

What is your purpose? '

Jayant Boba. He just smiles and sniffs.

Weeks and two passed. Jayant is out at noon

He came out with a small bag in his hand

L In the evening.

Manik said, ‘I see the bag is new, inside

What's up? '

The bag is carefully hidden inside the cupboard

Jayant smiled and said,

"You will understand in due course."

Manik said angrily, "Why so much secrecy?"

‘If you talk about the appendix in the first paragraph

Someone likes to read novels

No. The art of detective storytelling is revealed

Through hiding. '

It was eleven o'clock at night. Night at this time

After finishing the meal, Jayanta went to bed and took shelter

But today he ate by the side of the road

He dragged the chair in front of the window

Sat down.

Manik Sudhole, "Can't go to sleep?"



‘I want to see the moon tonight

The whole sky is clouded with ink on the face

Whether it is covered with clouds. Then maybe wake up hu-

The wind is blowing, maybe it will rain

The drizzle, the drizzle, the drizzle

Bajra Damru. '

‘What is the cause of the sudden bizarre poetry?’

"Tell me who doesn't want to be a poet."

‘I see the glory of the moon in the sky.

How will the storm come down today? '

"If you let the people know."

"Who is he again?"

‘Those who deal with meteorology. You know

Government to impose meteorology

There is an office. I went there today.

Khabar plum, tonight towards the end of the storm-

There is a possibility of rain. '

‘You are becoming increasingly unintelligible.

And trying to convince you

I will not. I'm going to bed now. '

"That's right."

Manik's sudden sleep at the sound of what many nights

Brokedown. Inside the house, there is a strong wind.

The door of the house is open. In front of the window

There is no joy on the chair. His bed is also empty.

Manik is startled by the roar of lightning

When you look there, instead of the moonlight

Only darkness can be seen. It's raining

The sound was also heard.

Going to close the window early

Another scene caught Manik's eye. Amarbabur

One above the gas post in front of the house

Idols. At the last moment, the statue jumped to the ground

Upstairs There was no delay in recognizing the light of the gas.


Manik stands stunned, Jayant

He came again and stood inside the room. His

Smiling face.

‘What a victory, you are immortal like a thief

Did you go home? '

"I went."

‘Rubber shoes on your feet, rubber on your hands

Gloves! '

"Yes, this is vulcanized rubber."


‘If you want to be more surprised than that

Run to the telephone. '


‘Call Girindra. Tell me, run to Sadalbal now

To come. '

‘Seki, tonight! In this storm? '

‘Yeah, yeah, yeah! Standing like a fool

Don't ask questions. Tell Girindra now

Sadalbale did not go to Amarbabu's house in this case

There will be no edges. Until then I rest a little

Didn't. '

Shortly after, with a group of guards

Grindr came and appeared like a toothpick.

Before he could ask any question, Jayant said, ‘Now

No words. We have to go now

Inside Amarbabu's house. '

The doorman opened the door and the police at this inopportune time

I was surprised to see it. Jayant got up with everyone

Went to the top. Roadside

When he went to the verandah, he threw the torchlight.

There is a lifeless statue lying there.

Girindra said in fear, ‘Daddy! Again

Death by lightning? '

Jayant said, "Look further."

Grinder took a few steps forward and looked closely

He exclaimed in astonishment,

Surenbabu! Who binds his hands and feet? '

Jayant said, "I am."


"Suren is a murderer."

‘Killer! Who did Surenbabu kill again? '

"To Ajit and Asim."

At that time a window of the third room of the verandah

Opened. Peeking from inside

Amal's frightened face.

Jayant said, ‘Suren to kill again today

Wanted that poor Amal. '

Girindra said, ‘But Ajit and Asim died

Lightning strikes! Lightning is in Surenbabu's hand

Not caught. '

‘Asim and Ajit did not die in the thunderbolt.

They have been killed by lightning.

By the flow. '


‘Lookout that window?’

There are six bars on the windows

A little copper wire.

Grinder nodded and said, ‘

I don't understand. "

‘Silver is the strongest current

Through the inside. Then the place of copper.

Then gold, aluminium, etc. '

‘I understand. But with this copper wire inside

How will the electrical energy be transmitted? '

‘Tramline in front. That over the head

Electric tram with thick wires

Let's go to the other end of this copper wire in the window

Still clinging to him.

I cut her from the middle otherwise

So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange

I can't see the situation. '

‘What awful, what awful! But - ‘

You still have "but" in mind. Then

Listen to me a little more clearly. '

Jayant said, ‘Suren is a first

The most clever devil in the class.

Quite a new way to kill a man by beating his head

Discovered. Used to work

On a night like a storm-rain-thunder that day

Will help. What a nightmare he had

Would choose; The question may arise here! I

I think, like me, he is also a government official-

He used to go to the scholars.

‘What to do for people in such a situation

Naturally, he talks about it in his mind

Did. Even in this rainy season, it is a tropical country

People, we are in bed by the bedroom window

Take refuge. If it suddenly rains at night

We wake up. Then the raindrops

Sleepy eyes to protect themselves from

The windows open sooner rather than later

I stopped with a thud.

"It simply came to our notice then

Suren Patat is a fantastic trap. A little copper

He is like that with the window bars

He would hug me as soon as I closed the window

She has no choice but to touch him. Copper

The other end of the wire he used to throw electric

On top of the living tram wire in power. In the water

The window would have made her more alive then

Touching him, death is inevitable.

‘Then in due course, Suren came back on his own

The secret signs of notoriety would disappear.

I believe that dangerous death is like that

Suren used to use me while playing

Balkanized rubber shoes and gloves. As a result

Could not attack electrical power.

‘Suren may have guessed that, too, the same

Three people in the house one by one

The extent of police suspicion when a person dies

Will not exist. But even this was not unknown to him

That is if you cannot discover the real secret

Any doubt will be crippled because it is a doubt

Evidence is not the same thing. But Suren is very clever

Whether or not people understand his plot

There may be on earth, that's the idea

To bring

Couldn't. This is the weakness of the super clever.

‘Two people upstairs in the same house

Death by lightning, but by lightning at home

There is no sign and the dead person is found

By the window! These are unusual

Seeing the matter, I got into it

Find the hand of the killer! Harper

Standing on the veranda towards the living wire

As soon as I looked, my mind came to light

A strong indication of suspicion.

‘Then there was the delay in finding the motive for the killing

No. Amarbabu's three sons are absent

The property will be owned by his daughter and Suren

Being the husband of that daughter?

‘I am there to guard the scene

Front house rent

I took it. The meteorologist said, today is deep

Chance of thunderstorms at night.

I also woke up on the verandah

Seeing Suren's appearance like a thief. Silently

With the help of a gas post, he went up to the verandah

I hid in the dark. Then Suren's death-

As soon as the snare is over, so am I.

Like I jumped on his neck - me

I wanted to hold him by the hand.

I captured him before he uttered the word TMU

I will do it and then I will cut it

The living death-trap wire in electric power.


About the Creator

Nikhil Bhowmik

HI, I am Nikhil Bhowmik.I passed Master Degree in Mathematics.I also passed Master in Library and Information Science.I write blog, articles and courses in my personal website. I also write articles to medium,Hub-pages and Facebook.

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