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A Story of Devotion, Love and Desire

Story of Love and Desire , starring Michele Rendino and Lucrezia Guidone as she investigates suspicions of marriage and infidelity.

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A Story of Devotion, Love and Desire: New Steamy Netflix Series


Sarah Petralia/Netflix © 2021

Netflix has launched another Italian series, Dedication, A Story of Love and Desire (Fideltà), starring Michele Rendino (from Young Montalbano) and Lucrezia Guidone as she investigates suspicions of marriage and infidelity. Here's another Netflix series about jealousy and extramarital affairs. The accompanying survey may contain some spoilers.

Based on Marco Missiroli's 2019 hit novel Fedeltà, Obligation follows Carlo and Margherita, an elderly couple living in Milan. Carlo (played by Michele Rendino) is a college teacher and writer, and one of his students, Sofia (played by Caroline Sala), is very upbeat in an exploratory writing class. Margherita (Lucrezia Guidone) is a site expert who wants to use her imagination and become an interior builder. Margaret becomes suspicious after seeing Carlo comforting Sophia in the university bathroom.

A Story of Commitment, Love and Desire is a six-part Italian animated drama about loyalty and marriage, alluding to series such as The Affair or Scenes From A Wedding. What sets this story apart from others is the series' idea that suspicion of infidelity could separate the Farrah-bound couple.


Sarah Petralia/Netflix © 2021

Infidelity novels often come from hopeless relationships. Not so with Carol and Margaret. As the six-part series kicks off, the couple has everything that makes them special in a happy, loving relationship. They want each other physically, because the opening arrangement of the main plot has been verified, and they're thinking about buying a loft together that they can't manage anyway. To their mates, they seemed like the perfect couple. As Margarita told one of her companions, their relationship was so close that only Carlo was allowed to peruse the main draft of his book. The series recommends Carlo and Margaret's certainty about the strength of their relationship. After five years together, they are still fascinated.

Until student Sophia enters the picture. She is one of Carlo's replacements, who he met at a special education event. There is a clear sign between Sofia and Carlo. In class, Sophia overcomes the pressure when Carlo distributes essay exercises to his students. Carlo followed her to the bathroom to comfort her. They were seen by another alternative. The next day, censured by university officials, Caro told his significant other about the accident. He assured Margarita that nothing had happened between him and his colleagues. In any case, when Carlo gets a late-night call from Sophia, Margaret becomes more suspicious.

These doubts will gradually separate the couple, as Margarita also begins to look elsewhere, and she is her new, attractive de facto expert. To get Margaret to develop the issue further, he also revealed that a rift had developed in Carlo and Margaret's seemingly ecstatic relationship. Margarita's constant leg torment would eventually become an inaccurate expression in their relationship, an indication of quiet stress or tension between spouses.

Dedication presents a fairly basic story while recommending the intricacies of linking. While the series' first Italian title, the equivalent of a novel, makes it clear that this is a loyalty-themed story, the English version of the title, a bit puzzling, is just right. He reveals another part of the story that is tied to Margarita's character. Beneath the surface, Carlo and Margaret's relationship isn't as magical as it seems. As her other half told her, their relationship included her commitment to Carol. Rebuking him for his alleged infidelity, revealing that she was just thinking about him and his demands for the next five years of their relationship, forgiving herself, and her fantasies about being an interior builder. The series noted that it was this dedication that caused her legs to suffer and also patted her on the back.

Devotion: A Story of Love and Desire is a riveting series that tells a story that's more confusing than it might seem at first glance. The series highlights the wonderful exhibition of the leadership team, written by Elisa Amoroso, Laura Colella and Alessandro Fabri, and coordinated by Stefano Cibani and Andrea Molioli.


Sermonette: Best Romance Story

Last week was Valentine's Day, a day dedicated to expressing our love for each other. I often wonder if that means we don't need to love each other for the rest of the year. It helps us remember our oath in court and show our sincerity when we stand up for affirmation. Does that mean you can't expect to be sure when you don't swear to tell the truth?

Anyway, there are piles of hearts, flowers and candy, and a special dinner to express how special it is for someone to be such an important part of our lives. Time and time again, the outflow of these feelings was short-lived. Unfortunately, when the candy is gone and the flowers wither, life is fully restored. On top of that, the typical model isn't great all the time.

One of the meanings of love, as this quote suggests, is "a selfless concern which unreservedly acknowledges the constancy of another and seeks its greatest; God's fatherly concern for man." Although We may err in knowing how to fully express love, God has shown the ultimate expression of worship. Often we love those we truly love who need our love and therefore our worship.

In any case, God has come a long way in the past. He loves those who don't value him. We read in the Bible in James 4:4, "Don't you know that the company of the world is the enemy of God? Then whoever will be the company of the world is the enemy of God." Because we cruelly do not Obey God's holiness, we deserve God's judgment. But, "God praises his love for us because when we sinned, we forsook Christ." (Romans 5:8). Whenever Jesus was killed, he kicked the bucket for us, "the Lord put the oppression of the multitude on him". (Isaiah 53:6).

Worship is tender. There is no better expression of worship than God giving his Son to yourself and me so that we can trace eternal life by trusting in him. "Because God so cherished this world that he even gave him his firstborn, that all who believe in him might not die, but have an endless life." (John 3:16). This is the best romance ever.


love story

"Love Story" is a film about feelings that airs on UPtv. Upbeat author Robbie Easton conducts a retreat for a Tahoe essayist looking to settle his book deal. Woody, owner and president of Tahoe, is tasked with arranging outdoor sports for paper authors. Regardless, he's worried about the week after his recent breakup. Whenever Ruby showed up, she hesitated to participate in any of the scheduled exercises. However, I've noticed that the break the retreat gives her may give her more motivation than she expected.

The love story offers some engaging, artful debate and fair play. Regardless, she has a light-hearted romantic perspective, with characters appreciating the importance of romance and portraying nature in the thrill. However, someone admits her standards are too high and seems to realize she should be more reasonable because of the love book. Other moral elements of the film emphasize kindness and a special focus on the well-being of those you care about most. MOVIEGUIDE® only reminds the youngest of love stories.

(Ro, B, N, M):

Other content/elements of current World Vision and World Vision:

A light-hearted romantic perspective in which the characters appreciate the importance of romantic stories and the magnificence of nature as a driving force, anyway, it is comforting that one admits that his guidance is very high, since romance books, seem to realize that they should be more Reason, other moral components emphasize good neighbourliness and special attention to the well-being of those you care about

Foul language:

Not indecent or obscene


no brutality


No simulated sex or perversion outside of marriage


Top men and women naked in a one-piece swimsuit

Uses of wine:

Social Drinking Notice of Someone Stealing Alcohol During Prohibition

Smoking and Substance Abuse and Abuse:

not smoking or taking medication; and,

Feel free to indulge:

A bit rude and lying, but eventually the truth came out.

"Love Story" is a film about feelings that airs on UPtv.

The film begins with Robbie Easton, an accounting employee and hopeful emotional writer, who runs a book club for her mother and her mother's companions. Out of consideration, Ruby's mother submitted her book to Tahoe Essay Writers Retreat. According to her mother, who will have an annual outing to Lake Tahoe, it's a "fantastic opportunity." Whatever it was, the deadline was fast, so Robbie had to make a quick decision.

Meanwhile, in Lake Tahoe, hotel owner and proprietor Woody is unhappy with assisting the essayist's retreat to the cabin. He's more of an outdoors person and easier to read for a lot of people, especially considering he's been through a breakup recently.

After hesitating, Robbie opted to go to the resort, hoping for a chance to cash in on Marcus Harlow, a big name in the distribution world. When Ruby shows up with her mother, she's focusing on her next big essay proposal to impress Marcus. In any case, Marcus was called to work in Los Angeles, and Woody left to get in touch with reporters' emotions.

Did someone say camping and climbing? Currently, Robbie has to leave her job.

During this period, Woody H.


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