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Just Breath

No numbing this fear

By G. A. BoteroPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Just Breath
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    Tick tock, tock, toc.


    feel; see.

    Nerves twitch

    Eye open.

Her eyes opened. It wasn’t dark anymore. 'How long have I been laying here she thought.' She put her hands to her face and with her fingertips examined her skin. Her skin felt dry but relatively the same as she remembered it. I can’t image I’ve aged much -she murmured. She looked down. A gown. 'How strange.'

I don’t like the color pink.

She tried getting up but couldn’t. She looked closer at her body as her eye sight began to lose the blur. Her torso was strapped to the bed. 'How strange' she thought once more, but without fear or wonder.

She looked around. The sun reflected of the glass sending beautiful colors across the room much like a prism would but without one. The window was cracked slightly open enough to let the smell of spring refresh the air in an otherwise stale room. The pink walls matched her pink gown and although she hated the color she felt relaxed. This she found strange.

'Knock knock' she jumped as the leather straps made a cracking sound.

The door opened slowly; opening towards her so she could not see who was entering.

'Good morning. I see you have awoken.'

She hear the voice she could not see the face. 'Was her eye sight blurry again' she wondered.

Her chest tightened

Tick tock, tick tock


I can’t feel, I can’t see

Nerves twitch

I can’t see

The voice said. - 'just breath.'


About the Creator

G. A. Botero

I have a million bad ideas, until a good one surfaces. Poetry, short stories, essays.

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    G. A. BoteroWritten by G. A. Botero

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