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I Have A Dream

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By Mike Singleton 🌜 Mikeydred πŸŒ›Published 2 months ago β€’ 2 min read
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All dreams are fiction unless we make them come true.

This a dream I have often, it does recur and maybe it says something about me, that many will see as weak stupidity and others will see as strength, kindness and hope.

I think of the words of many who have stood against evil in all its forms and thanks to many of them I am still alive today.

I think of Martin Luther King's Speech and I want all his thoughts in that to come true.

I have a recurring dream that there are no wars and the world is building monuments of peace.

Poverty and famine are a thing of the past before we learned to look after each other and do what was best for everyone.

There are still billionaires and big corporations, but the priority is making sure everyone has care and a good life and money is little more than a means to an end. Money is no longer worshipped, it is just a slightly better alternative than bartering.

If someone falls ill they are cared for, they never have to wonder if they can afford that treatment.

In my dream everyone goes to bed and wakes up happy, they are all able to do whatever they want as I do.

This is an actual Heaven on Earth.

There is spirituality but no one flaunts riches in the name of their religion, in Britain the monarchy is low-key and has turned almost all their properties into accommodation for those in need.

This is a happy world.

We enjoy our sports and music, and the ability to travel.

All energy is renewables and the Earth itself is thriving.

This is my dream.

And then I wake.

And I see war, poverty, and famine mostly existing because of the pursuit of money and power.

It is unfortunate that my recurring dream ish absolute heaven and then I awake to to the nightmare of reality.

I hope that people can see the sense of my dreams, I know that some already do but there are a few who make this world a nightmare for the majority.

The rulers are often liars out to line their own pockets, but I know in my dreams that the world can be perfect.

In my dream there is kindness. Race and skin colour are just there, and are seen as a reason to be positive enhancing the rich tapestry of the whole of humanity, and then we have the whole LGBTQ+ spectrum, that fills the world with fun and colour.

When everyone comes together and sees differences as positives and an opportunity to learn and experience wonderful things, this will be as perfect in real life as it is in my wonderful dream.

I know my dream draws from real life but it is just a dream, but I so want to make it come true.

If all the money spent on weapons were spent on building homes, improving health and education the world could be a real heaven on earth.

That is my dream, and I love it when I am there, and i hope to wake up to it one day.

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Mike Singleton 🌜 Mikeydred πŸŒ›

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Comments (10)

  • Mark Graham20 days ago

    To me this describes the New Heaven and the New Earth concept I heard about and believe in when heaven comes down to earth.

  • Jaye Poolabout a month ago

    A beautiful dream!

  • A wonderful, worthwhile dreamβœ… Especially liked β€˜If all the money spent on weapons were spent on building homes, improving health and education the world could be a real heaven on earth.’ If we each seek to help each other, what an improvement we’d see.

  • Denelsia Walkerabout a month ago

    The dream described Mike is truly inspiring and resonates with many who long for a world of peace and equality. πŸ’ž The eloquent depiction of a utopian society, contrasted with the harsh realities of our current world, invites readers to reflect on the possibility of manifesting such a reality. Through beautifully crafted prose, you ignite a sense of hope and determination, encouraging readers to join in the pursuit of a better world for all. It's a poignant reminder of the power of dreams and the potential for positive change when we unite in our aspirations for a brighter future.

  • Murali2 months ago

    You had a great dream full of peace and love, but most of my dreams are strange.

  • I too hope this dream would come true. Loved your story!

  • Cathy holmes2 months ago

    And what a lovely dream it is.

  • Ameer Bibi2 months ago

    You had an amazing dream A true heaven on earth

  • Christy Munson2 months ago

    Wow. No, really. Wow.

Mike Singleton 🌜 Mikeydred πŸŒ›Written by Mike Singleton 🌜 Mikeydred πŸŒ›

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