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Junior Year

First Day As A Junior : Ch.1

By Emily BinkleyPublished 5 months ago 4 min read

Junior year.First day in his class.

It was finally seventh period.The last period of the day,where everyone anticipated to go home.

"Come in and find your name on the desk," said a dark bald man, who wore a tan suit with shiny dark brown dress shoes. He stood next to a tan colored door that had a sign that said “Welcome to Mr.Slings English class.

Inside the classroom there was an arrangement of desks on three sides of the classroom, creating a dome shape.The teacher desk was in the far corner of the classroom.

Each desk had a neon pink square sticky notes on the right-hand corner. Each sticky note had a student name, written in cursive with a black pen on it. The tardy bell rang three times, everybody was sitting in their desks, looking at each other; except for one person.

Mr.Slings sat at his desk and started to take attendance.

-When I call your name say here.





A light skin girl with black curly hair said coming into the classroom . She wore a black and red plaid open button down shirt with a black v-neck shirt underneath it ,and black leather tennis shoes.

She walked slowly towards an empty seat with her head down as the whole class were staring at her.

-Mia,why you late to my class!

Mr.Slings yelled in a stern voice that made the whole room jump and more alert. This put Mia at a standstill.

“Sorry I am late I was coming from the gym”, Mia mumbles.

"How many of y'all came from the gym ?"

About 3 people raised their hand.

-You see , the teacher said rolling his eyes

-now go sit down

-Shy? Anderson?Shy Anderson?

A dark skin girl who wore a little pink and white striped blouse rolled her head up and said "I said here!"

-nobody can hear you

-And Trevor


Everyone laughed in silence.The bald man sat at his desk in front of the computer screen, and just rolled his eyes as he pulled up a powerpoint about himself.

-Man y'all need to learn how to get to class on time

Mia just sat there rocking in her desk, staring at the PowerPoint, avoid looking at anybody .

Mr.Slings begun to talk about himself;I am from the great state of Arizona...I used to be a member of the Air Force for 3 years after I got out of highschool (he said as a picture of his younger skinny self in a uniform was projected on the board ). All the students were mesmerised at how skinny he looked.

-Wait you had hair?

-Yes I did ...I decide to go bald to save some money….. I mean there's no need to go to the barber shop if you don't have any hair…..

-Ya it looks good on you ….you don't look right with hair

-Haha, okay thanks DeMarcus

Once the powerpoint was over he stood up from his desk and walked to the stand that was in front of the projector screen.

-This is English III Ap.This is a rigorous course.If you decided to take the Ap exam and meet the minimum score you can get college credit...I advise y'all to start saving your money today.

The big bald headed man walked around the room and handed everyone a syllabus.After he passed the last packet out, Mia decided that enough time has passed so she raises her hand.


-May I go to the bathroom please sir?

-Uh we don't have bathroom here

-I meant to say restroom

The whole class laughed.

-So, can I go?

- I am about to go over something very important and you came into my classroom late.You should had went to the restroom before class.You know what,I don't care.Go on head.Make sure you have your Id and take the hall pass.

The whole room was silent.Mia got her ID out of her blue bag. She then stood up and rushed to grab the hall pass off the table near the door as she was walking out.The whole time while she was walking out, everyone was looking at her in silence.

Mia proceeded to the end of the hallway and down the stairs.

“Hey where are you going,there are restrooms upstairs!”Slings shouted poking his head out the door.Mia just ignored him.

“Okay,I guess she didn’t hear me”, Mr.Slings said out loud to himself,as he saw her halfway down the stairs.

-Y’all when ever y’all leave to go to the restroom, go to the one in the hallway behind us. Do not go downstairs. Y’all should know that already because y’all are juniors.Most of y’all been here for three years almost.

Mr.Slings told the classroom as he slammed the door.

The whole class jumped, and was staring at Mr.Slings with fear of feeling his raft next .

Mia went passed the cafeteria, walk to the girls restroom that was in the far end of the school next to the gym ,and froze in its entrance . She then turned away from the entrance and went to the water fountain to get rid of the lump she felt in her throat. Again she went into the restroom entrance way and froze.


Why do you think Mia is scare? Come back for Chapter 2 to find out!

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About the Creator

Emily Binkley

Hey ! I love lifting, inspiring and encouraging people through my writing! I also love writing poetry! So please read to get inspired!

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  • Charlotte Flores5 months ago

    Nice. This story reminded me of my school days and I am sure that more interesting things will happen in the next chapters. I like your writing style. You have written very clearly and fluently and the reader will not get confused while reading the story. I hope to read more of your story soon. If you want, I will be happy to read my stories and comment.

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