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Jung_E:An Emotional Sci-Fi Journey Awaits You

Jung_E Review

By papi AlexPublished 8 months ago 3 min read

In a world where humanity has largely relocated to the Moon due to severe climate change, where civil war has been ongoing, where AI plays a major role in war technology, where people can have their consciousness uploaded and controlled by corporations, and where ethics tests determine human vs AI, a warrior named Yun Jung-yi fights robots. She's a clone, Jung_E, of the original Yun Jung-yi who's been in a coma for years, and her brain contents are key elements in weapons development at a firm called Kronoid. Yun Jung-yi's daughter, Seo-hyun, who is also a chief developer on the project, is conflicted with her boss, Kim Sang-hoon, who prioritizes the project's success and job security over ethics. In flashbacks, we see Seo-hyun as a young ill girl saying goodbye to her mother before her death. After a failed simulation, Jung_E displays unusual brain activity, reading "UNIDENTIFIED AREA." What could this mean?Get ready for an unexpected twist in this sci-fi drama as it explores the complex bond between a daughter and her mother. The stunningly crafted dystopian world is sure to leave you in awe, especially with its breathtaking climax scenes. Although the first half of the movie may appear slow-paced, hang in there as the story gradually delves into the depths of the characters and their emotional journey.

An impactful and profound movie that meets all expectations, offering a refreshing surprise. With low expectations, this film delivers a captivating sci-fi storyline, impressive acting, and a well-constructed plot, leaving viewers feeling grateful for not wasting their time. Despite having some reservations about the character of the combat AI director, whose demeanor was at times annoying, it is still recommended for sci-fi enthusiasts. Additionally, the movie almost made the viewer regret not knowing Korean as it is believed that important details or humor may have been lost in translation. The voice overs were well executed, but it is believed that the script would have been better understood in its native language.

As a fervent admirer of Kim Hyun Joo, I am eager to watch any project she is a part of. This particular film is exceptional and I am taken aback by the low ratings it has received. It is a combination of sci-fi and a touching story that left an emotional impact on me. The actress who played the role of the scientist, Kang Soo-yeon, passed away at the young age of 55 last year, which was heartbreaking. Despite its sad story, I highly recommend watching this movie, as it is a short film that will leave a lasting impact

The animation, action scenes, and acting in the movie were top-notch, particularly in the first half. However, the story started to deteriorate when the plot took a sudden shift from fighting AI to maternal AI. Although the intention was to focus on the mother-daughter relationship, it felt underdeveloped and lacked effort. It appeared to be rushed and inserted into the story for the sake of having a plot twist.

In comparison to Netflix's "I Am Mother," the portrayal of the robotic mother had a greater impact on the overall movie vibe. While the movie highlights the realistic approach to capitalistic life and the change, it is questionable if people would accept buying an android robot modeled after an idealistic soldier. Overall, the second half of the movie failed to deliver the same level of excitement as the first half

For sci-fi fans, this movie is not to be missed. With influences from Westworld and the iconic films "I, Robot" and "Terminator", you'll be enthralled by the thrilling robot actions and mesmerizing visual effects.

So, if you're a fan of both drama and sci-fi, this movie is made for you. Buckle up for an emotional ride that pays off with an epic finale that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

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