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June's Journey Full Story

Volume 1: Chapter 29

By Kelly RileyPublished about a year ago 4 min read

If you want to read the entire story from the app June's Journey, created and written by Wooga, without having to scroll through each chapter to read the content, here are all of the clues and the conversations that go with each clue.

Chapter 29: Blasted

There are words for people like Arabella Peel that are best left unwritten. Her mine was poisoning the villagers, and she bribed the inspector to say otherwise. We needed to warn Uyai.


We met Uyai at home. She was caring for Oba, who had taken a turn for the worse.

June: We spoke to the woman who owns the mines.

Nicky: She knows the air is toxic. She bribed the inspector to keep quiet about it.

Uyai: Oba is having trouble breathing. Fetch some coffee!

Clue #1

June: I didn't realize coffee opened up the airways.

Uyai: It's the caffeine. But it's only temporary, and Oba's breathing is getting worse. We can't just sit here while this mine destroys our lives.

Nicky: I'll go to the British Health Authority in the next town over. They'll listen to reason.

Uyai: Reason? You must be joking. There's no reasoning with them.

June: There's no harm in asking.

Uyai: Fine. Take the horses. But if this doesn't work, we do things my way.

Clue #2

June: Only two horses.

Joseph: You two go. One doctor should stay with the villagers.

Nicky: We have to try this, right? The British Health Authority has to put a stop to this.

Joseph: I'm not so confident they'll do anything, but you have to try.

June: Well, here goes nothing.


June: So Nicky, why Nigeria? What brought you here?

Nicky: It was always Joseph's intention to return after medical school. They needed doctors, so we decided to make the move. But there are so many people, and the needs just keeps growing.

I could see what Nicky was talking about. Abuja was growing and bustling with life.

Clue #3

June: I've never seen so much construction.

Nicky: Everything's changing so fast, and it's always villages like Sabaa that get left behind. By the way, June, I never properly apologized for the way things ended between us. I'm sorry.

June: I spent a lot of time being angry about it. But I'm glad you and Joseph are happy together. Do you remember when we got lost getting our marriage certificate?

Nicky: How could I forget? We walked two miles in the wrong direction. It was freezing!

June: Yeah, and then it started to snow.

Nicky: We went into that little pub and told them we were getting married. They gave us some brandy for the road.

June: Still a great memory. Now, where is the British Health Authority?

Clue #4

June: Here it is. It's a little hole in the wall. No wonder we couldn't find it. So what's our plan?

Nicky: We go in. We explain the situation. We get Peel Industries to stop.


June: Excuse me, Inspector? We want to talk with you about Peel Industries.

Inspector: Ah, yes, that's Arabella Peel's company. Lovely woman.

The inspector spoke as if he knew her personally, and there was evidence to prove it.

Clue #5

June: Curious photo. Is Mrs. Peel a friend of yours?

Inspector: Oh yes, she and my wife are on the board of trustees for the Ladies' Hibiscus Society.

Nicky: Well, she's practically mining on top of a village. The blasts are poisoning the air. The villagers can't breathe. Their homes are filled with soot.

June: We want another health inspection. The mines aren't safe.

Inspector: Peel Industries just had an inspection. All is in good order.

Nicky: Then someone screwed up.

Inspector: Nonsense. I oversaw the test myself. And I don't appreciate your tone.

Clearly, Mrs. Peel greased his wheels. The grease was practically dripping off of him.

Clue #6

A gold watch. It seemed unlikely that he could afford it on an inspector's salary.

June: Nice watch. Where did you get it? Was it a gift?

Inspector: I think you should go now. It's time for my lunch. Good day.

Nicky: He couldn't be more in Arabella's pocket! So what do we do now?

June: We go back to the village and come up with another plan.


Joseph: Nicky, June, how did it go?

Nicky: Terribly. Arabella Peel has the Health Authority in her pocket.

June: How's the village been holding up, Joseph?

Joseph: Not much better. Arabella Peel has hired extra security for the mines. Things are getting tense.

Clue #7

June: "Report any suspicious activity. Cash reward." What's the meaning of this?

Joseph: Seems Arabella Peel is worried the villagers might try to sabotage the mine.

June: Does Uyai know about this?

Joseph: Yeah. We need to talk about that.

June: What's the matter with Uyai?

Joseph: The security guards came in, starting roughing people up. She was furious. She stalked off towards the mine. I had to stay behind with Oba. June, I'm afraid she's going to do something drastic.

June: I need to find her.

Joseph: If you're going to the mines, you'll need a lantern.

Clue #8

June: All right, I have a lantern. I'm going to find Uyai.

Nicky: Let me come with you.

Joseph: No, Nicky. I need you here. Oba's in bad shape.


June: Uyai, what are you doing here?

Uyai: The only way Oba gets better is if the mining stops. So I'm going to stop it.

June: What are you planning to do?

Clue #9

June: Dynamite? Uyai... This place is crawling with Arabella's security. You can't do this. Blowing up the mine will only make things worse.

Uyai: It'll give us clean air. Oba will be able to breathe again. That's all that matters.

June: You'll be behind bars!

Uyai: Leave, June. I've made up my mind.

June: What about the workers? Someone is going to get hurt.

Uyai: The last shift was an hour ago. Noe one should be here now.

June: Are you sure?

Clue #10

June: There are lights on. Someone must be here.

Uyai: What? They shouldn't be here.

June: You're not a murderer, Uyai.

Uyai: No, of course not. I don't want to hurt anyone. Fine. Let's go.

June: What was that!


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