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Insatisitirepistemania (noun)

A State of Extreme Unquenchable Thirst for Knowledge

By Jennifer DavidPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Insatisitirepistemania (noun)
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I’m a writer. I paint landscapes of worlds unseen on blank pages, with finite words and insufficient punctuation. I break chains of complacency. I push boundaries to wreak havoc on monotony. I burn bridges and invent new structures to carry and connect us. I build houses for new language to dwell. And I throttle diction beyond sight, into oblivion. It’s intoxicating, yet daunting. What if words to articulate the inexplicable never emerge in me?

I'm also a scientist. And, contrary to popular belief, I’m in constant search of questions, not answers. Answers don’t sate me. I’m fulfilled by what I don’t know. I marvel at the next undiscovered phenomena–the exuberance of anomaly. Who knows?

When I embrace these ideas, People think I've reached insanity. Because, I faithfully lock myself away, for hours and days, and drown myself in possibility. I free myself to become a vessel for infinite. When I ignore the calling of indoctrination, however, I teeter on the brink of madness. This madness is like a vampire's thirst. Saliva drips down my chin. My irises erase. At which point, thoughts are thoughtless, unless I feed.

If I don’t eat. I’d faint. I’d starve. I’d be insufferably consumed from the inside out. And like a beast, I’d lose my sense of animation. Creatures weren’t meant for captivity. They were meant for their wing span to fan the clouds, to run, to tread in deep waters. We, like animals, are meant to graze, to hunt, to live. Indulge in insatisitirepistemania.


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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran4 months ago

    This madness is like a vampire's thirst. I loved that line a lot! Fantastic word and story!

  • I love this, Jennifer. I especially love what you say, that you are on a quest for questions, not answers. This reminds me of the quote from John Stuart Mill that it is "better to be Socrates dissatisfied than a fool satisfied." A thirst for knowledge can truly never be satisfied. Answers only lead to more questions. Spread your wings, Jennifer. "Indulge in insatisitirepistemania."

  • Stephanie David4 months ago

    I appreciate a new word to describe the yearning to learn new things for a lifetime. Keep putting "pen to paper". The world needs hearts who fearlessly soar.

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