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Immortal's Tale

A Villain's struggle. A story that depicts the hardships of an immortal and all powerful being, and the turning point he came to that made him understand the human condition.

By Mohammed DarasiPublished 7 years ago 5 min read

Human history is cyclical. Man is always making mistakes. Humanity has many flaws that define it. Many flaws that can destroy it.

I have lived throughout history, witnessing the human condition at its greatest, and witnessing it at its worst.

It is in their nature to gather and rely on one another. I do recognise the ingenuity in their design; human beings realise their own weaknesses and seek others with the skills they need.

I have watched as the human population grew bigger and bigger. As they became more and more intelligent. They have eradicated many obstacles in their way to become what they are now.

Humans have an incredible ability to move on.

As humanity grew, and so did their features. Features such as selfishness, greed, and thirst for power.

Many tyrants appeared throughout history. Atop all other problems humans had to deal with like incurable disease and natural disasters, now they have to deal with overzealous jailers taking their citizens as slaves. I often felt sorry for humans and interfered.

I freed many countries from the clutches of dictators. I asked nothing in return of course, I did those things merely because of my sympathy to the weak and fragile humans. Although I am not naïve, I understand the attention that comes with such actions, some were shocked after beholding an existence more powerful than themselves, some worshipped me as their God and some simply denied my existence.

As the years went by, human innovation improved beyond my expectations and they grew even more powerful. So did their wars. Their wars became more violent, and more wide-spread.

I am the only existence of my kind on earth. You could call me an angel, or you could call me an alien. For a long time I considered myself a true earthling. Unlike humans I do not harm creatures of earth and, beyond a few human affairs, I do not interfere with earthly matters. Time does not affect me as it does other earthly creatures and every time I die, I am resurrected anew. I have already lived thousands of years. I may loathe the human condition but I do enjoy interacting with the race. Their flaws are what makes them interesting. They can be very predictable yet still be fascinating at the same time.

I became part of many human societies and made many friends. I even had a loved one.

I never understood humans fully until I came closer to them. Until I watched as my friends and everyone close to my heart died before my eyes while I continued on living.

Throughout my long life I have experienced a thousand deaths, and a thousand heart breaks. I still cannot decide which were more painful.

My superior existence gave me powers beyond belief and my loved one, Ellen, convinced me that it was a gift for humanity. I told her about everything I have experienced. Every terrified face my powers inspired, every attempt at my life, and every home I had to leave. I told her how I lost hope for humanity yet she still believed. She believed things were different and against my better judgement... I listened.

One night, after revealing my powers to the city by fending off some criminals, I came home expecting my wife greeting me with a hot meal and the most beautiful smile, however what I found broke my heart asunder.

My wife was lain on the ground covered in blood. The all too familiar crimson liquid that is the foundation for all humanity's affluence. Above her on the wall 'GO AWAY DEVIL!' was written in her blood. Around her in the room lay my friends, all in the same state.

My rage was beyond control. I have never lost control in all my many years on this earth, yet now, I was ready to destroy the entire city. And I did just that. No man, woman, or child survived my wrath. Everything in the city perished in a blink of an eye.

After that, my faith in humanity was forever lost.

Now I understand humanity. I understand how wars can occur from seemingly insignificant things. I understand the human fragility that is emotion. Losing Ellen was the single most painful thing I experienced in my life. It was as if a thousand daggers cut through my heart at the same time. As if a void now lay where my heart used to be. I became emotionless.

Before meeting Ellen I at least had empathy. It was now ripped from me. As if the last emotion I had in me was left behind with my beloved Ellen. And with my rage I buried the last of my humanity with that city.

I am now an empty vessel. My days are now empty of meaning. If I could, I would end this wretched never ending life.

As usual, humanity continued on. More innovations, more wars, and more death.

Surprisingly, more superior beings emerged. Beings similar to me. Beings with incredible strength, incredible speed, and the ability to fly. They came to be recognised as Superheroes. Humans accepted these beings as their saviours. The fear that I always inspired in humans seemed to slowly dissipate. However one mistake made by these superior beings and they are shunned aside as monsters. Humanity never changes.

Human history is cyclical. Man is always making mistakes, be it small or big.

I am no man. My life cannot be cyclical. I cannot love any longer.

One thing I am able to do is help my fellow superior​ beings. Show humanity that these heroes are needed. Show the humans that these super beings are no Gods, that they also possess emotion, that they mean to do good, that they are there as a gift to humanity.

I will make Ellen's wish a reality.

Yin needs yang. Light needs darkness. Good needs evil.

I shall become the darkness that brings forth the light of those Heroes.

I shall become their Villain.


About the Creator

Mohammed Darasi

I write fiction, poetry and occasional articles about interesting topics. I recently created a website (just because) which I will be posting my writing in (among other things). it would be great if you check it out.

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  • Mariann Carroll8 months ago

    Very sad, he end up being influenced by mortal way of thinking. Pain can sometimes be the birth of evil mind. Interesting concept story 👏👏👏👏

  • L.C. Schäfer11 months ago

    Brilliant start. I'm already sympathetic to this character, even though he hates us all lol

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