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I Thought I Saw A Stegounicorn

Or Was It A Stegocorn?

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 14 days ago 3 min read
Stegocorn (Unicorn Stegosaurus) Designed and sold by jezkemp


This is from a prompt by Cathy Holmes and as I am including an introduction it can't be microfiction.

The image is taken from a T-Shirt design that you can find here.

I Thought I Saw A Stegounicorn, Or Was It A Stegocorn?

Cathy was confused, she kept seeing things or thought she kept seeing things, that then weren't there or turned out to be something completely normal.

She woke and thought a vampire was standing over her as she slept. It was a nightgown hanging on the door but she couldn't shake the thought that there had been a monster standing over her in her bed while she slept, about to drain her life force.

She couldn't tell anybody, of course, they would tell her she had an overactive imagination, or worse still think she was going mad.

Would they talk about her behind her back? Of course, they wouldn't, they were her friends, and she knew damned well when anything went wrong for her, they were always there to help.

Another morning she was looking through the window, it was close to Halloween, and she saw the weirdest creature crossing her front lawn. It looked like a stegosaurus with a unicorn's horn and it was colored like a pastel rainbow. She almost dropped her cup of coffee, and then looked again. Now it was a child in a stegosaurus costume with a unicorn horn on the top of their head. Was that a Stegounicorne or a Stegocorne? It reminded her of her friend Les's Caticorne in her children's book.

Taylor Swift also did an advert with a caticorn.

Cathy loved the thought of these creatures but was also worried that her imagination was running riot and would fly out of control.

She drank her coffee, and convinced herself that nothing was wrong, and everything would be absolutely fine. The fact that she SAW a Stegounicorn or a Stegocorn meant that her imagination was actually fully functioning, and as a writer that was a good thing.

Who wants to write about or read about mundanities?

The number of things that the thought she saw, like flying monkeys after watching "The Wizard Of Oz", and almost any creature, real or imaginary after reading a book or seeing a film just showed she had an active imagination.

When she told her friends on social media they found it fun, and in turn thought about the things that they saw, but had been too bothered to mention for fear of ridicule, when the reality was that people love to hear about imaginary perceived creatures and creations.

The sky went dark for a moment and immediately her thought was "That could be a Roc, swooping down to carry away the Stegounicorn in its claws and carry it to its nest", but it was just a cloud or an airplane passing overhead, that was mundane, but a Roc was not. Now that would be a story to tell her friends.

Cathy decided to record the Stegounicorn in her diary, as she always did with anything that caught her attention. This was part of being a creator for her. She loved sharing ideas with others and took her diary and placed it on her desk to give her inspiration for her next story.

The stegounicorn might make an appearance, or it might not, but it was one more stimulant for her creativity, along with her coffee, and chat with friends.

Cathy switched on her laptop and then went into her word processor and typed the first sentence of her new piece of microfiction.

"Once upon a time.........."

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  • HandsomelouiiThePoet (Lonzo ward)13 days ago

    Wonderful work ❤️‼️😊

  • Heather Hubler13 days ago

    I enjoyed this immensely :) Just a wonderfully imaginative read. Great job bringing Cathy's stegounicorn to life!!

  • Once upon a time, Cathy lost her marbles. The end 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I had so much fun reading this!

  • Linda Rivenbark14 days ago

    You brought everything together, Cathy's imaginary creature, Les's Caticorn book, and Roc Mythology (not to mention, coffee). Great job of covering Cathy's challenge!

  • Dana Crandell14 days ago

    Great fun, Mike and congratulations to the star, Cathy! I believe I'll have some more coffee.

  • Cathy holmes14 days ago

    This is great, Mike. I'm glad you blamed my creativity rather than my insanity. Lol. Very creative take on my madness. Well done. See, I knew you could do.

  • This is too cute, love the creative playfulness

  • Gina C.14 days ago

    Such a creative story! Well done, Mike!

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