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I laud your 'newVic' values

adj. referring to qualities of the New Victorianism as in, 'We had an excellent discussion and I found his attitudes to be very newVic.'

By Paul MerkleyPublished 7 months ago 1 min read

"What is your opinion, Ms. Cunningham, of deadbeat fathers?"

'They shirk their duty and must be made to pay for the sake of their families.'

The interviewer nodded. "Are there exceptions to the gentleman's code of Do not kiss and tell?"

Cunningham considered. 'For health reasons a prospective partner would need to know a man's sexual history, but that need not involve names, so it does not, in principle, contradict the code.'

'That's well said," the interviewer noted. "Does the same principal apply to a lady?"

'Of course.'

"Ought one respect one's employer and co-workers?"

'Yes, it is one's duty.'

"What, in your view, are the greatest ills of modern society?"

'The inhumanity. The setting aside of responsibilities. Inconsiderate behavior.'

"Is it worthwhile to be hospitable and polite?"


"Does this consideration extend to persons of every race, religion, and orientation?"

'Of course.'

The interviewer smiled and sat back in his chair. "Ms. Cunningham I admire your answers. You are just the person we need, and as founder of this company, New Victorianism Forward, I am pleased to offer you the position of Ambassador. Together we will bring positive change to the world. Together we will make life better."


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Paul Merkley

Co-Founder of Seniors Junction, a social enterprise working to prevent seniors isolation. Emeritus professor, U. of Ottawa. Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. Founder of Tower of Sound Waves. Author of Fiction.

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