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Why must people be so Litefractious? OR Keeping priorities straight

Adj. Describing a situation or group attitude in which a constellation of small contradictory considerations undermines a social or interpersonal relationship to the point of rendering it unworkable.

By Paul MerkleyPublished 7 months ago Updated 7 months ago 1 min read

'I'm throwing a good-bye party for Anna. Just eight of us one meat entree one vegetarian.'

"Can't. Jan's gluten free. Libbie's paleo plant based. Mark is New South Beach. Minimum six different entrees for the 8 guests."

'Nix the food then. Coffee and Music?'

"Bill only likes Jazz. Pete can't stand jazz. Jan classical Libbie reggae. Coffee exploits peasants supports drug lords. Need 5 kinds of milk and cream."

'An activity? Charades?'

"Too patriarchal for Vivian."


"Jan says it's fascist. Mark says it's communist. Bill says it's anti feminist and nihilist."

'Okay no party. Just forget it. Tell me about you and Pete.'

"We broke up."


"He wanted me to commit. I said his biceps are too small his shoes are not cool and he's too safety conscious."

'But he is into you. What did he say?'

"He said he puts up with my makeup and barrettes, which he hates. Why can't I cut him a little slack? I said screw him. Hit the road."

'Makes sense. You held your ground. Way to go girl, and good talk.'


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Paul Merkley

Co-Founder of Seniors Junction, a social enterprise working to prevent seniors isolation. Emeritus professor, U. of Ottawa. Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. Founder of Tower of Sound Waves. Author of Fiction.

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  • Babs Iverson7 months ago

    LOL!!! No compromising no workable solutions sounds like it is litefracturious!!!💕❤️❤️

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