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I am afraid that you will not do anything in your life

And comfort yourself that ordinary is valuable

By Gang Du AIPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
I am afraid that you will not do anything in your life
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He took aiSunglasses left, he was disappointed too. "Uncle Lin, are dad and the others at home?" He asked, "They're all at home."m at the position and hoped that he could accurately fly next to Mei Qi, he flew gently and the plane flew accurately next to Mei Qi, who felt something next to her and turned her head to see that it was a plane. She opened it and read the poem, saying to herself, "Is this person in a daze like Chuan Mei?" Mei Zi sat down and continued to write.

The world is so beautiful, China has so many people, there will always be someone like you. The young man who was hiding watched the plane fly downstairs and wanted to call out but was afraid to find out that Sung Sunglasses had found it, so he didn't. He looked at Sunglasses' face and thought Sunglasses was so beautiful, and he liked Sunglasses. " The teenager hid behind her and watched her disappointed expression. He wanted to write a few sentences to fold the planes and fly to him, but when

He then entered the house and thought he looked like the easy-going old man and said, "Weekend, you're back, come over here and let's chat"

The person who passed the plane with Mei Cui was the weekend, to the red star and the constant string are in the Nairofa Entertainment Company.

Weekend walked next to his father, Zhou Huawen, said, "Something wrong?"

Weekend Wen Lulu Wen Lulu said petulantly: "Must things we can do together? You are so busy every day, we haven't chatted together for a long time, today it's rare that you come back so early."

The last thing I want to do is to make sure that I have the time to spend with you.

When she heard her son say this, she was happy, "You said it, you have to keep your word."

The last thing you need to do is to get your hands on the top of your home and say firmly, "Of course I'll keep my word."

Dad Zhou Huawen knows the weekend very well and said, "You only stay in the entertainment industry for one day, you will not have free time, you see you catch the notice every day, busy with what."

The weekend smiled and said, "I can't help it, the entertainment industry is so busy ah"

Zhou Huawen persuaded the weekend said, "When are you going to quit the entertainment industry to take over my company."

Weekend is really not interested in managing the company at all, his father kept asking him to take over the company, every time is perfunctory father "wait a few more years, I will take over"

Zhou Huawen has long seen through his son's perfunctory, and this time again, he said angrily, "You always wait for a few years, what if your father dies in a few years? You have not yet learned to manage the company, how can you get such a big family business alone?"

Hearing his father's inauspicious words, Zhou said, "Dad, don't say these inauspicious words, okay? You will definitely live a long life."

The company is definitely for you, sooner or later, you will have to do it, you can't keep hanging out in the entertainment industry."

The company will be given to you sooner or later, you can't stay in the entertainment industry." Zhou Huawen continued, "Your mother is right, the teacher in the newspaper reported that you are competing with Heng Xin for the first brother position, I feel bored when I see it."

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