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How much does a man's wife pay if he makes a mistake out there? His daughter-in-law paid him 2 million

He had risen to the top by means of his daughter-in-law's family connections. When he was away on business trips, he could not help but call someone to his room. This time, he happened to call his old acquaintance

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I have a lover, Lily, who has been missing for three months.

She is just like a pet in captivity to me, and I don't even feel pain after losing her.

During my business trip to M City, I was isolated in a five-star hotel with a big bed room, which was rare and quiet.

After four or five days of leisure, I suddenly felt the urge to want women.

For three months, without Lily, I felt like I had no woman.

My wife is a tigress. She doesn't look like a woman. I avoid her.

But I was supported by her father and brothers, and she had people behind her, and I felt like a slave to her.

In my leisure, I tried the number on the card.

The moment the woman came in, some of her silhouettes seemed to overlap with Lily.

I thought it was just a coincidence.

This woman is just beautiful, dusty and has no temperament, which is worse than Lily.

"Can you change it?" I even hated the fact that the powder on her face might explode into fine dust.

"For what? The woman began to speak.

I realized this woman was the one on the phone.

Over the phone she swore, "Premium perimeter, $3,000."

"You've lost all your powder."

The woman took no notice, coyly unbuttoning her blouse with a look of incredulity.

She looked at me like she'd seen a monster and approached.

I even moved into the bed, not understanding her behavior.

"Paul? Women know my name.

I didn't cope, didn't even want to admit it, though I didn't know how she knew my name.

She stopped and walked over to me. "Are you Paul?"

I find in my heart, how does the woman know who I am?

"No." I'm sure. One more thing is better than one less thing.

Her face suddenly changed and she asked me, like a debtor asking for money, "Where's my sister?"

"Who's your sister?"

"Lily! She did go with you!"

'You've mistaken me for someone else! I was taken aback and denied it.

"Is it? She swooped down on me and went straight for my bag.

I tried to grab my bag, and she jumped on me.

I'm not in the mood for sex anymore. She's Lily's sister!

But this woman had shamelessly started to undress me and took off her own jacket.

I grabbed my bag and threw it on the chair. As my anger rose, I was excited by this woman.

I swung her around the bed a few times, getting hotter.

Upright and excited, suddenly a man rushed in, not only completely ruined the atmosphere, but also gave me a shudder.

The man, dressed as a hotel waiter, enters and takes photos before slapping the woman in front of him: 'Bitch!'

I woke up when he kicked me. It seemed like a fairy jump! But how could I be caught like that?!

But the man wanted to look at me in shock. "Paul?"

I didn't think he knew me!

Is he Lily's brother-in-law?

In front of the man put the mobile phone into his waist, brow is very excited.

"I'm not Paul." Let me quibble weakly.

The woman pointed to my briefcase.

The man opened my briefcase, took out my ID, and slapped it on the table.

"Paul! What a coincidence!"

'I don't know you!

"It doesn't matter, I can tell you. My name is Carl and her name is Lydia. Lydia, don't you know her? Your good lover's sister, that's her!"

After forcibly checking my papers, they told me straight up that they were going to jump today.

"But that's not going to happen now. We're going to call the police." "Said Carl.

He smoked a cigarette in my room and thought, "Her sister Lily, you killed her, didn't you?"

"No, don't shoot from the lip."

Innocence is very important to me, not only Lily's disappearance, but also my involvement with Lily, that no one should know.

I can't break a story about sex. It's not good for me.

When my wife found out about Lily, I was ready for my head to drop.

But she and I had a fight and after that, nothing happened.

My wife has a history of bad blood, and I suspected her, but I'm going to turn a blind eye.

In fact, Carl had no intention of calling the police. With a calculating look on his face, he asked me, "If you give me one million dollars, I will not call the police."

"Are you dreaming?"

I don't think they know anything but what they've heard about me from Lily.

"The house you rented for Lily is in Yonghua Road Heishui Gecheng Villa District, No.21, Zone 6, where she lives."

Carl said it slowly.

I was stunned that he knew so well.

"You have one day, give me a million dollars, or call the police."

"Lily and you set the fairy dance for me, didn't you? Where is she now?" I know the odds are slim.

"Guess what you want. I don't care if Lily is dead or alive if you give me a million dollars!"

Lydia wavered at the thought of a million and said no more.

I know they are not trustworthy, but if the police really trace me, it will not only ruin my future, but also if it is really related to Chen Xiaozhu's family, my family will be completely ruined!

"I don't have a million dollars, and I can't give you a million dollars if you empty me out. A hundred thousand will do..."

"Fart your donkey!" Carl kicked me in the chest and pointed at me and said, "I don't care if you have a million dollars. If Lily is dead, the police should start from you. If you plan to let the police find your home..."

In my house?

I can't have them in my house!

My great uncle is in a good career, but he is also very dirty, although I am not sure whether this thing is done by them, but I can't alert them, or I will be all over today.

I had no choice but to surrender. I'm going to ask my brother-in-law for help when I get back.

For the greater good, we have to let it go.

"Well, I'll give... But I don't have any money right now... I'll give you part of it first..."

But Carl grabbed my collar and said, "Call me right now. Borrow money, cash out, or take out a loan. If you don't have a million dollars, I'll call the police today!"

I can't get rid of Carl's brute force. He pressed me against the bed and motioned for Lydia to call me.

"Can I transfer money?"

"Let me call my wife."

I had no choice but to call my wife.

Carl and Lydia were all over me, making me feel uncomfortable.

I dialed the phone, feeling a little difficult to say: "wife, you give me a million, I... Blackmailed."

"Blackmail? Broad daylight. You're being blackmailed? Didn't you say you were quarantining?"

Carl grabbed my cell phone and said to my wife, "Sorry, Wayan, we are kidnapping your husband. If you don't wire us a million dollars right away... Your husband's future will be in jeopardy!"

'Where are you now?

"Never mind where we are, do you want your man or not? Money if you want it!"

"A million, daydream!

"You know Lily!

I thought to myself, Carl told my wife that!

"That bitch again?"

"That bitch is probably dead. It's your man. If you don't call for a million dollars, we'll turn this murderer over to the police!"

I shouted at him, "What are you talking about? When did I admit it?"

"Paul, you son of a bitch, what the hell are you doing out there?" His wife's angry voice came from the receiver.

Carl said, "Anyway, a million dollars, pay it to me today, or you will suffer the consequences!"

Carl hung up the phone and cut off his wife's yelling.

My wife called me three or four times, but I hung up on her.

I know. It'll just be another scolding, and it won't help.

I can only hope that my wife will send me money.

For all her bullying, she knows how to see the bigger picture.

Sure enough, two hours later, a million dollars arrived in my account.

When I transferred the money to them, I expected them to leave immediately.

The lover's sister, however, seemed reluctant.

Carl: "She can sell her life for a million dollars. Let's keep her word."

After they left, I deleted Lydia's wechat, which was added from the card, contacted the front desk and paid extra money to change the room.

I would love to change hotels if I could.

Because here, you can always run into them.

The whole hotel is trying to create opportunities for Carl and Lydia. I wonder if the hotel is taking a cut from them.

After fourteen days of isolation, Carl came in wearing a big white suit just a week later.

As soon as he took off his suit, I couldn't help it.

"You said you did what you said you would do?" I knew that not only would he fail to do what he said, he would repeat it.

"Last time it was money for Lily's life, this time it's money for you and Lydia's sex!

"Did I have sex? You are nothing short of blackmail!"

"It was blackmail, and you expect me to show you mercy?"

"In fact, if you give me up, the million won't be in your hands again, and no one's going to get off easy!"

He sat under the air conditioner and said calmly, "Did I say I'm going to turn you in?"

I looked at his attitude with suspicion.

"I have a little video of you and Lydia, and it's very short, but what do you think would happen if I broke it?"

Carl even threw over some photos he had taken of me biting into Lydia's private parts, still smelling the scent.

As I looked at the picture, I almost vomited blood and asked him, "How much do you want this time?"

Carl held up a finger. "One million."

'I really don't have any money!

"Your wife has it, and your house outside. Sell any of it... If you don't give me anything, I can't either!"

I look at Carl's unbridled, a cavity anger nowhere to release.

I thought, after quarantine, I must see this Carl!

"I want to see you delete the video."

"So happy? Is that still rich?" Carl seems to regret it. He feels like he's missing out!

However, I had to cash out in front of him from an old classmate who traded stocks for me.

Carl walked away so proud of himself that I was sure there was more to come.

I complained to the hotel, they upgraded my suite, and I was fine until the quarantine ended.

On my last day of isolation, news broke at my house: A Jane Doe was found in the woods, partially clothed and unclaimed.

I thought Jane Doe was Lily, who had no family over there, and who had been missing for three months.

But I can't claim it. It's at the disposal of the police.

When I left the hotel, the police were waiting for me outside.

I was inexplicably put in a police car until I met Lydia at the police station.

Originally Carl at this time has rolled money ran, Lydia to find someone to report, was confirmed by the police on the spot that she has been identified by the fairy jump.

Because of the amount of money I was extorted, I came to the police's attention.

After the police investigation and Lydia's unreserved confession, I was identified as a suspect in Lily's disappearance.

According to the police treatment, I can only go back to my city with Lydia and cooperate with the police investigation, which is around the female body.

This is a time of anxiety. I don't know what I'm gonna say back home because of Lydia's stupid behavior.

I might even be disciplined!

Finally, I got a rap for my whoring behavior.

Because of the reasons of my wife's family, I was not demoted for the time being.

And according to the DNA match between Lydia and the dead woman, it is enough to confirm that the dead woman is Lily.

Sperm stains on her dried panties, DNA match, not me.

Lily has a baby, and it's not mine.

To be honest, the baby is not mine, and it's the only thing that makes me sick to my stomach.

After all the money I've spent on this woman, she's been out hooking up with wild men! And spent my money carrying someone else's baby!

Enough to make me sick.

But I was already a key suspect, and since the police had no motive for my crime, they had to let me off the hook.

"Where did you last see Lily?" The policeman questioned me.

"In the house I rented for her."

"The exact location."

In recent days, I have become numb to such inquiries.

"What were you doing? Are there any witnesses?"

"We have lunch together. She said she was going shopping this afternoon, and she put on makeup. It was a normal day. I don't care too much about her. She's alive. I can't lose her. I didn't know it would end like this..."

"All right. Did you notice she was missing?"

"Yes... I usually do not take the initiative to contact her, but after a few days I want to go over, call her she did not answer, send a message also did not return. I knew something was wrong when the nanny told me she hadn't been home for a few days. '

"What was the exact date when you first noticed something was wrong?"

I took a deep breath and thought, "No, you can look into the day I spoke to the babysitter."

... Lydia is also under investigation and is being held on suspicion of aggravated racketeering.

Carl is also on the hunt.

According to Lydia's statement, Carl turned out to be her sister's boyfriend, and they only got together because she was with me.

They both like Carl!

I feel like I've eaten a fly!

When I got home, my wife and family were waiting for me.

Uncle, brother and father-in-law are there.

They looked at me and didn't say anything. It was very depressing.

The only thing I'm sorry about them is that I raised Lily outside.

I didn't realize this woman was a short-lived ghost, dead and dragging me down with her.

My father-in-law pointed to the wooden bench in front of him and asked me to sit. My limbs moved up stiffly, feeling like sitting on pins and needles.

'I heard the girl was dead? My father-in-law asked me.

He sat on the sofa, a head shorter than me, but a little more imposing than me.

I had to answer: "The man is dead, dumped in the woods of the development zone, no trace of the murderer."

"Do you know who the murderer is?"

My heart was shocked. Watching my father-in-law sip his tea leisurely, I thought I had guessed correctly!

But my father-in-law frowned and asked me: "Do you have anything to do with it?

"No, I didn't do it."

The father - in - law put down his cup carelessly and said, "If it's just a tidbit, it's not a big deal."

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