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Strange young woman: In the middle of the night when I took out the garbage, I met a beautiful neighbor. She actually did something bad in the garbage in front of me!

When I moved into a new house, I gave gifts to my neighbors as a gesture of kindness. One of them turned out to be a beautiful woman. She invited me to have dinner with her husband and wife. But when I got home that day, I could never forget her

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What would you do if you found out that your beautiful neighbor was sneaking out late at night to take out the trash?

That's what happened to me, and it all started when I moved here.

When I moved here, I gave two cigarettes to all the neighbors as a gesture of friendship.

When she opened the door, I realized how beautiful the wife in this room was. She has a beautiful figure, about seven meters tall, white skin, delicate features.

I handed it to her and she quickly said thank you. Then her husband invited me to dinner. I would have refused, but I couldn't rely on their enthusiasm.

Their house was clean and tidy, and her apron showed that she took care of things very well.

I'm used to her cooking. But for friendship's sake, I only ate a small bowl of rice.

Her husband was a tall young man, handsome and talkative.

The two of them snuggled up to each other during the meal, which was very affectionate.

I learned that they had a good income level and that this was their fourth home, unlike me, who was renting.

But when it comes to income, he says: "Money is nothing. Real pleasures can be enjoyed without money and not necessarily with money. It was only recently that I started to really enjoy life that you moved here."

I smiled, rich people say such things, I take it as bullshit. Some say he doesn't like money, some say he doesn't know his wife is beautiful, this man says he can't have real fun with money, oh, I don't believe it.

We talked about my job, and I said I was a writer.

They said, "A good writer, the spirit is not empty. Not like us, too empty to have fun."

Before going home after dinner, she also gave me some shrimp, said just bought fresh shrimp, let me go home to try. I took it home.

They were a match made in heaven, she a wife who could take care of the house, he a husband who could bring home the bacon.

So, plain passed more than a month.

Late one night, at twelve o 'clock, I went out to take out the trash.

When I was waiting for the elevator, I met her. She was also taking out the garbage.

She was wearing a large black tracksuit. The dress was her husband's because it was so big that it went right up to her thighs.

We said hello. Her smile was unnatural and gave me the feeling that something was wrong.

I smiled and said: "So late you also go to throw rubbish ah?"

Her voice became strange, slightly different from her previous crisp, and she said, "Yes, eh."

I didn't embarrass myself by talking to her again.

So they walked together to the trash can.

She dawdled over there, apparently waiting for me to take out the trash.

I wondered, but I just threw in the trash and left.

Something drove me back. Maybe I wondered why she took so long to take out the trash. Maybe I thought she was beautiful and wanted to see her again.

Turning around, I saw her bending over to throw away the garbage.

A bend over, the wide tracksuit can not hide.

I just saw that she was wearing nothing but a gym suit!

The night was quiet, the wind blowing and the only sound she could hear was the trash she had just thrown into the trash can.

I turned my head hurriedly, afraid that she would catch me looking at her.

I even thought I was reading it wrong, but it must be! Did she do it on purpose? On purpose? Only on purpose would you go out dressed like that.

I walked slowly on purpose. I wanted to see her again.

But she deliberately walked slowly, not in front of me.

Suddenly a thought occurred to me: Had she gone out in a hurry and forgotten? Is that why she was so weird, why she didn't want me to see her?

The thought of her being virtuous, of her loving relationship with her husband, of her being a married woman, made me awake for a moment.

I went at a normal walking pace and quickly got back to the elevator.

Strangely enough, she caught up with me and got on the same elevator as me.

I can't help but look at her.

She knew I was watching, her hands clenched, her eyes darting in my direction.

I can't help but take a deep breath. All I can think about is the picture of her taking out the trash in front of me.

Now that I was in the same confined space with her, I felt as if the air had been sucked out of me, making my mouth dry and hard to breathe.

As she caught me looking at her, her face grew redder and redder, and she glanced down at me.

To the door before she entered the house, I heard her crisp say: "Big writer goodbye oh."

Before I could respond, she had slipped into her room.

As I lay in bed at night, all I could think about was tonight.

I finally decided to try taking out the trash again at twelve the next day.

I guessed correctly, she took out the trash again at the same time, but this time, she was wearing a black trench coat that covered her whole body.

They communicate normally, and she has no special changes.

I looked at her while she was taking out the trash, but I didn't see anything unusual.

Her high heels on the tick tick, also let my mind become more and more pure, I misunderstood her last night.

My feelings of shame at my sordid thoughts and happiness at the beauty of what I saw yesterday were a combination that left me breathless.

In the elevator, I couldn't stop staring at her.

Today she wears a black trench coat, which matches her figure and makes her very tall.

A black band tied a bow around her waist, which wrapped the dress tightly and made her waist look very small. A4 waist. I really envy her husband, but I also feel inferior for not having as much money as her husband. Obviously, I am not worthy of such a woman.

We arrived at our respective doorsteps again, and this time I straightening my mind, said to her: "Good night, beautiful young woman." It's a little flirtatious, but I can't help calling her that, because I think she deserves it.

She smiled, turned her head, and said, "Good night, writer."

The corridor at night has a strong draft. A strong wind blew and her clothes opened.

She had a ribbon with a bow on it, and now it's gone.

And, I saw it directly, there was nothing in her black trench coat!

That second we looked at each other, her eyes, unspeakably complicated.

She quickly pulled up her dress and went into the door.

I couldn't sleep all night.

I figured it out. Her tape, she pulled it off on purpose, and she just. wanted me to see it.

She's flirting with me.

But she has a husband. Should I stay out at night? In this tangled state of mind, I fell asleep.

I've been up all night trying to decide whether to go out tomorrow night or not.

I woke up this morning to buy breakfast, only to find her husband walking out of the hotel arm in arm with another woman.

I know. He's having an affair.

Which means he didn't come home last night!

He left the beautiful wife next door alone!

But then I thought I was excited. Doesn't that mean she's home alone at night?

Is it because she finds her husband out playing, that she goes out alone in the middle of the night to take out the trash for a thrill?

I swallowed when I thought of her black trench coat yesterday.

In that case, I won't be burdened. Tonight, I'll take out the garbage at twelve as usual.

Twelve o 'clock came at night, and I went out with the garbage.

Sure enough, she was. Today she is wearing a zip-up top and a short black skirt.

Two people into the elevator, I deliberately close to her a little, asked her every day at twelve to throw garbage?

She nodded without speaking.

But her body was clearly leaning towards me.

I did not dodge, but deliberately stick over, in this way, two people's shoulders against each other.

Suddenly, the lights went out and the elevator broke down!

She screamed really loud and grabbed my shoulders.

I patted her on the back and told her not to worry, the elevator was out of order.

I said, "This elevator is very safe as long as we don't do strenuous exercise and don't knock on the doors. Just relax and wait patiently for repairs."

At night, the elevator without electricity is particularly dark, two men and women, close together.

In what should have been a tacit agreement that neither of us had turned on the flashlights of our phones, it was - hint!

She was still clinging to my arm.

I deliberately tried to unzip her dress with my elbow.

She must have sensed something different.

The elevator was dark and I couldn't see anything, and I bet she couldn't either.

The fact that she was still clinging to my arm was proof that she wanted to be close to me.

I was afraid to pull it with my hands, and I admit that I went to the extreme, but I really didn't dare. I was afraid that if I tried to unzip it with my hands, she would refuse, she would tell her husband, and she would call the police.

But in the dark, I heard the zipper pull.

It was her! She unzipped it!

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